PlayStation survey hints at reputation system and other possible features

Sony’s latest PlayStation survey indicates that the company is planning to introduce a reputation system. The survey also highlights other features that Sony may be working towards. Some of the other features mentioned are invisibility, advanced matchmaking, ability to change PSN usernames and more.

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GraveLord1514d ago

PSN Username change? Yes please!

StockpileTom1514d ago

Oh hell yeah I want that! I would be willing to pay upto $20 for that (likely $40 as I retired my old ID so I would have to change the new one into some throwaway name and the original into the new name- all my purchases are still on the original)

xHeavYx1514d ago

I haven't received any survey, but I hope they don't do the reputation thing. Butthurt people would report others for no reason

fr0sty1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

You could balance that out by only having neg rep points count against you if you get a set number of them. Like every + rep point counting as a point, but only every 5 neg rep points counting as one point against you.

ShinMaster1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I want everything on the list.

But not so much the reputation system though, for reasons xHeavYx above mentioned and I don't think it's really necessary.

georgeenoob1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

First achievements, then party chat, now reputation system. You can thank MS.

SniperControl1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


Yes, we can also thank MS for pay walls and clueless xboy trolls like misterx and his followers.

ShinMaster1514d ago

@ georgeenoob

Xbox's existence. You can thank Sony.

PS3 has party chat. The only thing that kept CROSS-GAME party chat from happening on PS3 was RAM restrictions.

NeoTribe1514d ago

Easy there. I believe xbox allows you to change your name for 5 bucks or so, so there is no reason to fill sonys g-string with 20 or 40.

sic_chops1514d ago

@george games with gold? You can thank Sony. Even though it's not as good as plus.

StockpileTom1514d ago

As far as the pricing goes I suggested it being so high to discourage people constantly changing names but I suppose a hard limitation could work too.

UltimateMaster1514d ago

NO! NO! NO! No reputation system.
We don't need it, it's not necessary.
Even if it's to expose "cheaters" but ends up he's not cheating and he's just better than you. Then that badass gamer "Me" would get the worst reputation simply because I win and I'm not trash talking nor am I a sore loser.

Patrick_pk441514d ago

I would rather have the option of chaining it for free like Steam.

Pogmathoin1514d ago

Again, more innovation from Sony. Xheavy would report me, hes right, do not implement reputation....


We don't need reputation indeed, not even for cheaters nor anything like that, we already have the report user function, just like with PS3, for the important stuff. Let's try and not turn the friend list into a popularity contest... Trophy contest is bad enough, but at least it's something we can get why, it's game related.

Invisibility would be the one I'm the most interested in, specially for when you want to go undisturbed into those single player games that have online features, so simply going offline is not the best option.

I don't care so much about username change, but if it was major concern for someone, I guess you could simply create a facebook account with whatever name you want, sync it with your PSN ID and make your new facebook name available to everyone.

Chatting/totally syncronizing with PS3/Vita friends and the friend online notification I believe they would be working on anyway, those are some of the little things that should had been here day one (no big deal if they weren't, but it would be nice to have it). And speaking of things that should be here, where's MP3 and other media formats support? I'm not big on it, but plenty of people made it obvious how important this was for them back on launch.

scott1821513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


keep dancing in front of the Kinect thanking Sony who brought cameras to consoles for gameplay first.

On topic: I like the idea of changing my PSN id, that would be nice.

DOMination-1513d ago

I'm in the Underground zone on xbox and report people daily for lack of skill. Apart from ruining their rep stat it also means I don't play with them again.

abzdine1513d ago

i need to change the damn country in the acc manager.

Electroshocked1513d ago

Let me delete trophy lists for games that I regret playing, Free Realms' 0% being at the top of that list!

This is not the real world, I should be able to delete my mistakes!

toddybad1513d ago

Why on earth would you want to pay for the honour of simply changing your name?

MysticStrummer1513d ago

@george - Only one thing on your list (party chat) is worth half a damn, and MS didn't invent it.

