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Submitted by HystericalGamez 498d ago | video

Compare the Destiny PS4 and PS3 Beta Graphics in This New Video

Destiny is a game that spans console generations. The game comes out on September 9th, for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, and with any multi-gen release, there are bound to be differences. Currently the beta is only available on the PS4 and PS3, so these are the two consoles to look at as far as doing a fair comparison. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   498d ago
The differences are really noticeable; PS4 one looks sharper, cleaner, and less rigid than the PS3 version.
XB1_PS4  +   498d ago
Yeah, the game looks gorgeous on PS4. It's way too muddy, colorless, and blurry on PS3 in comparison. Last year I probably would've thought the PS3 version looked awesome. Funny how quick that changes.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   498d ago
PS3 still kickass.

Off topic: I'm laughing my ass off at all these guys who think we are the same person.
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Kornholic  +   498d ago
You are the same person, just two different accounts.
BlackWolf12  +   498d ago
You are the same person.

Perhaps you have split personalities, perhaps you're lonely, perhaps you just enjoy talking to yourself.

Who knows.

But you ARE the same person.

EDIT: Just like your third account, for Kakashi.
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Meltic  +   498d ago
you again
Corpser  +   498d ago
It's what ps3 games have akways looked like to people with more capable hardware, blurry , low res and jaggies everywhere
DallasTrout  +   498d ago
It looks like Bungie spent a lot of time making the next-gen versions graphically superior.
Tetsujin  +   498d ago
Just the little bit I've played it's definitely a time sink (in a good way) and very addictive.
DevilishSix  +   498d ago
Totally agree its going to be a fantasic game. I was even hooked on the mystery of the few chapters of story line. Finding out the last Warmind AI used to protect the Earth survived, but where is it and what happened centuries ago, who is this traveler and can it be repaired? I just think if done right could be a interesting story.

I also was surprised even though I shouldn't since its Bungie, but I found the multiplayer Crucible 6 on 6 matches to be intense and fun.
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Tetsujin  +   498d ago
The pvp in this game so far is actually not that bad; I hope in the full game they allow options to disable vehicles though.

As far as the story I actually paid attention and wanted to know what was next.
GW212  +   498d ago
Yeah. I know I'm really enjoying a game when I look up at the clock and it's two hours later than I thought it was.

September 9 can't come soon enough.
Funantic1  +   498d ago
Both look good
BlackWolf12  +   497d ago
I think the biggest difference is the resolution. Destiny would look pretty great on a smaller tv screen on the PS3.
cbrcsg2001  +   498d ago
Got an extra code for PS4 Beta

cbrcsg2001  +   498d ago
This site amazes me.. I give away a free code & get 2 down votes lol... Its not my fault you didnt get it in time.. Peasants!!
BionicRogue21  +   498d ago
I'll give you some "Agrees" my friend! I have no idea why people disagree... Especially for something like this!
vikingland1  +   498d ago
This games graphics are beautiful on PS4. PS3 owners have a nice version also just not as nice.
DoomeDx  +   498d ago
I still hate comparison video's.

Screenshots is how stuff like this should be compared.
cr33ping_death  +   498d ago
Its tough going from PS4 to Ps3. I play the beta mostly on the PS4 but I got my bro some ps3 codes so when he has time I join him on the ps3. The difference is really noticeable. But I might buy the ps3 version since it looks like the characters progress carries over from both consoles.
LAWSON72  +   498d ago
I played the PS3 version a good 15+ hrs and though the visuals are by no means bad but the game is very blurry.
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The_Eternal_one  +   498d ago
NA PS4 3EN9-6RNC-EAG4 enjoy.
calvincrack  +   498d ago
I wish the game was 60fps. Also the gameplay seems bland and repetitive in the alpha and beta. I think only people without pc's are gonna think this game is good visually or a justification of their next gen purchase
Rob_Ko  +   498d ago
WoW, PS4 looks so sharp compare to PS3.
Do yourselves a favor and invest in the future, Destiny sequels won't come to last gen anyway.
bosoxs505  +   498d ago
It plays exactly the same, though. Same FPS with worse graphics.
BigPappaPump  +   498d ago
PS3 is covered in smog lol.
Nicolee  +   498d ago
I have few more of Europe/UK psn PS4 beta left. pm me for code. Enjoy !

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