Amazing designed new PS Vita user interface

concept(video)PS Vita's user interface seems to annoy a lot of its owners basically because of the bubbles icons and its smartphone like appearence.So a Behance designer Rafal Czaniecki has designed an amazing new PlayStation Vita user interface.

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JMaine5181503d ago

This is nice. I wish they gave the ps vita xmb a overhaul

GeofferyPeterson1503d ago

Dang! Looks very streamlined, sleek, and sexy. Can't wait!

sinncross1503d ago

It is not official.
Its just a concept that this guy made:

Cant believe this site linked the video and made it sound like this was happening to the PSV...

sinncross1503d ago


it didnt say concept when I posted my message. (hence the poster above thinking it was a new update as the original title and youtube video states).

But I am glad to see you updated the title so prevent confusion.

randomass1711503d ago

Concept or not, it still is interesting.

NewGuy24431502d ago

Pending why is this still Pending

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The story is too old to be commented.