Footage of Metro:Last Light Running on PS4

We already know that 4A Games porting METRO 2033 and METRO: LAST LIGHT to PS4 and Xbox One, but only now we can see it in action.

Neonridr709d ago

Cool, I only played a little bit of 2033 and never played Last Light.

Are these games being ported as separate titles? Or bundled together?

meatysausage709d ago

Last light is absolutely amazing. one of my favourite games ever. Never played 2033 but cant wait for this. Its best when you play the game with russian voice overs.

Will definately get this for my xbox one or PS4

Derekvinyard13709d ago

Couldn't agree more dude, what a different experience last light was, loved the survival feeling it had to it , loved whenever ur in a mission and hear the beeping noise for the filter running out or wiping off the gas mask whenever it gets to dirty. It's pretty long to

SolidGear3709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

It's going to be called Metro Redux. Both games with all the DLC in 1080p.

URNightmare709d ago

Metro Last Night was free with PS+ once. I think it was in January. That's how I got to play it.

showtimefolks709d ago

i heard last night is good not great but metro 2033 is great. Ethernet way i am gonna try these for myself and see what's up

metro collection
the last of us
tomb raider
halo collection(rumored)

i hope some of these also come to ps4/xbox one:

complete god of war collection(i would love to play god of war 3 on ps4)

Gears of war
mass effect trilogy with all the DLC
Red Dead Redemption(imagine how great it will look on ps4/xbox one/pc)

these are unlikely:

Yakuza collection on ps4(every game in the series on one collection or maybe make volume 1 and 2)

Crash HD collection

Ratchet and clank collection(ps3 games)

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wheatley709d ago

Will definitely be getting this. Really enjoyed Last Light, and never got the chance to play 2033.

okmrman709d ago

i played this game last night

sdozzo709d ago

Have yet to play either. This will be cool.

WeAreLegion709d ago

Got it on PlayStation Plus. I had already played through 2033. These are incredible games. I'll have no problem throwing more money at this team.

HighResHero709d ago

This is perfect for me. Wanted to find them DRM free for PC but owning a physical copy is the next best thing.

incredibleMULK709d ago

Yeah I played 2033 on 360 but never got the chance to play last light. I can't wait. Hopefully can get a platinum or 2.

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