Photos of Mario ordering up at McDonald’s to kick off the Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal program

Nintendo has released a few photos showing Mario ordering up at McDonald's to kick off the Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal program.

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XbladeTeddy1379d ago

Popular characters should not be used to promote junk food. Why do companies get away with it, it's just so messed up.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1379d ago

why complain about every little thing

XbladeTeddy1379d ago

As some things are worth complaining about maybe? Why comment like a moron?

bangoskank1379d ago

Maybe because he gives a sh×× about society.

Immorals1379d ago

Yeah it's disgusting. As is the 'food' mcds produces.

Heisenburger1379d ago

Pootie Tang says junk food is bad like a neh-da-tah. Don't drink malt liquor cuz you don't need to, cuz you're okay. Sah-da-tay.

crusf1379d ago

Nintendo trying to promote there games using the most widespread and famous Fast food chain and you people still find something to bitch about. *sigh*

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SpeedDemon1379d ago

McDonald's does have some healthier items on it's kids menu like apples, yogurt, milk and apple juice, so it's not all junk food. I don't know who would go to a fast food restaurant and order those items, but still the choice is there.

mcstorm1379d ago

I was about to put the same thing but I often see kids with happy meals with the healthy option when I've been to mc D's in the past you would be surprised how many people pickup a salad etc from there now.

Good to see Nintendo pushing Mario Kart though as it looks like they are going to have to do it alone with 3rd party companys delaying their games.

S_C1379d ago

You do realise that the sauce on the salad has nearly as much calories as a burger from there, beast thing to do is just not step foot in the place

jcnba281379d ago

Maybe it's because kids love McDonalds? What a stupid question lol

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slivery1379d ago

Am I the only one who finds Nintendo working with fast food restaurants kind of ironic? They are so anal about kids and their well being but then you want them to eat this garbage?

Just a funny thought is all, especially with all the fitness stuff Nintendo endorses and makes, you seriously would think they wouldn't even want their name to be apart of these places.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1379d ago

east advertisement.

Kids will mostly go to get the toys not food that what Happy Meals mostly get kids attention for.

iamnsuperman1379d ago

Which supports slivery's point. To get the toy you have to buy the really unhealthy meal (which like slivery said is a bit ironic over Nintendo's stance about protecting/looking out for children)

slivery1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Not saying this is the case for every child but it's crazy to me seeing so many people agree with that.

That is just not true in America, so many children here eat so badly mainly due to their parents lack of care.

I hate to even say it by my mother is a perfect example, she is a great mother but she is one of those parents who would rather see their kids happy no matter what. My little brother and sister eat total crap all the time, I am the only person in my family that even eats vegetables or even cares about my health. It is that bad, this isn't just my family either.

It is a huge problem in many places actually, you ever seen Jamie Oliver? He goes around doing just that and trying to get schools and kids to eat healthier, he even had a show he did here in the states. It is a real eye opener, kids eat very very badly.

So I know for a fact that most kids will eat that meal without hesitation. We wouldn't have such a huge problem with obesity if that wasn't the case.

For instance, Jamie set up this experiment with a bunch of kids. He showed them how McDonald's makes their chicken nuggets, they basically just take a whole chicken and pulverize every bit of it, even the bits you don't want to eat. They form it into a nasty blob and fry it, he then showed the kids how he made home made chicken nuggets, that were made with pure chicken, no fillers, no sinew, bones, beaks or any of that.

You want to know the screwed up thing? Even though the kids were disgusted by seeing how he made the McDonald chicken nuggets, they still wanted to eat those instead of the healthier ones made with no fillers.

People also don't know Jamie Oliver is the man who made McDonalds change their burgers by exposing how they make their food, so they finally stopped putting pink slime in their burgers, Youtube it. Absolutely disgusting, it amazes anyone can trust a company willing to do so much harm just to save a penny. This was all fairly recent also.

So I just can't agree with this, obviously I understand it is advertising but it will influence those children whether you want to admit it or not to want to eat at McDonald's more often.

What you all fail to forget about these types of promotions is that they go both ways, McDonald's isn't doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, they do these promotions to bring in more customers, plain and simple. Just like Nintendo is using it to do the same.

