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The Evil Within: No DLC Planned Yet; Game Almost Finished; Mikami Talks Upgrades, id Tech 5 & More

More details about The Evil Within have been shared. (PC, PS3, PS4, The Evil Within, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Adexus  +   427d ago
A DLC planet?! EA's dream right there!
micx  +   427d ago
It was a typo, all fixed now. ;)
vishmarx  +   427d ago
please be good,please be good
Spurg  +   427d ago
they announced the game too early...i'm not hype for this game anymore.
XboxDD  +   427d ago
I dunno, maybe they step up with marketing a bit.
KinjoTakemura  +   427d ago
I hope The Evil Within doesn't end up being a disappointment like Watch Dogs. I still have hope for this game.
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micx  +   427d ago
We're talking about Mikami here.
e-p-ayeaH  +   426d ago
That doesnt mean much these days im sorry.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   426d ago
-coughs- Vanquish -coughs-

That game alone still shows that Shinji has the quality aspect covered. The only the question on everybody's mind is the focus in direction of The Evil Within.....will it achieve the same balance he wants (which I believe ride along the lines of the first two Evil Dead movies).
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ado908  +   427d ago
Lol there will be money grubbing dlcs
Goro  +   427d ago
I'm hoping for collector's edition(s).
Agent_hitman  +   427d ago
If Capcom files chapter 11 bankruptcy, Sony should buy Resident Evil franchise and hire mikami as a lead designer, that could bring back the old classic RE vibe and develop a new one that is horror... Oh yeah and Dino Crisis pls..
e-p-ayeaH  +   426d ago
Sony is sorta responsible why we got the Resident Evil that is today because the live action movies were approved by Sony...
Master-H  +   427d ago
Probably a day 1 purchase for me. gonna wait for reviews just in case..
TXIDarkAvenger  +   427d ago
I don't have a problem with DLC as long as its worth it and the game is solid/complete on its own.
e-p-ayeaH  +   426d ago
Still i think DLC should be planed after the games release and sales figures not beforehand that´s stupid.
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--bienio--  +   426d ago
I bought a first time in my life a professional headphones for PC, will be interesting to play alone in a darkened room in this title, scary😄
e-p-ayeaH  +   426d ago
No DLC planned hot damm! i hope this game turns out better than i expect cause my expectations are pretty low.
Str8Chaos74  +   426d ago
Wish they weren't using id Tech 5, that engine still has horrible texture pop in, especially on PC. Game looks cool though.
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Mr Tretton  +   426d ago
"especially on PC", you mean on Rage? Not after you use the ini fix. Silly considering they could have just tweaked it the right way in the first place.

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