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Submitted by fuse24 597d ago | opinion piece

7 Most Overhyped Games

There's nothing wrong with getting excited for a new game, but often times we get too excited. In this fervor our expectations grow until we're unfortunately and inevitably letdown by the final product. Here are 7 games that were greatly overhyped. (Assassin's Creed III, Fable, FIFA 13, Final Fantasy XIII, I Am Alive, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

lifeisgamesok   598d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
KinjoTakemura  +   598d ago
Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Thief, Amazing Spiderman 2, Metal Gear Solid GZ. Can't think of any others for this generation.
Elit3Nick  +   597d ago
Although I agree with most, I feel like Titanfall delivers exactly what I was expecting. Respawn marketed the game by showing actual matches, without exaggerated gameplay like with BF4, while true that the game lacks a large number of weapons, I feel the gameplay itself keeps the game engaging, especially when you actually make use of parkour, something that a worrying number of players don't seem to use. Look at the gameplay of an extremely skilled parkour user versus a player that's using a cod or battlefield playstyle, it looks like two different games
Monster_tard5  +   597d ago
Matt666  +   595d ago
Call of Duty
user7402931  +   597d ago
gjruk  +   597d ago
Reason being? Or just trying to cause a problem? :)
Personally, Titanfall was a let down for me. I maybe hyped myself to much over the game and considered it to be the next big thing, but was really let down with the lack of content and no single player made it feel like a demo at times.
I'm sure Titanfall 2 with improvements could be great though.

Watch dogs also, not because it was bad... just not long after playing GTA, felt very mediocre.
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ATi_Elite  +   597d ago
Halo I have to agree until you add in the MP mode then I can justify the Hype.

I still say Red Faction was better than Halo but Halo MP was very proper for a console game.

Most over hyped game The last of Us. The Enemy A.I. is GARBAGE.

Super Great story, very nice graphics (by console standards), but super duper GARBAGE A.I. and with only 2 or 3 onscreen enemies at a time I guess they used up all the resources for the Story and Graphics.

Now I hate Halo but I can't deny the MP mode.
TLOU is basically a great rendered movie as the A.I. is CRAP.

Oh by the way Killzone 2 DELIVERED and lived up to the hype. Don't Hate!

Crysis 2 most hyped game and it was GARBAGE on ALL platforms.
LightDiego  +   597d ago
I don't agree with Halo 4, but the rest of the games on the list i agree.
Anon1974  +   597d ago
There's no way Fable should be on this list. I don't for a second knock Molyneux for showing some ambition with the series and what he delivered were two absolute classics in the RPG series (Fable 1 and 2 which went on to win multiple game of the year awards, and rightly so) and one Fable game that was merely good, not great.

I wish we had more developers willing to shoot for the moon like Molyneux. How often does a developer come along and actually create genres and redefine others with his works? Molyneux's been doing this for over two decades and you have to give credit where it's due. So what if every single feature the guy wanted to be in the game didn't make it into the finished product?

Should the guy be secluded like a monk and not be allowed to speak about his vision for a product in case the end result doesn't live up to the expectations? I wish we had more developers as enthusiastic about their work and their creative vision for the games they make.

There's no way Fable titles should be on a list like this. Fable 1 and 2 firmly delivered despite the features that didn't make it in.
majorkilljoy  +   597d ago
halo 4 is under hyped imo
LAWSON72  +   597d ago
That game was more overhyped than underhyped, thanks to the great MS marketing. The MP was the most short lived online of them all, and for good reason the CoD elements, lack of content (did not have that 'Halo collection or ODST' to boost the community), and that awful ranking system.
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deafdani  +   597d ago
I personally feel that none of the games on that list was as absurdly overhyped as Watch Dogs. That game, honestly, was the most overhyped I've ever seen in my 26+ years of gaming.
JeffGUNZ  +   597d ago
Agreed. They revealed that game and it looked unreal. What we got was a PS3/Xbox 360 mid-gen quality game. It was fun for what it was, but man was I let down.
AstroCyborg  +   597d ago
wheres titanfall,gta 4,gta 5,mw2?
LAWSON72  +   597d ago
Those were all extremely popular and well received.
MasterCornholio  +   597d ago
Doesn't change the fact that Titanfall was over hyped though. The press was hyping it to be a revolutionary FPS that will be so amazing that it would top titles like BioShock Infinite, Uncharted 2, Halo 2 etc. And it failed to deliver. I was expecting a much higher meta (over 9) but the game landed in the mid 80s.

Just to twist a horrible marketing saying, "dont believe the hype".

The rest that he mentioned are fine in my opinion.
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JeffGUNZ  +   597d ago
I think Titanfall was very hyped due to it being the first REAL AAA game to be released on next gen. consoles. It was also made by Respawn, AKA the talent for COD4. I love Titanfall personally. I took a break and beat watchdogs and now downloaded Tomb Raider when it was half off on the market place. But my buddy and I are eager to give it a try with the new update. I am gen. 8 and just needed a break since I only played that game since release. I plan on playing a few matches tonight and have that eagerness again.

I hope PS4 owners do get Titanfall 2 (which seems like it's happening) Multiplat. It's seriously an amazing experience.
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coolbeans  +   597d ago
"'I Am Alive' has been in production for over 10 years, so it is justifiable to expect that it would be a great game. However, the storyline doesn't explain why the city is in ruins."

