The Last of Us Remastered – it Might not be Worth it

In somewhat recent news, The last of Us Remastered was announced and slated for release on the PS4. This is all good news for PS4 owners that have yet to play the game but a slap in the face to PS4 owners who bought the full priced game just a tad over a year ago.

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NextLevel1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

But probably will. Considering it's ND doing the port, it'll probably look better than alot of current gen games. Along with the fact it won the most GOTY awards in history and alot of PS4 owner use to be 360 owners, it should be worth the price of admission for a good chunk of PS4 owners.

A "a slap in the face" is charging $5 for a demo.

sinncross1623d ago

As someone who bought the game originally and getting a PS4 soon I dont feel like its a 'slap in my face'.

I bought the game when I wanted to play it... sure its upgraded now but I dont think like my experience is dulled in any way. I loved the game that I first experienced on the PS3 and play multiple times over.

So its enhanced for PS4... news users will love it, and I am sure anyone who bought the game who feels like they would want to play it again, will love it the game again.

Cindy-rella1623d ago

Making your Own Choices - It Might Not Be Worth It

i can't wait to buy a ps4 and this game. this game is one of the most awarded games in history and is praised by a lot of reviewers as being the best game this gen. I'm quite sure it'll be worth it to buy a better quality version on the ps4.

day one for me

Yi-Long1623d ago

Old customers have very little reason to complain, if any.

Being released so very close to next-gen, there was always a very big chance for this game to be getting a next-gen release eventually as well. Hell, I certainly never doubted it. It was one of the two major reasons why I didn't pick up the PS3 version. I knew a next-gen version would come, so I decided to wait for that.

Same as I did with GTA5.

The other reason why I didn't pick up TLOU last-gen, was because the EU release has some censorship. Hopefully the PS4 version won't.

Looking forward to playing the game :)

weekev151623d ago

See with things like this they should announce a "trade in your old copy and only pay a fiver for the updated one". I get that people love this game and for a lot of people double dipping is a no brainer but it still feels like a shameless cash grab to me.

fenome1622d ago

I'm also someone who bought the original, twice actually, I bought the hard copy, sold that to a co-worker (who didn't know much about it, but became utterly enthralled), and then bought the digital copy. I'm getting the PS4 version day 1, I have no problem supporting this developer and the creation they've shared.

Exclusive games are better optimized for the platform they develop for, and it typically shows. Unfortunately they end up making less profit than games like COD because they only release to a specific audience as opposed to everyone in general. The game industry is make or break right now and the internet masses are hard, fickle and cynical, it's a hard time for a studio to risk failure and close doors. I have no problem giving them donations so they can continue giving me experiences that I wouldn't find elsewhere.

Plus, it was stunning on the PS3, I can't wait to see what they've done with it!


Prime1571622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Didn't Sony announce a ~30-40% new user (transfer from 360/pc) rate? So.. the new 9 million sold rate at 30% is 3 million new players....

Am I wrong? I'm on vacation and have been out...

But that means 3 million new players....

Edit, I also remember a Microsoft fanboy saying that only 7 to 11 million ps3 copies were sold... so...

So if there were ~80 million ps3's out there then doesn't that also mean around (a generous) ~65 million Sony users haven't played it?

It's that a large market? /s

FamilyGuy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

This article is stupid and was poorly written.
There's only one point that he's trying to make and he was beating around the bush about it:

He wants a free or low cost digital upgrade but News Flash: The Last of Us Remastered comes with $30 worth of DLC and that's with an upgraded version of the full game. It's not a "cash in", it's a chance for more people to check out the game.

Many of us expected the announcement of a PS4 version ever since the PS4 was announced anyway, same as with GTA V. Neither was a surprise or slap in the face.

PeaSFor1622d ago

why is this blog...oh i mean "article"(lmao..sure ) even exist?

its stupid and futile, i think it blatantly doesnt worth our time.

