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Microsoft Working On Improving CPU Performance On Xbox One & 360,Cloud Compute & Advanced Techniques

"When the Xbox One was first announced last year, Microsoft made it clear that the console will have a clock speed of 1.6ghz, however they managed to boost it to 1.75ghz. Now Microsoft is currently looking to optimize it even further." (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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cfc78  +   572d ago
Great news,should be some interesting comments on this 1,i wait to be amazed.
pixelsword  +   571d ago
That is good news, but to be honest, they should have worked on that before the console was released instead of putting it out early to keep up with the PS4.
cfc78  +   571d ago
Im totally with you on that i'd rather of waited till this november for xb1 and had a better more complete console.
tbone567  +   571d ago
Can't wait to see MS take advantage of the power of Direct X12 and Azure technology. Greatness Awaits for Xbox One.
buffalo1066  +   571d ago
microsoft made some of the mistakes sony did with the ps3. rushing things doesnt help all that much. the ps3 went on to do great but it was rushed, then again with the rrod failures you could say the 360 was rushed too. rushing is killing us these days
starchild  +   571d ago | Well said
This is what I don't understand. Some of you act like they have done something horrible by releasing a weaker console than their competition. But there are always going to be stronger and weaker consoles each generation.

Did Sony screw up when the PS2 was much weaker than the Xbox? Is the PS4 a failure because it is weaker than a high end PC? Of course not. There are always going to be weaker and stronger gaming platforms at any given point in time.

I don't own an XB1 and I'm not really defending it, I'm just defending common sense and basically saying that there are always going to be stronger and weaker consoles. And consoles aren't gaming platforms for people that want the best graphics and performance. There are other reasons for owning a console and as we have seen in the past there are plenty of reasons to own the second and third most powerful consoles so long as they have other qualities that make them desirable gaming systems.
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GameNameFame  +   571d ago
Two things.

1. Statement was towards windows platform in general. Nothing really specific.

2. This is not related to keeping up anything. PS4 will just get port of this boost multithreading.

Just like how OpengGL got port for tiled rendering.

Their architecture is almost identical that one gets boost another gets the boost.

So gap stays the same.
MazzingerZ  +   571d ago
They need to acquire more studios, create new franchises and become a real VG entity rather than rely on 3rd party deals A la COD, Titanfall or "exclusive" TV features

Exclusives games optimized to use their HW, that's the only way to compete and that's what customers want to see, no promises
jeromeface  +   571d ago
All the "cable box" features require system resources to run... especially considering the "OS hotswap" that allows you to jump between gaming and live tv. Those resources not being available is whats bogging down the machine. Funny... sony went for a gaming platform and not a media platform, yet everyone wonders why the ps4 performs so much better when it comes to games.
Azzanation  +   571d ago
Why would they wait? They have sold over 4 million consoles! if they waited then they would have sold 0 today. X1 is the best selling Xbox in its history and its not even fully functional yet. Its actually smarter releasing early to compete rather then have the competitors take the market share.
AsimLeonheart  +   571d ago
Man, people are so desperate for a positive Xbone news! They spin everything in to a positive Xbone development. It is just a job posting for a Senior Software Development engineer! It says nowhere that they are improving and optimizing the Xbone CPU. Gamingbolt just put their own interpretation and spin on the job vacancy to get some hits.
MonstaTruk  +   571d ago
@ starchild

