Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Survey Reveals Crucial Info

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare survey reveals beta & multiplayer info.

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XiSasukeUchiha1358d ago

Oh boy Exo suits we're doomed!

Activemessiah1358d ago

And no dogs... or moving fish!

trenso11358d ago

Beta access, they never do betas for cod ever, almost makes me feel like they are actually trying this time

Shnooze1358d ago

Hopefully. Although, there's not much to worry about at this point, since they've practically gone so low with the franchise that it can't get any worse.

trenso11358d ago

Very true and added to the fact "betas" are more like glorified demos it is probably just a ploy to give people a taste before the actual game

Muzikguy1358d ago

I agree I think the word "beta" is being overused already. Games with betas still come out glitchy and half-assed.

Keith221358d ago

There was a beta for COD 4

trenso11358d ago

Yea Cod4 how long ago was that? How many CoDs have had a beta since then?

Wikkid6661358d ago

Of course they've done betas

xX1NORM1Xx1357d ago

They actually did a public beta for world at war atleast on xbox I only had a 360 at the time so not sure if it was on both but that game stated my cod addiction that mw3 killed and ghosts shat on the remnants of advanced warfare looks good though I probs won't get it untile I know it's good not having another ghosts

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Muzikguy1358d ago

I wouldn't mind a decent COD again. I really miss the cod4 days and MW2 (loved the spec ops missions)

1358d ago
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