Interview: Hello Games Talk Multiplayer, Sci-Fi, And Objectives In No Man's Sky

TSA writes: "We discussed multiplayer, open worlds, linearity, weapons, ships, trading, Star Wars, and most importantly, what the game is actually about – what the objective is. We felt as though they weren’t really getting it across in what they had shown, so when Sean explained the gameplay in detail, we were blown away. So, read on, and you might be too."

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Lacarious1638d ago

easily going to be game of the year winner and going to change up the console gaming world quick-like.

Lacarious1638d ago

funny thing is... i don't want to even read this... i'm treating this game like an awesome movie i'm looking forward to that I never want tos ee the previews for... I just want to turn this game on and see what happens. "can't wait!"

porkChop1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

They didn't really say much in terms of anything. What I got from the objectives part (a question which they basically danced around as if they didn't have an answer) is just a regurgitation of what they've already said. There's no story, no quests, no narrative or anything like that. You fly your ship and shoot stuff. You walk around exploring planets. You upgrade your ship and suit. You buy fuel to fly your ship. And that's it...

Every time they talk about this game I get less and less interested because it just seems like you don't really do anything. I mean now they're saying that the game isn't even really a multiplayer game. You see other players, but you don't actually play with them. And it's apparently rare to find other people so it's not like you can fly around in a clan or something.

Lacarious1638d ago

the one thing that you do that i am interested in... is playing a unique video game. ;) but really.... new IP's and new games are great for the future of gaming.

HaveAsandwich1638d ago

Who's buying this day one? This guy....