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PS4 Firmware 1.70: All Four New Voice commands And Screenshots Revealed

Take a look a all four new voice commands and screens showing its working (PS4)

PiperMCFierceson  +   359d ago
I love using voice command , makes me feel futuristic
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   359d ago
Great on kinect too

@Piper, ditto here (for ps4) but like last gen I will eventually get it... Going to see how The Order turns out, that looks fantastic!
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PiperMCFierceson  +   359d ago
I wish I had enough money to buy an xbox too I really wanted to try the kinect
ShadowKingx  +   359d ago
i like being to use a Mic to do this, too bad MS has not gone this route yet.

yes im a PS Fan now, but will playstation at its strongest why wouldn't you be.
azure1990  +   359d ago
@bigdaddy what the heck? Not having to use a mic is much better
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   359d ago

I think you failed to see the sarcasm... Specially as he said "too bad MS has not gone this route yet", anyway, let's be realistic, is it a hundred bucks better? You know even a cheap old microphone like those people would glue to the side of the PC tower can do this crap, right? And you don't HAVE to use a haedset nor any attached mic, you can just use the camera mic on PS4 too, you're just not forced to get one with the system.
Bennibop  +   359d ago
I have both x1 and ps4 do find x1 voice commands poor. It really struggles and seems not as responsive
ghostface9  +   359d ago
you must speak a funny unknown dialect then because I dont know anyone who has hardly any troubles with the voice occasionally it will take a second try on the xbox on command but thats it
Bennibop  +   359d ago
I don't have wven occasional problems with ps4, with x1 I end continuously shouting "Xbox, Xbox, Xbox" before it will respond. All I am saying is in my experience the ps4 mic array is better. The camera is better on the x1 if that makes you feel better! ( ps4 with move is still more accurate though)
redwin  +   359d ago
I have " no" problem with the box . Lol, and here is the prove that the Sony big wig find the Xbox cool. Don't get me wrong, I do like my ps4 too, I'm just saying that all those people that though that voice command was stupid, they are now gonna find them selfs using it too. I get lots if disagrees but I let time call u wrong. I'm in the comfortable position of having both systems, and I'll tell you these. Come June people are going to think that Xbox is cool once again. http://www.pcworld.com/arti... Ms is evolving.
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Cryptcuzz  +   358d ago
I don't have an Xbox One, but my brother does and I can attest to it not being responsive a lot of the time when using voice commands. When it works, it is cool to change channels (Xbox watch CNN for example) etc.

Honestly, I don't use the voice commands much on the PS4, simply because I don't see the need to. It is so easy and fast to navigate to what you want to do on it, that I'd rather just use the controller. When I did test out the minimal commands available at launch, I found out it worked almost all the time for me.

His TV is mounted on a wall and the Kinect is mounted on top of the TV, not sure if his set up is optimal or not, but it is funny when he tries to get it to work properly sometimes. If voice commands doesn't work after three tries, it would have been faster and more efficient to just use the controller.
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NegativeCreep427  +   358d ago
If you're like me, you like talking to things...hello lamp...hello pants... :)
pwnsause_returns  +   359d ago
nice to see they keep adding new commands. hopefully devs follow suit and add them to their apps and games.
XtraTrstrL  +   359d ago
Cool, haven't used it much, but nice to know you can start recording and save the video with voice commands. That can really come in handy, especially since I noticed sometimes the "Press Square to save video" doesn't show up, or has a long delay to show up.

I really love SHAREfactory, and how fast it loads the clips, I do hope they add more FX and filters down the line though. Also, the regular PS4 video player should add the ability to quickly scroll forward/back with the touchpad like in SHAREfactory.
DunDee910  +   359d ago
How does voice command work? I've never used mine on PS4.
uth11  +   359d ago
You either need a headset w/ mic or the playstation camera.

Then all you do is say "Playstation _______"
DunDee910  +   357d ago
Thanks. Weird, that I got disagree votes, but thanks to you sir.
Josh101  +   359d ago
I don't understand why Sony didn't put a mic AND speaker on the Dualshock 4 controller. The same way the PS Vita has it. It would have made a ton of sense. Could have easily implemented voice controls through that.
Nykamari  +   359d ago
I thought the same thing, I mean the controller has a speaker why not the Mic too. Oh well my Boise headset is fine.
T2  +   359d ago
It would be hard to put them far enough apart to avoid feedback I think but I wondered the same
ColeMacGrath  +   359d ago
It would probably consume more battery which would cause it to drain even faster unless there is a switch.
Conzul  +   359d ago
I think they missed the ones where you can now launch apps with voice.....or did that not happen yet? I haven't tried update.
uth11  +   359d ago
Weren't you able to launch apps with voice prior to this?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   359d ago
Yeah. There have only been 4 new voice commands added with the latest FW update i believe.
Bennibop  +   359d ago
You could not launch apps that were in tv and video option such at netflix, amazon and bbc etc
Conzul  +   359d ago
Not sub-tiled apps like IGN or Netflix.
Predaking77  +   359d ago
I like that PS4 doesn’t require a camera to use voice commands so people that doesn't want the camera are still able to use them.
Notramagama  +   359d ago
That ruins the point though for the most part. If you have to turn on a controller, voice commands lose the majority of their usefulness.
Predaking77  +   358d ago
That would be true if voice commands response is %100 accurate every time which on xbone is just %70 to %80.

So having the option to work with both voice commands and the controller is crucial.
bligmerk  +   359d ago
Let us not forget that there is still this unidentified connector next to the standard earplug jack. The voice command is really responsive, just say the command clearly. Sony are gradually rolling things out.
AceBlazer13  +   359d ago
Voice Commands are fun the first few times but the controller is still better.
Ol_Boy  +   358d ago
Voice commands are lame. It's so gimmicky. I guess it's good for the people who want them but I definitely won't be using any voice commands on my PS4. Pushing a button or two is way more efficient then speaking to a console lol.
SwiftArsonist  +   358d ago
the hypocrisy of the sony fanbase is with no bounds. after so much bashing of the kinect now you say voice commands are cool? makes you feel futuristic? you r the cancer of the gaming community

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