I don't understand where you're coming from. Consumers buying habits can't be based off of a naive perspective of "who cares about specs, I just wanna buy systems and not judge anything!" Pfft...EVERYTHING/EVERYONE gets judged, whether we like it or not. The Xbox One's specs are WEAKER (fact), with a higher price tag (fact). No amount of smoke, mirrors, or analytical thinking can adjust such a value gap. Sometimes...better is just BETTER...
XiSasukeUchiha  +   571d ago
Hmmm This could be good for Xbox but when action comes i will believe it.
xbjuan  +   571d ago
bahahaha MS trolling the fanboys
sebzhd  +   571d ago
juste read the title and LMFAO :D
ah ah M$
Blaze929  +   572d ago
aint one the leading software companies for nothing.
Nivalis  +   571d ago
Indeed, pc hardware performance got better and better with each version of windows released!... wait..
incendy35  +   572d ago
I would like to think all tech companies are searching for developer talent with those skill sets at all times : )
warczar  +   571d ago
Microsoft knows that there is someone out there who can make all there X1 dreams come true... they just have to hire him/her first.
cyhm3112  +   572d ago
improving the cpu can only do so much, the GPU and Ram is a lot inferior to the PS4's, there is only so much pixels the inferior Xbone's GPU can display at a time, The PS4's will always display more, and so much better graphics. MS know this, and you know what, remember about the "best in class graphics"in the Gears of War job ad, the developers themselves know and admit that xbone and ps4 is in different class when it comes down to hardware power and so the in class mean in its own class not in PS4's.
nicksetzer1  +   572d ago
That jumbled mess is barely even readable, that aside, how about we wait and see where these consoles go before blindly declaring a winner. (Or rather in this case the loser)
ramiuk1  +   572d ago
its not the fact people are pciking winners and losers, its the fact MS are constantly over promising things that are not possible,they havent shown anything and if i was MS and was getting so much stick i would of demonstrated it ages ago.
All of what MS shows on stage is Bull.

EA drops there passes for online,MS annouces DRM and with the fact they sleep in the same bed these days its the 1 and only reason EA said they was dropping them to also try and gain some support back.

people will still buy there products but not many people trust MS or EA,specially with Moore incharge.

i want MS to be a success,it needs to be its as simple as that,but they need less PR and more proof and facts that non MS compute specialists agree with
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nicksetzer1  +   572d ago
Basically what you are saying is "MS needs to show what they say," yet "what they show on stage is bull" and doesn't count .... sounds fair.

Your constant need to ignore the "facts" being presented, or in some cases deny them totally doesn't mean they don't exist.
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warczar  +   571d ago
You're right, we should wait to decide a winner, not like last gen when xbots declared the 360 the winner 4 years into the consoles life cycle. Alas, every day I turn on my computer and read a new article about how Microsoft is going to improve the X1's performance exponentially and make the PS4 a "niche" product. I would back off the Microsoft bashing a little if Microsoft would slow there PR train down just a bit but we all know that shit ain't happening.
jlo   572d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
KNWS  +   572d ago
Playstation dev already let the cat out of the bag by saying Playstation 4 only uses 14 CU's for gaming, 2 for compute and 2 doing nothing at the moment. The PS4 GPU has 20 CU's, but 14 are been actively used. So the GPU in the PS4 is only slightly better than the xb1 GPU.

I told people here the PS4 was only using 14 CU's long before the PS4 dev told an interviewer this

So its really 14 CU's for Playstation and 12CU's for x box 1, but the higher clock speed for the GPU of the xb1 and CPU gives a 6% boost to the xb1 12 CU's.

The Biggest difference between both consoles that we know about is the RAM. GDDR5 is superior to DDR3 and ESRAM. GDDR5 is graphic memory (video mermory) so games should look better on the PS4, if used right.

There is some unknowns about the chips and 15 special processors fitted on the xb1 motherboard, that may yet improve performance on the xb1, when directx12 launches.

GamingBolt recently got in touch with Akihiro Suzuki, Producer of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition. In our lengthy conversation with Akihiro, we spoke on various topics including Dynasty Warriors 8′s gameplay, its reception, and the reasons behind bringing the game to the PlayStation 4.

And finally he believes that the 18 compute units in the PS4 GPU is easy to set up and use. “The 14 + 4 unit set-up is easy to use. If the number of units increased, the possibilities of what we could do would increase as well.”

Its not hard to figure it out, if PS4 was using 18 CU's he would not not have said 14+4 wake up Sony fanboys.

After 14 cu's you get minor improvements, this has been know about since the early PC days. Sony doesn't want to tell their fans the truth, but if you had any intelligence at all you realise, the dev, is already telling you 14 CU's is been used. With 4 other CU's been potentially been used maybe?
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iagainsti120  +   572d ago
Keep believing that pipe dream
DoesUs  +   572d ago
That is incorrect. I also think you need to look at the PS4 gpu specs, not just CU's...

