Rumor: Resident Evil Revelations 2 coming to PS4, XB1, 360, PS3

Some new developments point towards the possibility of the 2012 3DS classic getting a sequel but this time on the new consoles as well as 360/PS3.

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CaptainSellers1414d ago

REALLY hope this is true, Revelations was a breath of fresh are to the franchise.

Alex_Boro1414d ago

That sucks. Supporters of the first ones were on Nintendo platforms.

BattleAxe1413d ago

It's all about the Benjamins.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1413d ago

I hope so!! That's something I could get excited about. Revelations was the last Resident Evil that actually interested me, I played a PS3 port and it wasn't super but it was okay and it has potential if they use that idea to make a next gen game. Could be really cool.

I was a huge classic Resident Evil fan, and then Resident Evil 4 came and it wasn't Resident Evil anymore.

Sevir1413d ago

But it came to Ps3 and XB360 as remasters...

and the ending clearly sets it up for that!

But somehow I think it'll be RE7 before they release RE:R2.

There have been rumors saying RE7 was in development for PS4 since this year started. I hope the game is running on Panta Rhei! XD

TheDivine1413d ago

I'm extremely happy if we were to get a sequel to the first but honestly I'd prefer it on the 3ds or WiiU. I think the three best RE games were Nin exclusives, the REmake, RE4, and Revelations. It sold well on the 3ds and is a much needed genre on the go.

UltimateMaster1413d ago

I don't know if it's the complicated architecture or it's because other Nintendo policies that are scaring away 3rd party support from Nintendo.

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mcstorm1413d ago

Don't understand the lack of 3rd party support for the wiiu esp with this game as it was on the 3ds and they could make good use of the 2nd screen.

Looks like its going to be Nintendo of the n64 and game cube this gen. Which is not a bad thing as the Nintendo ips were some of the best ever in this time I just wish Nintendo look to make a FPS and a sim racer for their consoles and maybe a horror this gen too.

I did like the 1st one though for me was by far the best since 4 as did not like 5 or 6. I hope they look at the wiiu or 3ds if they do I will get it for the one its on if not will have to be the Xbox one for me.

Matt6661412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I still waiting for the story to Continue from RE:CVx, because at the end of CVx Chris and Claire said they where going to take down umbrella.

CaptainSellers1412d ago

Umbrella chronicles pretty much covers a lot of that.

-Foxtrot1414d ago

What would be the point of that, just reboot it

Revelations was a spin a prequel to Resident Evil 5

You'd be adding onto a already ruined story.

PSWiiKing1413d ago

Actually, it wasn't. It was more of a bridge between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 if anything.

-Foxtrot1413d ago

This was before Jill was presumed to be dead by Wesker...meaning it's a prequel to RE5 and a sequel to RE4

-Foxtrot1413d ago

"The games main story takes place between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, and allows the player to control the series main characters Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield throughout the game."

MasterCornholio1413d ago

I can sort of understand the Wii U but why no 3DS version?

ZombieGamerMan1414d ago

" Revelations ended up a bit of a cliff hanger, hinting at a sequel back in February 2012." I placed that quote simply out of the sheer stupidity that comes from it.

Does this guy not know that it ends with the start of Resident Evil 5?

mrbojingles1414d ago

SPOILERS FOR RESDIENT EVIL REVELATIONS FOLKS:I haven't played RE5 in a long time or the DLC but does the game follow up on Raymond and Jessica secretly working for another organization? I know Rev ends with Jill/Chris going into the Nightmares DLC but is the Raymond/Jessica thing resolved? Jessica gives him the T-Abyss virus and he says he has his "reasons" for saving Parker. I'd imagine a sequel would explore what Raymond/Jess were up to.

shadowraiserx1413d ago

then they can just focus the story in another direction not related to five and six,if I were Capcom I make chris waking up from a nightmare with a bit of the sneces of RE 5,6 and continue
the story with the real RE style ,bring in back Wesker and forget about uroboros everything related to 5 and 6 gone then direct cinema to Claire.If they make 5 & 6 as a bad dream they can fix the story.

theshredded1414d ago

they might ship 2 Resident Evil games in the same year like 2012 hopefully that's not true

Ghost_Nappa1414d ago

3, resi 6, raccoon city, and revelations

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