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Submitted by Geobros 616d ago | opinion piece

Are Virtual Console Games Too Expensive?

Adam from Replayability joins Nintendo Enthusiast’s Youtube channel and starts off his addition to the team by asking “Are Virtual Console games too expensive?” Adam tackles the topic by comparing the cost of Virtual Console games to their cart counterparts and the results are quite interesting!

What do you think of his assessment? Do you find the price of Virtual Console games fair? Should they be offered at a lower price and is it fair to compare them to their cart counterpart? (3DS, Nintendo DS, Virtual Console, Wii, Wii U)

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ptownjbo  +   616d ago
Nice vid
voodoochild346  +   616d ago
Lol. If nintendo did that they would have to price some games at north of $100. It goes both ways.
SpiralTear  +   616d ago
The price isn't what bothers me the most. It's really the selection. Could use more games overall.
Tross  +   616d ago
To be fair, the retro selection on all three major systems could use more games. Nintendo doesn't seem to have any quality control with their selection, mind you, with great classics like Milon's Secret Castle, and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, in the mix, while other, better titles, are left out. To answer this question: yes, I think they are. A NES game costs about $5 on VC. For $1 more, you can get a PS1 classic off of PSN. A SNES title will set you back $8, with N64 games going for $10. At least they aren't as bad as MS, who I believe, at least at one point in time, was offering N64 titles from Rare, for as high as $15.

Edit: Ok, I've seen the vid, and Adam does make some good points. I downloaded Harvest Moon SNES on my Wii, when I first got it, for $8, and I saw the cart in a store for $108. I saved significantly there. I also don't own any of the original systems and what-not, so the convenience factor is there for me too. I guess there are two sides to it. If you own another 7th gen console, I'd highly recommend getting Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, over downloading the games individually on VC, because you get 49 games for $20, and on a disc, whereas, it would set you back almost $400 to get them all from VC. But, I'm sure if you were to try to collect all the games physically, it would set you back a lot more.
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Xof  +   615d ago
To be fair, Nintendo is missing huge gobs of classic games, the only classic game Sony is really missing is Suikoden II, and Microsoft doesn't have any classic games. ~__~
NotAfanBoyy  +   616d ago
dennett316  +   616d ago
Yes, they very much ARE too expensive. They're practically pushing people towards downloading complete Rom sets by charging so much.
Should be £1 per NES game, £1.50 per SNES and £2.00 per N64 at maximum.
kewlkat007  +   616d ago
MNGamer-N  +   616d ago
5 bucks good. 8 bucks bad.
fatneal  +   616d ago
short answer: NO...
long answer: YES on opposite day
bamillington  +   615d ago
stragomccloud  +   615d ago
Technically No. But, yes. Not by much though.
Personally, I think the pricing model should be NES: $3, SNES: $5, and N64: $7.
DualWielding  +   615d ago
This video is stupid, you cannot compare physical copy with VC, physical copies are expensive because of collector value, the people who want to collect physical copies and people who just want to play the game are two completely separate markets.......

When you see the prices on PSN for PSOne, PS2 and PSP titles Nintendo VC looks totally overpriced...... Yes for the collector's market Older and rarer = more expensive but that does not matter to the large majority of people who just want to play games and get entertainment value for their money..... it is ridiculous that something like Urban Champion or Baloon Fight would be priced higher than something like Parasite Eve
T1125P  +   615d ago
Yes they are. $4.99 for Super Mario Bros.? How many times we all played that and Nintendo still wants to rip us off. I'm done with VC games until Nintendo lowers the prices. If it was $1.99 then probably yes I would buy it. Now I will stay with all my PC emulators, every single console ROM I have so there :D
FourtyPoundSteak  +   613d ago
I would pay $$$ for a SOCOM 2 re-release if its online compatible

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