Wolfenstein: The New Order Will Have an Alternate Timeline, Recommended to Play the Game Twice

OnlySP: The Creative Director for Wolfenstein: The New Order is currently doing an AMA on Reddit, revealing some new info about the game.

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mr2331260d ago

This is a pre-order. Especially with $20 back from Best Buy

MCTJim1260d ago

Crap wish I knew about the Best Buy Deal...already paid for it at Gamestop. Still, Looking forward to this title. I remember playing Wolfenstein on my buddys Apple II back in the day.

ScottyHoss1259d ago

you can take the pre-orders back. EB Games (Canada) made me use the trade in value of CoD ghosts so i pre-ordered a game, went back the next day, cancelled it and got the money :P I dunno if it's different elsewhere though.

mr2331260d ago

20 hour campaign. Lots of gore,killing Nazi's, Sounds good.

SteamPowered1260d ago

McBain to base. We are under attack from commie-nazis.

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The story is too old to be commented.