Here is how character customization will work in the new Super Smash Bros.

Players will have even more options when choosing their fighters of choice in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. in the forms of character and item customization.

In the latest entry on the official Super Smash Bros. website, we get a glimpse at how different moves can be altered and customized as well as items to change up each character's stats.

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ZAF1641d ago

I wonder if they will put this on multiplayer, could be really bad for balance.

Bhuahahaha1641d ago

for me i think it will make multi play more competitive

rdgneoz31641d ago

If you read the article, it says that it "won't be possible to play online with a character with a customized moveset, unless you're playing with friends."

randomass1711641d ago

Bubble up for being helpful. I don't think Sakurai would allow anything that could hurt the balance of the game in public online games.

fatneal1641d ago

guys it looks like that gematsu leak of all the new players was real

so far the leaker guessed every character right leaving only the chorus men, shulk, chrome and possibly 1 more pokemon from x and y

then this vid from e3 had villains from rhythm heaven in smash run so that probably means the chorus men are in the game

that means the leaker is still perfect....could shulk and chrome be next?

noxeven1641d ago

Eh not really impressed this looks like a more enhanced sticker system. I guess if unlocks as play the character or its all unlocked at the start because i never like collecting.