PS4 Firmware 1.70: All Four New Voice commands And Screenshots Revealed

Take a look a all four new voice commands and screens showing its working

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pwnsause_returns1180d ago

nice to see they keep adding new commands. hopefully devs follow suit and add them to their apps and games.

XtraTrstrL1180d ago

Cool, haven't used it much, but nice to know you can start recording and save the video with voice commands. That can really come in handy, especially since I noticed sometimes the "Press Square to save video" doesn't show up, or has a long delay to show up.

I really love SHAREfactory, and how fast it loads the clips, I do hope they add more FX and filters down the line though. Also, the regular PS4 video player should add the ability to quickly scroll forward/back with the touchpad like in SHAREfactory.

DunDee9101180d ago

How does voice command work? I've never used mine on PS4.

uth111180d ago

You either need a headset w/ mic or the playstation camera.

Then all you do is say "Playstation _______"

DunDee9101178d ago

Thanks. Weird, that I got disagree votes, but thanks to you sir.

Josh1011180d ago

I don't understand why Sony didn't put a mic AND speaker on the Dualshock 4 controller. The same way the PS Vita has it. It would have made a ton of sense. Could have easily implemented voice controls through that.

Nykamari1180d ago

I thought the same thing, I mean the controller has a speaker why not the Mic too. Oh well my Boise headset is fine.

T21180d ago

It would be hard to put them far enough apart to avoid feedback I think but I wondered the same

ColeMacGrath1180d ago

It would probably consume more battery which would cause it to drain even faster unless there is a switch.

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The story is too old to be commented.