People already know what the additional parts of the XB1 are for, and im sorry to say, they are not some magic sauce.
candy_mafia  +   572d ago | Well said
That's an awesome impression of Mister X or whatever his (exaggerating lying butt) name is...

I'm actually surprised by you KNWS. I've read some awesome comments from you in the past, but this latest comment of yours nullifies most of them.

I love playing my Xbox One, but no way is MS holding some secret sauce. That's just plain ridiculous! Can't you just be happy with your Xbox One as it is now? Or is the pointless hope of these 'unknowns' (Area 51 has them) and secret chips waiting for MS to activate them?

The fact that tons of X1 owners are waiting on secret sauce/cloud compute is an actual admission that MS royally F***ed up designing the X1. It was always intended to be a super media player first, and gaming box second.

I've already come to terms with what my Xbox One is, others should too!
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Jumper09  +   572d ago
PS4 uses all 18CUs for gaming. Stop spreading this nonsense.
Xavy  +   572d ago
lol ok dreamer!

Just say X360 has better HW than PS4 and get it done with.

You are not fooling anyone. Well maybe desp X1 fans.
zerog  +   571d ago
So what the x1 doesn't use any of its 12 for compute? Last time I checked compute was pretty much a requirement. Its like saying an 18 cubic foot fridge has less fridge space then a 12 cubic foot one because the 18 has a freezer while failing to relize the 12 has a feeezer too.
imt558  +   571d ago

Oooooo! You again with this CU bullshit! F****** MisterX follower!!!

Developers can use all 18 PS4's CU ( PS4 GPU has 20 CU's, 2 are locked because yield production ) for render or any ratio if they wish; they can even have the same CU/s doing both render and compute in parallel.
Cerny said that before.

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nypifisel  +   571d ago
What a lot of nonsense.

And bubble to Candy Mafia, very well said. Xbox Owners should stop looking for magic and be happy with what they got.
#5.3.8 (Edited 571d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
MightyNoX  +   571d ago
@candy: KNWS has always been on the fringe, he's just been bottling it up really well. Sift through the lines and you can see the cognitive dissonance.

Also, bubble for you, Candy.
turkish41  +   571d ago
and more funny thing is always same site post this news...
saint_seya  +   572d ago
This the first time i read about MS still considerating the 360 after the One, and i must say, i think is really good, a nice change. I hope to see more of this, if they dont forget about 360 may be a good change of mentality, and i would consider in the future getting an Xbox one.
jessupj  +   571d ago
Well considering MS has all but abandoned the 360 and the fact they moved a lot of games that were originally intended for the 360 to the xbone to pad out it's launch line up and give the impression they're catering to the hardcore gamer again all of a sudden, I'll believe it when I see it.
MCTJim  +   572d ago
I am all for improving any of the platforms...but I guess posting of Job opportunities is news till E3?
candy_mafia  +   572d ago
Awesome that MS appear to have learnt a lesson in hardware longevity with this announcement that the SDK for 360 is being improved also :)

This with the PS3 SDK improvements being made too! Totally awesome that the older kids on the block still have a future going forward :)))
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BenqMagician  +   572d ago
Well I guess it's like when sony was still selling the ps2 when they were selling the ps3. 360 is still making MS money so there's no reason too pull the plug yet.
KNWS  +   572d ago
The fan inside the xb1 is huge realistically they could up the clock speed and get better performance on the 12 CU's again. They probably are stress testing by RD tests.

The xb1 runs very cool all the time, its only slightly warm even if you left it on for hours or more.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   572d ago
That's something that's improved vastly this gen. I had problems with 360 and launch PS3 overheating alot.
Immorals  +   572d ago
The real difference for me is just how quiet it is, I only hear it when I turn it on from col, and even then, the feedback from my speakers is louder.
nypifisel  +   571d ago
They wouldn't upclock the CPU on a released product, there's no way to guarantee reliability.
Julion0715  +   572d ago
The x1 is special for what it is now and will be even better in the future, the ppl denying d12/cloud compute jus doesn't wanna accept the fact that the x1 is future proof ms is working on some great things e3 will reveal it
Jumper09   572d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Jdoki  +   572d ago
Really? No way! MS are looking to improve their console??? And they are going to employ people to do so!? !Mind... Blown!