KonsoruMasuta1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

There is nothing wrong with having a burger every now and then. It's not like one burger is going to make your child gain 30 pounds and make them have a heart attack.

As long as they aren't getting it for every meal.

iamnsuperman1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Though that isn't the issue. The issue is encouraging children to get a McDonald's. It wasn't long ago McDonald's would direct their advertisement at children. This was seen as wrong because it encouraged children to choose the unhealthy option. Have a burger is okay once in a while but the method McDonald's uses to entice the children is a bit dodgy (especially what type of food it is)

slivery1379d ago

Obviously but sadly most parents are buying them these types of meals regularly, I see it all the time and have all my life. Most parents are so busy just trying to provide anything for their family, struggling to get by, they forget just that, their family.

As iamnsuperman said this is influencing children to eat badly, no way of getting around that honestly, as I pointed out in another comment this is a joint venture, McDoanald's knows what these promotions do and they bring in more customers and potential repeat customers. Maybe you have children that you raised better, kids who know better than to eat things like this all the time but for some parents it isn't as easy. Going through a drive through just to keep their kids happy and their stomachs full with something is enough for most. As long as they are getting by.

Some parents just don't have any time to cook a healthy meal either or the money to go out and eat healthier, because I am not going to sugar coat it, eating healthier is not cheap. You would think it would be the other way around but no, organic things cost much more than the junk and crap you can just buy everywhere.

I mean I'll even admit there are times I seriously cannot afford to eat healthy, I eat very healthy for the most part but sometimes it it is too expensive especially if I happen to be tight on money and even when I do buy healthy food, its so little it barely lasts because it ends up being so damn expensive just for a couple things but then you can buy all this junk in bulk by the barrel load.

Believe it or not money controls the world and money cripples many peoples lives simply because they can't afford to live better. It may be a harsh reality for many to face but its the reality we live in.

Totoro171379d ago

In all fairness, Happy Meals have gotten healthier than when I was a kid. Apple slices instead of fries, 2% milk instead of soda and a plain hamburger isn't that bad.

AfterThought1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

In all fairness putting a piece of fruit on a piece of dog shit doesn't make it that much better does it? The hamburgers at McDonalds are not plain, the horrible things they put in their foods is pretty well known and easily found all over the internet.

Have fun eating the same chemicals they use to make yoga mats. MMMM!

Without being too sarcastic though in all fairness kids rarely ever choose those items anyway and those items do very little in comparison to the burgers or other meals they get with those small sides. Was going to end it here but I just have to say it.....

LOL even worse the apple slices do not even amount of half an apple or even a full one, do you really think that is that healthy? If I eat bad food then eat a couple really thin slices of fruit, it kind of defeats the purpose of even eating the fruit at all.

I can't help but be sarcastic about this, it reminds of over weight people who eat nothing but horrible foods then they have a salad afterwards like that is going to help them.. LOL!

GeofferyPeterson1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

You don't need to buy a happy meal in order to get the toy. You can buy them separately.

Totoro171379d ago

I went into my McDonald's the other day not knowing this and I asked if I could buy a toy. The guy asked if I wanted to buy the set and the rest is history.

GeofferyPeterson1379d ago

Dang, your'e lucky. I've been to all 17 McDonalds around my house and they all only had Mario and Luigi.

stripe8141379d ago

and i only need mario and peach

slivery1379d ago

Well that is good, thanks for that bit of information.

AWBrawler1379d ago

somehow i knew there would be people finding something to nag about, because its Nintendo. Hell, I haven't eaten at McDonald's in years, but its advertisement making people aware of their new game.Where the hell was all this when PS4's where being given away at Taco Bell?

slivery1379d ago

I am really not trying to be an ass about it, I just really chuckled at the fact. I would say the same thing about Taco Bell too.

The difference is Sony doesn't really work the same way Nintendo does when it comes to kids. Nintendo is well known for always looking out for kids, so I just thought it was funny.

AWBrawler1378d ago

yes looking out for their safety online and keeping away from predators. Wii Fit was clearly for the adults. they never seemed focused on kids' weight or eating habits.

AWBrawler1379d ago

why is my comment not here??

slivery1379d ago

It is? The one I replied to? Or did you make three, cause it only shows you used two bubbles.

AWBrawler1378d ago

it wasn't visible at first. crazy n4g lol

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