Eonjay1622d ago

TLOU is such a superior experience to a lot of games I have played. It is good on the PS3. Its not going to stop being incredible now that the graphics have been enhanced.

amiga-man1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

There are a lot of PS4 users who haven't played this game not just those upgrading from a PS3 but those that have come over from the 360, a great game just got better and a lot of people are looking forward to playing this masterpiece many for the first time.

assdan1622d ago

Exactly. I'm buying it again because I want to, not because I feel that I have to.

fattyuk1622d ago

I paid £40 on release day via psn (literally just got back from Vegas to the uk) messed my jet lag up a right treat!

gagging to play it again (although I've played it twice.) but even still.....

cannot wait for this port


crxss1622d ago

i'll get it when it drops to $20.

guitarded771621d ago

I pre-ordered, and loved it. Best game of the year, and strong contender of game of the generation, and one of the best games ever. However, I will not rebuy at the $50 price point, I will wait for Black Friday and get it for $20 - $30. But I will rebuy at some point. The game is just too good, and I want to share HD vids and screens with my non-gamer friends.

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ramiuk11622d ago

i dont see it as a slap in the face,fed up of hearing that line.

my true belief is this.

sony know that there are alot of ps4 owners that came from xbox360 and it makes sense to release what was last gens greats again so all can appreciate it.
i do think though that sony should try and implement a system to knock £10 off for anyone who had it on there trophy list within the 1st 3 months of its release as a thankyou for extra support.

devwan1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

It's not a slap in the face at all, no, and you have to question those spouting it.

I understand your thinking re: the discount for early ps3 purchasers, but really the game is already widely available at a decent discount from the originally quoted RRP/MSRP.

My copy of TLOUR was pre-ordered for under £30 at Game Stop, already £10 less than I paid for the day 1 ps3 copy, and this one has the DLC and ps4's vastly improved visuals. The value is already there. That's only £5.00 more than the ps3 version with a cheapest price of £25.00 currently at Amazon. I don't think this is down to competition between retailers, it's really uncommon for a brand new big name release for ps4... it's effectively got to be Sony's own doing. It feels similar to how Ground Zeroes was heavily discounted to a more fair price before it dropped.

For £30 with the DLC and all the improvements it seems fair enough. For someone who didn't have the ps3 game I can't see a better way to spend £30 on ps4 currently.

mikeslemonade1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

So wait 2.5 years more for a new IP or get the remastered game of one of the best games ever made 6 months after it's been announced?

ND is making Uncharted 4. It's not like they're not making an all new game. Y'all people make seem like you rather not them make TLoU at all and just make Uncharted 4.

Magicite1622d ago

It will carry us over this summer drought, also considering there's lately lack of good action/story games.

jcnba281622d ago

I find it hilarious that sony fanboys were making fun of Nintendo remaking The Wind Waker which was a 10 YEAR old game yet they have no problem with sony remaking a game barely 1 year old lol

ramiuk11622d ago

the problem is nintendo gamers are nintendo gamers,they rarly get alot of new people except obviously the wii fad but the core is the same people for last so many years.
ps4 has a huge amount of players that have never had a ps3.
i had a ps3 but sold it before last of us came out as i didnt play it much(prefered 360)but now i have a ps4 and i really glad its com ing out

Spotie1622d ago

Probably because that was viewed to be in lieu of any new games. The Wii, at around a year old at the time, didn't have much else going for it at the time.

I could be wrong, but isn't Sony in a bit of a different situation with the PS4?

Besides, it's not as if anyone was saying the game was bad.

wsoutlaw871622d ago

Plus its not exactly a remake, they are just releasing it on a new platform like everyone expected the whole time.

FamilyGuy1622d ago

TF are you talking about? Where were these masses of Sony fans complaining about Wind Waker HD? All I saw were praises and request that they'd bring back a few other games in HD.