Right now, on the MS career site there's over 250 jobs listed worldwide that relate to 'Xbox'. Are we going to get a news story for each of those?

I see one role is for a Senior Games Producer... Someone should write an article 'New IP for XB1 in development'.

Slow. News. Day.
Lord_Santa  +   572d ago
All of this talk. I'll just wait until they actually do something.
TheSaint  +   571d ago
This, it's all talk and no trousers at the moment.

The_devils_chum  +   572d ago
They dont have anything big up their sleeves they need to create buzz when ever they can cause there losing fast. I feel bad for all those microsoft fans out there, i have a xbox 360 and dont hate them but you guys guys refuse to read the writing on the wall. Microsoft will send all these bs messages hoping you wont give up hope
BattleN  +   572d ago
For 360 I hope they port Gears 4, and am glad there trying to improve it's performance!
ScareFactor  +   572d ago
I think it's funny how all the Sony fanboy's downplay Microsoft and what they can do. I think the Cloud could improve the Xbox One but I doubt it is ready yet. Cloud computing is real, and if anyone could get it to work it would be Microsoft. They supposively built the system with the cloud in mind, so I don't see how it couldn't help. I don't think it will make it 5x as powerful but it could help.


You are playing inferior games on your PS4 as well buddy
#16 (Edited 572d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
GodGinrai  +   572d ago
You know whats funny?

This is an article about a job posting...and people are here arguing about MS trying to blow smoke up our asses in some PR ploy...since when were job postings used as PR tactics? Or am I the only one that read the article?

EDIT: On side note...good for them, I say.
#17 (Edited 572d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Cobra951  +   572d ago
The story is pure BS. The listing in no way implies boosting the performance of the hardware, any hardware. Optimization is very much a part of the job description of any real programmer who deals with real-time software. (I should know.) Of course, if the system software is better optimized, system performance improves. But this is nothing new, and certainly not a breaking news story.
frankdrebin72  +   572d ago
its comical,..how most ,..i did say most sony fanatics,..gloss over the LOSS of revenue from EACH ps4.
Its funny how fanatical kamakze sony fanatics ignore every other spec xbox one has IN favour of them.
Its funny how not one arm chair guru knows why the xbox one is built/set up like such.
Its funny when dx12 mentioned amd,nivada etc came out singing its praises,..that its a MAJOR leap forward,..yet the guy,..or gal at home knows better because they just follow other fanatics like sheep,..who the heck here has actually spent time with dx12...heres a secret..NONE,..yet how can you dis something you have no fn clue about??..wait and see before you let your havkles pop up,..then spout your armchair dev techno,guru,shite.
Cloud computing,..its coming,..fanatics,..suck it up,..microsoft have the infastructure,the resources,.talant.
Isnt it wonderful how the internet breeds thousands upon thousands of more knowledgable people in the computing world,..that translates to those knowing more than those that actually WORK for microsoft.
I find it also amusing when microsoft announce ANY news concerning xbox one,..demonstrate demos,announce games,their on vr/ar tech,...that the insecure minority feel its their responsibility to put down their controller/hand held torch,..and counter strike back,..what ill has microsoft done you ,..really,..it seems that whenever someone,..irespective of who/what it seems that certain people want to drag them back down to their level,..this is true in all aspects of life,.i am sure you have experianced it.
Get a life,..microsoft are so far more sucessful than sony,...that sony are not fit to tie microsofts shoes.
If you truely are in aww of whos winning the " console war" ..look at which console is making a profit,..and which one is at a loss...at what extent will it effect sony in years to come??..who knows.
xbox one will get better,.ps4 will too.
If you honestly think SONY ate a more "truthful" company,..lol..then you sir are off your trolley.
#19 (Edited 572d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
christocolus  +   572d ago
Lol..nice one.This article is about a job post and without reading through some here have gone ahead and turned it into a fanboy/console war.even going as far as calling MS liars and accusing them of using it as PR..all because of a job post?...its pathetic

Ive totally given up trying to understand why they keep running in to downplay it too. Most of them dont even make reasonable arguments. They hate the console but cant stay away and its always the usual suspects. How can people who aint kids keep taking things so personal and hating on aything ms or xbox?.its weird.

i just read the articles im interested in and only reply those who actually seem reasonable and make valid points.
#19.1 (Edited 572d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   571d ago
Well Said,

It is very funny to see the sony fanboys scramble for any and all defense to put this down.

