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The new JRPG from Aksys Games, Mind Zero, may have gone unnoticed by many players. How does it stack up to other JRPGs?

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rextraordinaire1478d ago

Yep. If you enjoy dungeon crawlers, by all means do try this game.

I see where the 6 can come from as it is a bit clunky at time, but for me, it's a solid 7,5 game, totally worth my time and money!

It's a nice new ip and I hope it gets a sequel !

Whxian1478d ago

better budget would have helped greatly. VN style is nice and all, but this game could have used animation and the like for the story, like persona 3/4. still nice that they managed to get full voiceacting for the main story.

munnyndonuts1478d ago

I agree. I think a bigger budget would really have helped to expand the gameplay outside of battle too. Things like character side quests could've been done better and would've contributed to a much better experience overall.

chippychan1478d ago

I wanted to pick this up last week but for some reason the street date for it is a week later in Canada than it was for the US. I was tempted buy at the low digital cost on PSN but my memory cards are jam-packed & I would just rather has the physical copy.

Looking forward to grabbing it tomorrow.

contradictory1478d ago

i wouldn't recommend you do that..
it's not very good IMHO

i've played numerous JRPG's but this game just feels off

munnyndonuts1478d ago

I wouldn't recommend getting it unless you're reaaaally into dungeon-crawling, to be honest. The story is average at best (though it does have potential) and the writing isn't too good.

contradictory1478d ago

there was too much wrong with this game for me to enjoy it unfortunately.
it's basically an unrefined JRPG with cliche characters, cliche storyline, horrible load times and clunky combat system

i'd rather play any of the PS1 Final Fantasy games on the Vita.
and they're cheaper too so that's an obvious plus.

Whxian1478d ago

indeed in terms of "refineness" this game would lose to big titles from ps2 and even ps1 games, however there is a limit to how many times you can replay the same game before getting tired of it.

this is obviously a small budget game and i do think it should have cost less, however for me it's still playable.

hopefully you atleast liked one of the 3 games the localized recently, just because if all 3 games sell badly in the west, it will just be used as an excuse for not bothering to localize future games, and i think since the vita is somewhat picking up in japan, we could see higher grade of jrpgs on the vita apart from remakes and multiplat.

o-Sunny-o1478d ago

It's a really great game! I like the characters so far. My big problem is sound during battles get bad and some of the battle music doesn't get you going. Other than that full voice acting I was surprised (English/Japanese). The 3d models and animation during fights could be better. I really hope this company makes another game and improve on what they did. 7/10 for me. ^~^

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