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Bathyj1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I'll say it again. It's likely 150,000,000 last gen gamers have not played last of us. This notion that naughty dog are sitting it their big mansions drinking brandy by the fire and evilly laughing as they think about all the money they're going to make with no effort is pathetic.

Nd are hard at work in a whole nother game which probably won't be out till late next year. I'm personally happy we get a naughty dog game so early the gen. Most the original last of us staff aren't even involved this remaster. They are not lazy cash grabbing devs, they are simply giving gamers what they started asking for since the game released.

And this is the truest thing I'll say on the subject. If this was simply a GotY edition on the Ps3 nothing would be said about it because games release a year later with all the DLC at the time, but the fact is brought to a new console (and a new audience) somehow gives some people the justification to be cynical. Get over it. This is just a GotY edition on a new console.

Really pathetic, reaching article. I think the author should have an actual slap in the face so he'll be able to differentiate the difference so he won't throw that term around so loosely.

ZodTheRipper1622d ago

You earned that bubble :D Well said.

TruthBTold1622d ago

Bought if for PS3 and played the hell out of it. My favorite game since Ocarine of Time. I am actually thankful as a gamer that ND gave us the remastered version so I can come to this game on my PS4. The changes will allow me to have more reasons to come back to TLOU several more times. It's a game I can't miss on the PS4. I don't see how its a slap in the face of people who got this on the PS3. Can't wait to play this again.

snookiegamer1622d ago

It's Naughty Dog...I think it'll be worth it.

otherZinc1622d ago

At $60 & the game plays exactly the same as "One Year Ago" of course its a ripoff.


dragon821622d ago

It's only $50 and comes with all of the DLC that was released for PS3. The game will also look even better on PS4. There is no way that this is a bad deal. The only people crying about it are the "entitled gamers" that seem to have started gaming on the PS3/360. They seem to think that purchasing a game once entitles you to all future copies of that game on all future platforms. This is not how things work in the real world. Get over it already.

Jihaad_cpt1622d ago

It won't play exactly the same, it's 60fps. Also I look forward to your Halo remaster comments

DigitalRaptor1621d ago

Wrong. Yet Again. Go home.. #Trollfail

The game plays at double the frame rate. It includes all the DLC.

It outputs at 1080p, and you can be sure that it will look a lot better for it. Expect it to look as good as the early gen PS4 games.

legionsoup1622d ago

Unless this site wrote the same article for Tomb Raider, then there's an agenda here.

Furthermore, Tomb Raider was on multiple consoles, so everyone had a chance to play it. For people who only owned the Xbox 360 but decided to get the PS4, this will be their first opportunity to experience the Last of Us.

TheJacksonRGN1622d ago

TR was on multiple consoles but it didn't meet Square's Enix sales expectations until the end of last year.

derrickgott0071622d ago

I agree...and in reference to the OP post, when did a personal opinion piece become "News"?

geddesmond1622d ago

Yeah man. This writers whole argument is that it's only a year old blah blah, their milking it's sucess.

Sorry writer but I never played Tomb Raider on the PS3 and I'm glad I waited because 60FPS and updated graphics made my Experience with Tomb Raider PS4 amazing. So amazing infact that while playing the game I kept comparing it to TLOU and in the end I said both games are very alike but TLOU did story better while Tomb Raider did gameplay better. TLOU was my favorite game until Tomb Raider PS4 and once TLOU remastered releases I know it will be back as my favorite.

Syntax-Error1621d ago

Remastered Tomb Raider was LOVELY! I agree. Gonna get TLOU and GTAV remaster

Visiblemarc1622d ago

I agree.

How could selling a game be a "slap in the face?"

It's not as though this came out on PS3 last week and then they sprung this on us in an attempt to get the same consumer buy the same game in the same month. This was announced ages ago...this is a very different, new, platform.

People act so damn entitled these days, it's sickening.

assdan1622d ago

I have no problem with it. It's essentially a game of the year edition. It's also definitely worth the price of admission at $50. And also, here's the amazing thing about capitalism, if you don't want to get something, you don't have to.

