Top Ten Fan Requests For Playstation Changes/Improvements

These are the most requested changes for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita from Playstation fans themselves.

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KingKelloggTheWH1639d ago

I want PS1/ps2 disc based BC

More customization for the UI, I want to be able to take off those music and video unlimited aps cause I dont use them. Anddd Download pausing!

Beyond that mp3/video playback and those sort of things.

GribbleGrunger1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

All I want is for the European PSN store to be as good as the American store. Where are the options such as:

Free To Play
Digital Only

And what about:

PS1 classics (used to be there but it's been removed)
PS2 classics

Instead we have a generic 'all' that forces you to have to scroll through an endless list. Sometimes I just want to browse certain categories. Yes there's a filter system but it rarely works properly and it's another step that shouldn't be required.

Don't they want 'impulse' buyers?

Yi-Long1639d ago

I want:
- Better battery life for the controllers. They only seem to last a few hours, which is ridiculous.

- .MKV and .MP3 playback. Self-explanatory. It won't be a proper multi-media machine without it.

- A direct link to Youtube, so I can upload my gameplay-clips directly to my YT account! Or even have a streaming channel.

GameSpawn1639d ago

1. PSN ID Name Changes

2. Lack of YouTube app for PS4
[Don't Care - This is also up to Google to develop NOT Sony, Sony just approves the final product]

3. Game gifting on PSN
[I don't do this, so again it wouldn't phase me]

4. Lack of Spotify app
[I loathe Spotify, so...yeah...don't care]

5. Ability to change light bar color on Dual Shock 4
[Interested, but cosmetic, so not high priority]

6. Sign on/off notifications for PS4 friends
[Not interested, I see this as more of an annoyance of CONSTANT popups, especially if you have a large friend list]

7. Enhanced PS4 media support
[Definitely! At least media streaming support VIA DLNA like the PS3]

8. Ability to delete trophies with 0% completion
[I thought you could already choose to hide those]

9. PS4 video chat
[Not a feature I plan to use, so not a priority with me]

10. A PSN maintenance message when service is out
[Nice to have and better than a nondescript error code, but not super high priority]

What I'd like to see:

1) Filters for the damn Download List on ALL platforms!! I have 700+ entries in my Download List and it is a major P.I.T.A. to scroll through and download/re-download games and DLC.

2) DualShock+Vita+Remote Play support via the SAME account with NO tricks. I don't want to have to reset my Vita to login with a second account on Remote Play so the DualShock can be logged in with my Primary Account.

3) [A Pipe Dream] Reverse Remote Play, or AirPlay, for the Vita to the PS4. It would be nice to AirPlay Vita games to the big screen! I know this would undermine the purpose of VitaTV, but VitaTV is Japan Only for the time being anyway - plus VitaTV doesn't support ALL games because of the lack of a touchpad and touchscreen.

mrbojingles1639d ago

I want to see PSN name changes the most but MP3 playback is near the top for me too.

Bennibop1639d ago

3d Bluray support and an apps section rather than TV and Video with all the existing stuff catagorised and with Sharefactory and Headphone app moved into it.

csreynolds1639d ago

Of those ten, sign on/off notifications for friends, enhanced media support (MP3 playback etc.) and the ability to delete trophies with 0% completion are at the front of my "yes please Sony" list for PS4.

I also wouldn't mind being able to ditch music/video unlimited from the menu - oh, and the option to play my own music in game. I'd love to hit Battlefield 4 multiplayer with Chopin coming through the same speakers the explosions are...

WickedLester1639d ago

My top ten would read like this...

1.) MP3/CD support (along with custom sound track support)
2.) DLNA support
3.) Blu Ray 3D play back support
4.) Video Chat
5.) Increase in voice command vocabulary(i.e. the ability to power the PS4 up out of stand by mode)

6.) The ability to create custom folders
7.) HBO Go and ESPN app support
8.) The ability to change our PSN ID
9.) blue tooth support
10.) PS1/PS2 disk and DLC backwards compatibility

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