Changes made to Watch Dogs multiplayer

GameZone: "Ubisoft has announced that the developer has made changes to some of Watch Dogs' multiplayer modes."

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Neonridr1365d ago

I don't mind it when people come in to hack my game. I do find that it always ends up coming at the worst times though. I'm in the middle of doing something and then suddenly I am hacked.. lol

Raf1k11365d ago

I play Watch Dogs while I'm queued for a raid in WoW so I'm usually getting hacked while I'm busy doing something too. Trying to find the hacker while keeping up with what's happening in another game is quite a challenge.

ChronoJoe1364d ago

I'm not sure it's ubisofts job to accommodate for people playing two games at once, though.

sander97021364d ago

Why didn't they change it so that you can hack your friends instead of just strangers at the same time?!

BiggCMan1364d ago

This needs to happen big time.

And another big thing they need to change is in the mobile challenge mode. When you're playing on the phone app side of things, the other person doing the actual race should NOT be able to leave their car and get a fresh one.

That completely defeats the purpose of the mode. If that doesn't change, then the least they can do is if you're able to kill the player while he's on foot switching cars. YOU SHOULD WIN!! They get no penalty for switching cars and dying on foot. They just respawn!

Clown_Syndr0me1360d ago

Probably because it would be too easy to boost.

Kivespussi1364d ago

Good. Multiplayer is the best part about this game, otherwise it was such a disappointment