3-4-51622d ago

If I end up getting a PS4, I'll definitely get this as I never got to play this for PS3.

TheWackyMan1622d ago

Kojima charged $30 for his demo, so it's not all that bad. :P

CuddlyREDRUM1622d ago

Not sure if a fifty dollar port from a year is "worth it" to a lot of people.

ZodTheRipper1622d ago

It is. Visuals, framerate, DLC and Multiplayer extras in one package for a masterpiece like this are worth it. If it's not for you, just wait a few months and it's dirt cheap.

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GarrusVakarian1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"but a slap in the face to PS4 owners who bought the full priced game just a tad over a year ago"

Lol, how? We got to play the highest rewarded and one of the most critically acclaimed videogames of all time on release, and now have the *option* to buy it again for our PS4's. How is the fact it's now launching for PS4 a slap in anyone's face? Sony have already stated that a large portion of PS4 owners didn't own a PS3 and didn't get to play TLOU. Why does them getting a chance to play it for the first time mean everyone who has already played it gets slapped in the face? I don't get the thinking behind this. We made the choice back then, just as we will make the choice now. Nothing has been forced or manipulated. You can't say a company has slapped someone in the face if they have made a concious choice to spend their money on an upgraded product a year after the original product was released.

But you go ahead and carry on with the 'let's rip on ND/Sony' articles. Gotta get them hits somehow, right? I'll enjoy my 1080p 60fps, with extra bells and whistles, and all the DLC slap to the face./s. I'm so sick of these garbage articles.

Also, i wonder why i never see similar articles for GTA5? Hmmm.

Metallox1623d ago

The author is not actually talking about the only and very important issue for many people out there. Many persons, including me, partially, think that a backwards compatibility function for the PS4 with the PS3 could have been great and cheaper. Instead of paying for these remasterizations and for PSNow function, we culd just put PS3 discs in the PS4. That's it, backwards compatibility.

But to be fair I'm not that informed, so my intention it's not to discuss, I just want to communicate my restlessness lol I know this version of The Last of Us has a lot of upgrades, and that's ok. Like Naughty Dog says, they can do whatever they want. But the absence of backwards compatibility it's just one of my little issues with both PS4 and Xbox One.

I'm not against this version, by the way. People want it, that's ok for me.

fenome1622d ago

It's not just as simple as 'adding backwards compatibility' when it comes to PS3 games. They would've had to incorporate the cell processor for that, and then we would've got a a big, ugly, over-priced ($600) machine. Am I the only one who kept my PS3?

There's no reason they can't add backwards compatibility with PS1/PS2 games though, they can just run an emulator that can read the disks locally. This needs to happen!!

Prime1571622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

It's the cheapest remaster thus far...

I don't know, personally, how I feel about the backwards compatibility argument... on one hand I know that backwards compatibility means more work and(in case of cell processor) (maybe) more hardware... on the other I really wanted it...

So, I would love B.C.ps4, but I'm not tech savvy enough to know how feasible...

ZodTheRipper1622d ago

Remastering is much better for the image quality than simple backwards compatibility...

Metallox1622d ago

@ZodTheRipper I'm aware of that but we could play any PS3 game so it's by far cheaper; I don't if I'm having a point.

TheUndertaker851622d ago

Because the Xbox One plays Xbox games
Because the WiiU plays NES games
Because PCs play all PC games
Because mobile devices allow you to use that same app on every device
Because your 2014 car accepts parts from a 72 from the same manufacturer

Oh, sorry.

dragon821622d ago

They tried that with the PS3 and all people did was complain about the $600 price tag and how it was a failure. To enable BC on PS4 they would need to actually incorporate the PS3 motherboard in the system. This is what they had to do with the PS3 also. History tells them that this is not what the average consumer is interested in. N4G actually represents a small amount of the gaming population. Also, why wouldn't you just keep your PS3??

fenome1620d ago

Hey, I just read through what you said again, and backwards compatibility is a big deal, even if it's just a selective market. Honestly, I'd pay more just for the convenience of it. I still have a backlog of games on the PS3 that I haven't touched right now, and all I have to do is switch an input on my TV. Once I got my hands on this controller I just can't go back, and the funny thing is that the controller was the thing I was most worried about them changing.

