PS4 1.7 Firmware Update Causes DualShock 4 Vibration Malfunction: Workaround Found

The 1.7 firmware update for the PS4 introduced several welcome features, but also quite a few glitches, that hopefully will be solved with version 1.71 which is rumored to be coming soon.

The one of those glitches causes the DualShock 4 to lose vibration, but luckily there's a workaround.

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imt5581479d ago

Vibration malfunction??? How is that possible?

Abriael1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Eh, who knows? the update added features to the DS4, so that could be what caused a glitch.

IMHO, though, Sony should have a beta preview like Microsoft does, it's great to hammer out firmware bugs before the update goes live.

GribbleGrunger1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Do you know if anyone else has reported the speaker in the controller being too quiet? I don't know if it's just the game but Stick It To The man is so quiet I've had to turn the music right down to hear what's being said. Like I said though, that could just be the game. I also had a crash during the end credits of Child of Light which lead to a corrupt save file and a brain haemorrhage (thank Christ for spellcheck!).

Abriael1479d ago

@GribbleGrunger: I didn't hear anything of the sort Gribble. This doesn't mean it isn't true tho.

Kingthrash3601478d ago

tbh i had trouble with my ds4 today, my R3 and options button didnt work. i rebooted the system and now all is fine but it was really frustrating. maybe that is due to the update, i've never had this prob before.

1478d ago
Clown_Syndr0me1478d ago

@GribbleGrunger It may be faulty. My first DS4 had faulty sticks so I had it replaced. My second controller seemed to have a much louder speaker so Im thinking my first had a faulty speaker too, I just didn't know as I had nothing to compare it to.

liquidhalos1478d ago


Yeah I noticed the low volume in stick it to the man too. I just assumed it was the game. I'll have to check to see if resogun is still loud

Conzul1478d ago

Nah the glitch is there.
I noticed it when I popped in SS and the DUP bullets wouldn't make my DS4 shake anymore when they hit.

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Fixay1478d ago


My Speaker was super quiet during that game too. I ended up lowering down the music and sound effects a bit so I could hear properly.

great game btw for anyone who is wondering. The art style is amazing and the colours really pop out at you. Just wish it rewarded me with a trophy for completing the game, ahwell tho

greenlantern28141478d ago

I haven't had any of the reported problems that came with the update, just lucky I guess.

Eddie201011478d ago

I had a few problems with the 1.7 update, but all was fixed by doing one simple thing, restoring default setting. Select Settings, then go to the bottom of the list and select Initialize, then select Restore default settings(select only Restore default settings), go through the set up process.

After having done the restore default settings my PS4 runs very well now, no problems at all.

please let me and others know how this works for you.

brightlight1477d ago

I have it, the glitch, was play Infamous then noticed my controller wasn't rumbling, toggle d it off and on again till it worked.

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av3nger1479d ago

I have had another bug with 1.70. At some point all my icons in the PlayStation 4 menu become the same. I have to turn it off so I can get my icons back...

Clown_Syndr0me1478d ago

This happened to me once a few days back, but I don't remember if it wad before or after the update.
A quick reboot fixed it.

Madderz1478d ago

Mine did that the other day.

All my games etc on my UI row thing were all like the loading symbol.

I actually just sat and left it for a couple minutes and it popped back.

av3nger1478d ago

Glad to know I am not the only one !
I wonder why we got so many "disagrees"...

Madderz1476d ago


God knows. Hasn't done it since tbh though so all is good!

XiNarutoUzumaki1478d ago

There has to be a problem...always.
Some people are just unlucky. I haven't experience most of the problems that have been reported... I'm a lucky one I guess

OmegaShen1478d ago

I think most of the comments are trolls -_-

B-radical1478d ago

Trolls? They are sony fans just being honest that they are having issues.

move on kid.

OmegaShen1478d ago

Don't make me laugh little one, issues? No one I know has issues like they are saying and I'm not.

Madderz1478d ago

Nooooo the update is actually quite buggy. If you've managed to get off without them then that's cool.

dontbhatin1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Seriously Omega

Coming from myself, owning every PS system to date can agree with the others. I have had a few issues myself since this new update. I have had octodad crash on me every single time i play it now. Never crashed when i played it the day it came out which was before the 1.7 update. and i have also had outlast crash on me a few times. Again it has never happened before. And i have also had bugs happen in the UI where none of my icons would load and the social features load very slowly sometimes as well.

Think I'm a troll? Go ahead and look up my PSN StoneyYoshi

Feel free to add me whoever sees this. Im wanting a few people who are getting the destiny beta so i can play with them.

aconnellan1478d ago

I had an Xbox 360 which didn't get the RROD, and none of the people I knew got it either. Does that mean it didn't happen and people were lying about it happening? No

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aconnellan1478d ago

Why are so many comments getting disagrees? Just because they're having issues doesn't mean they're lying or trolling.

OT: It's nice that there's a workaround, but it doesn't seem like a huge problem in the first place. I guess it depends on how much you like the controller vibrations

TRD4L1fe1478d ago

it seems people are so insecure about the product of their choice that it hurts them inside when a person say something negative about it, and in a way make n4g bad because people that are neutral cant have a normal conversation about a topic because everyone else wants to hate or bash on them

FLAMES_1871478d ago

100% truth. Sad but true.

FLAMES_1871478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I swear I was about to say the same thing. Their giving people dislikes because they had an issue with their contoller. I'm a sony fan but I don't praise every single thing they do and I can see through some of their bs.

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