25 Xbox One tips and tricks for getting the most out of your console

TechRadar: Can you believe the Xbox One has been around for six months already? It's changed massively in that short space of time too; from Microsoft releasing monthly patches and updates to just last week ditching the requirement that Kinect is bundled in with every console.

It's hard to keep up with every little thing that the system can do when you're concentrating on the important stuff like, oh, playing games, so we've gone ahead and done a little research.

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nice list, i bet i have pissed off alot of gamers as i never knew about the use connect for chat option :) ah well you live and you learn

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Download the Smart Glass Beta for your phone and enjoy direct control of XBOX ONE chat, TV volume, cable box controls, and additional content.

Use the Play To function in Media Player 12 to stream movies to Xbox Video App.

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Here are some tips I have

1. Snap Hulu/TV During commercials and browse the internet or play a quick game of Super Time Force, Peggle etc that have short load times. When you switch back to Hulu or TV after the commercial is over, your game will be paused waiting for you on the next commercial.

2. Use as your twitter client in Internet Explorer for Xbox One and set the Column size to large and font to large. It fits the snapped size perfectly. That way you can keep up with twitter while in the lobby for Titanfall etc. If you want it to stream, make sure to click on the home button in tweetdeck before switching to your main content.

3. Pin your favorite Netflix shows to the start screen. It will go right to that series when you click on it and start where you left off.

4. Use Bing to find movies and tv shows by actor. Can't remember the name of a movie but know the actor.. just say Bing Nic Cage or Nicolas Cage and viola, all his content is there and you can choose which service you want to see it on. Similar for games, want to go directly to game demos in the store, say Xbox Bing Game Demos.

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Lol, at the disagree... there is no saving this community.

Back on topic. I had no Idea you could pin shows to the start screen, as mentioned in your number 3. Thanks for the tips.

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