Either way though, this is a legit complaint. Sony has a site where you say what you want and maybe your voice will be heard. You've got a better chance of getting your message across here than in the comment thread:

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LightningMokey1622d ago

It won more Gotys than any game in history and only bad review it got was from Polygon (go figure). So yes.. of all time. Even if you dont like it, fact is fact.

ZodTheRipper1622d ago

Yes it actually is technically the best game of all time, and I certainly agree with that.

PsylentKiller1622d ago

Exactly. Even if you've played the game before, you would still be buying a better version. I wonder how many of these people, complaining about a remaster, bought a Blu-Ray of a movie they already had on DVD? And Blu-Ray players are Backwards compatible!

The author and others need to realize that games take a while to develop. If ND would have delayed TLOU for the launch of the PS4 they would have missed out on the sales of the PS3. If it would have been cross-gen, people may have waited until they bought a PS4. Maybe the game wouldn't have looked as good because it would have been developed for two consoles at the same time. Do you see all the flak that multi-platform games are getting?

I, for one, am happy TLOU is coming to the PS4. I sold my old consoles for new ones because I don't have enough room for 4 systems in my entertainment center. Maybe in the future I'll buy a ps3 and 360 off eBay for $50 but for now I'm too focused on the current-gen.

Visiblemarc1622d ago

I could not agree more. This kind of garbage is starting to seriously ruin gaming journalism.

CuddlyREDRUM1622d ago

Ultimate Sony fanboy response.

kenshiro1001622d ago

Funny that your only rebuttal is that he's a Sony fanboy.

garrettbobbyferguson1622d ago

"We got to play the highest rewarded and one of the most critically acclaimed videogames of all time on release"

Is that the only reason why you play it? It's highly rewarded?

ajax171622d ago

Yeah, for an 860° article I expected something with a bit more substance!

"What is bothersome about this release is that it is a cry for more money." -- Really?? I don't think Naughty Dog would put THAT much effort and time just for a cash grab!

The cash grab argument would hold a little more water if they had some third party dev. doing the upgrade.

The writer of this article also forgot to mention the fact that a large proportion of PS4 owners haven't actually PLAYED The Last of Us. Try harder, guy.

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lelo1623d ago

If you already played the Last of Us then better wait for it to get much cheaper, unless you have money to spare.

If you never played the game then it's worth getting at launch.

Parapraxis1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Your one comment better than the article?


Dear author, delete your crap, then copy and paste lelo's comment.
Raise your bar!

ZodTheRipper1622d ago

I've played it multiple times on PS3 but that was back in October... can't wait for the PS4 version to tide me over until Destiny launches.

ArchangelMike1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Complete Bu11$h1t article. I don't even know where to start.

Firstly N4G need to stop approving articles that are so poor gramatically that they reduce your IQ when you read them. I mean c'mon, lets have some literary standards here.

Secondly, the entire premise of the article is assinine and patently false.

"There's nothig wrong with having and opinion.
There's nothing wrong with putting across your opinion.
But there's something very wrong with ignorance when you are surrouned by a sea of information!"

weekev151623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Sensationalist flame bait. I actually partially agree with the premise of their argument as remastered versions of ps3 games which are already in HD seems like a cash grab to me but to say its a slap in the face to ps4 owners who bought it on PS3 is ludicrous in the extreme. Noone is forcing anyone to buy it. Although it will sell probably close to what it sold on ps3 because there will be a lot of double dipping.

Edit to add, you're spot on about the grammar too "The last of Us Remastered" smh