Huh? The storyline + collectibles constantly refer to "The Event" and it being an earthquake. I'm pretty sure even the description page where you purchase the game mentions this. If you're going to question anyone who may have enjoyed that game with "did you actually see or play the game at all?" it would be wise to make sure your complaints are actually correct.
texag2011  +   597d ago
Ever since Medal of Honor Frontline & Rising sun the series has sucked. All 3 last gen titles were a big let down. Both the campaign & multiplayer modes.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   597d ago
halo 4 overhype?? for me halo 4 story was way better then 2& 3. But ac3 conner suck lol
Bennibop  +   597d ago
Titanfall and watchdogs over hyped and rated both become boring really quickly.
Meltic  +   597d ago
agree counted the last Days down on WD. Wanted it soo bad. Was dissapointed. I like AngryJoes Review of the game. I feel the same.
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JeffGUNZ  +   597d ago
Titanfall is awesome, but I wish they had about double the weapons and more content. I was happy with the map count since all maps were made very well. I was unhappy with the lack of weapons for both pilots and titans. I hope they keep supporting it. I do like the new update and can't wait to play it again.
Meltic  +   597d ago
Dead Island, Dead Island riptide, Watch dogs, bf4 due to problems, resident evil 4. Those are the titles im most dissapointed with.
McScroggz  +   597d ago
Looking back at Final Fantasy XIII's initial reaction, I'm kind of flabbergasted at the fairly consistent positive reception it got. It even got some perfect scores.

Look, I'm somebody who likes a pretty large variety of games. Linear games, open world games, shooters, RPG's, strategy - my taste is pretty broad. Plus, I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan (Gilgamesh is my avatar). With that being said, it is actually hard for me to understand why critics praised the game so much.

As for Assassin's Creed III, I feel similarly to it as I do towards FFXIII, but I think ACIII is much, much closer in quality to it's predecessors than FFXIII is.

Then we get to Halo 4, which is a tricky one. At first I like the story, but after beating it something never really clicked. It's something I've never really been able to figure out - just what I felt was missing. Though the campaign was a little tedious, overall I'd say it is pretty good. But the multiplayer, oh the multiplayer...

I feel like the vast majority of reviewers probably played the multiplayer just long enough to be able to include it in the review, and probably weren't very invested in it. I say this because most Halo fans seem to agree that Halo 4's multiplayer is a really poor copy of Call of Duty and the antithesis of what Halo multiplayer is all about.

Halo is about map control and power weapon control. Those two things are what separates Halo from just about every mainstream shooter. In Halo 4 both of those are taken out, and we are left with random chaos. In previous Halo games, you formulated strategies on the fly - is a team camping the top level of Ivory Tower with Sniper and Rocket Launcher? How do I neutralize that combo? In Halo 4, it's run around until you see somebody and shoot them. Honestly, it sucks unless you like Call of Duty. And if you like Call of Duty, it's multiplayer is better than Halo 4.

As for Fable, I kind of liked the first one. I thought the second one was a step back from something I thought was decent. I never bothered with the third one because I know, without a doubt, that I would really dislike it. That being said, the games do have enough going for them that I can see why people enjoy the games.

So I agree with ACIII, Halo 4 and especially FFXIII. One game I'd have to add is GTAIV. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot about that game that is great, but the fundamentals of traversal be it moving or driving just feels so odd that it really made the game not fun for me. In an open world game, for the simple act of running and driving around to be not fun, it's weird that it is one of the two or three highest rated games of the last generation. But, like I said, there are a lot of really good things in the game.
McScroggz  +   597d ago

I don't know how to judge Skyrim. On one hand, I really enjoyed my 200~ hours with game. However, I can't help but feel like Skyrim is the most overrated game of all time in at least some respects.

I once read that Skyrim is a collection of mediocre parts stitched together. And other than the music, the lore and the freedom of exploration I agree. The writing is average other than a collection of Daedric quests. The companions are dull and get in your way as often as they help (basically named pack-mules). The graphics are pretty good, but nothing special. The combat is, honestly, kind of bad.

If you play a melee character it is really tedious. An archer is almost as tedious. Mages are somewhat fun to player. However, almost none of the enemy encounters feel like there is really any strategy for them. Are you high enough level or have good enough gear? Then you will win. If you don't you better chug potions or find an exploit. With a really fun combat system it might not be as big of an issue, but a bland combat system + bland enemy encounters = not fun. Also, dragons are incredibly underwhelming and exemplify my assertion that there isn't strategy in most fights, it's just a gear check.

With all that being said, the freedom of Elder Scrolls games is something pretty unique, and I think that freedom plus shallow gameplay/narrative/NPC's allows for just about anybody to pick the game up and enjoy it. I myself really like it, I just think it has more faults than any 90+ rated game.

Skyrim really is an odd, wonderful, frustrating game.
Ksar  +   597d ago
There's no quick time events in Final Fantasy XIII.
Relientk77  +   597d ago
Final Fantasy XIII and Assassins Creed III
Skankinruby  +   597d ago
Halo and GTA series as a whole take the cake on this by far
kingduqc  +   597d ago
Agreed with ass creed, never liked it. Story is good but the gameplay (combat) is just way to dull to make me try more then a few hours.

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