The most hilarious part was having most of the sony fanboys demand MS show some sort of tech demo for the cloud usage. And when MS did...they rushed out to question and call it fake. Where are the servers, what type of PC's are used, blah blah blah, it was a tech demo for Christ's sake!

A lot of sony fanboys put unrealistic expectations on MS while letting Sony slide off the hook with theirs. It's expected since they are sony fanboys but it is really puzzling when one on the outside sees these shenanigans going on.

And it really is the same suspects on this site that has this behavior. Funny how the usual suspects are mainly the posters with more than 6 six bubbles.
Allowen  +   572d ago
Even if games on Xbone starts to heavily use cloud computing we will have two versions of the same games.
Unless the games they launch using it will all be online only such Titanfall.

A good way to really notice the "power of the cloud" would be to play 1P games such a Fallout 4.
Offline it would have x graphics and if used the cloud computing we would see much better graphics.
This way MS could also promote Xbox gold subscription.
CerealKiller  +   572d ago
They should have worried about CPU performance before they released the console. There is very little they can do now, despite what they may tell you about the magical cloud.
jay2  +   572d ago
Well at least they can finally admit their hardware wasn't ready. Things aren't going to jump to games running as well as PS4 anyway.
voodoogts  +   572d ago
This is just going to be like last gen. Sony with more power but won't take full advantage while Microsoft will use every bit of it and get more support.
Xavy  +   572d ago

"This is just going to be like last gen"

PS3 is still outselling X360 WW. PS3 is outselling X1 WW. PS3 has more games then X1+X360 put together.

Last Of Us, GOW3, MGS, Uncharted outperforms anything X360 has to offer.

" Sony with more power but won't take full advantage while Microsoft will use every bit of it and get more support"

PS4 is lead platform for devs, more powerfull easier to develop for.

Yeah Microsoft will get more support!!!
#23.1 (Edited 572d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
marlinfan10  +   571d ago
why don't you go comment on some ps4 articles? clearly you have no interest in the x1 so why come here and comment about it? i guess its your duty so defend sony till death like every other fanboy huh
#23.1.1 (Edited 571d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
esemce  +   571d ago
Nonsense, you are saying the devs of Uncharted / TLoU, MGS4, Killzone and GoW3 did not take full advantage of the PS3 hardware ? Maybe you need some really thick glasses to mach your thick head.
Dannylew  +   572d ago
Microsoft can improve/optimizing the programming pipeline but not the limit performance in Cpu in any way...
This is only a news created by Microsoft PR people and is referred to a news appeared on past daysreferred to improving performance on ps3 SPE and ps4 SPU..

jairusmonillas  +   572d ago
MS will continue this PR cheap talk without any evidence that it would really work.
mmj  +   572d ago
If all of these articles about software improvements are true then Xbox One should be about 10 times more powerful than PS4 two years from now.. or.. more realistically.. still slower due to the inferior hardware.
pickle1234  +   572d ago
well Microsoft needs everything it can get in terms of raw horsepower but according to this article raw processing power is pointless because entertainment is everything.
kakashi81  +   571d ago
I really want dx12 to help it. Ms please hurry with the sdk's.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   571d ago
Good for those that own the X1! :)
I hope SONY is going to keep improving as well! I want my PS4 always a bit better this gen :D
KillerByte23  +   571d ago
Sony might have the more powerful system but they are focusing on games that can run on tablets.
WitWolfy  +   571d ago
They're not focusing on it.. It's called Indie friendly with Indie publishing. Which was one of the consoles selling points.
DigitalRaptor  +   571d ago
Nope. Sony is focusing on games.

They have let indie devs self-publish from the start and not pushed them away with any detrimental restrictions. That's far different to focusing on "games that can run on tablets".


Have a little read of this. Just because you're used to only judging games one-dimensionally, doesn't mean that you should.
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