May's Games With Gold Are Good...But They Need To Start Getting Better

Ricky from Twinfinite writes: "The Games With Gold for May on Xbox 360 are really, really good, but the time has come for Microsoft to step their game up and start bringing it to the Xbox One."

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3 p I c1570d ago

I believe there was already talk about Games with Gold going the same route of PS Plus.. I remember in an interview Phil Spencer mentioned it because he said that would be the only way Games with Gold will get quality games.

GearSkiN1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Man I have both ps plus and XBL, and they are both different for me coz xbox you get to have them even after you're not a gold member anymore, but the games on ps plus are great too for sure, just wish they bring something for XBone already... Ps4 is doing it, xbox need to catch up.

SpiralTear1570d ago

Really, these are great offerings. If you have Xbox Live Gold, these two games are great. There are really two problems here:

1. PS+ is still better. Dust and SR3 are awesome games that anyone should play and it shows that Games For Gold is improving. However, Instant Game Collection is still a much better value.

2. As with all of the other Games for Gold offerings, it's not enough of a selection. If you already own either of these games, that makes this month's value much less impressive.

amazinglover1570d ago

Quality of games aside (PS+ is better in my view)I think being able to keep the games is what is keeping games with gold from having brand new just released games like PS+. Would like to hear from a dev on what the get from MS or Sony to have there game as part of this service.

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