TotalHitman1513d ago

Username change is needed. I made my current PSN account 7 years ago when I was 12. The name is embarrassing, but I won't make a new account, because I have PS+ and all my trophies.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1514d ago

where was this survey? email i need to check

blusoops1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Too bad they have to ask first if we want all these things. They should already be working on ALL of these things if u ask me. Of course some are more important than others but still.

xHeavYx1514d ago

What's wrong with consumer feedback? That way they don't end up adding stuff that most people don't want

Jubez1871514d ago


Such as 50+% of PS3's added features post launch. Image Gallery anyone?

Conzul1514d ago

I would love to be able to "break in" to someone's live stream based on my reputation, and let others "break" into mine based on theirs.
Like, I could set the threshold and anyone above it could join with a voice/video chat overlay right near my own. That would keep pervs/kids out and only let serious/smart/funny people pop up on my stream and say what they're thinking or just banter.

Maybe you could filter in based on what mood you're in. Like maybe you only want breakins from people who have been voted up for funny/thoughtful/helpful/etc.
Or maybe you join wanna spend a little time on the dark side and only allow in people who've been voted down for language/racism/inappropriate behavior to break in and weird you out for awhile.

That, I think, is the true meaning of "Share" and is very Next-Gen.

webeblazing1513d ago

yeah i thought ps4 already had these since ps4 gamers have to pay for online now.

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sonarus1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

What i want is a retutn of most of the ps3 features like youtibe app and more specifically streaming or some sort of music or video playback

Polock1514d ago

For Youtube, you can go to on the PS4 browser.

Its not a dedicated app but it is pretty much the PS3 Youtube app, and you can navigate using the d-pad so added bonus.

Thehyph1514d ago

You can remote pair with smart devices like the ps3 app, too.

Mr Pumblechook1514d ago

One question ask whether people want the ability to change a PSN username! Gamers have been asking for this for years. When the PS4 was released without ID changing I assumed it was impossible. Sony should get their skates on and get this working ASAP.

Evilsnuggle1514d ago

I hope they do I hate playing with screaming cursing children and teenage boys.

Prime1571514d ago

I Always preferred muting options as opposed to reputation. Reputation can be abused (if not implemented correctly, which they usually aren't), muting takes a quick second while you are respawning.

It's like the vote kick system... nothing like three or four friends Kicking you for literally nothing.

ScottyHoss1513d ago

Hey man I'm a teenager D: its the few that ruin it for the many, believe me, but I get where you're coming from

Matt6661514d ago

I hope that rep thing isn't brought in or you have 12 year old disliking you for doing better then them at BF4

XisThatKid1514d ago

what if they make it you can only "+"players and no neg and /or it resets over time like maybe month or your negative rep deminishes over time to a neutral this is how id go about it anyway.

AgitatedOcelot1514d ago

All I want is this, and better blu ray playback, and a blu ray remote.

Well and full ps 1 2 and 3 emulation would be pretty awesome. And external hard drive support. And good media playback. And mkv playback (yeah probably never gonna happen from sony).

ITPython1514d ago

I know I'll get major flack for this, but I don't like the idea of being able to change our usernames.

Just imagine if a ton of people on your friends list change their names, you could log in one day to find a bunch of unknown names on your list. I already know I have several friends who would change their names on a weekly basis, which would be a major PITA for me to try and remember who the heck they are.

Now if the name changing involved some kind of process, like calling Sony or only allowing 1 change, then that wouldn't be so bad cause people would only change their name if they felt it was absolutely necessary... rather than just changing their name based on their current mood. If it was too easy and not restricted, people would treat name-changing like PSN comments on the PS3.

dragon821514d ago

If I remember correctly the 360 allowed you to change your Gamertag for $5 once ever 6 months.

McScroggz1514d ago

You raise a very valid point. For me, if they made it so you can only change your name every so often (4-6 months?) and had an automatic message sent whenever a friend changed their name notifying you I think that would mitigate any confusion. Plus, if you do a friend name request that information wouldn't change.

I think it would be much more beneficial than hurtful.

rainslacker1513d ago

Could put their old name in parenthesis for people that have them on the list. Keep it stored that way for a set amount of time since I imagine the name will remain locked out to new users during that time.

incredibleMULK1514d ago

True!! About damn time. Psn japan has been able to change names. Hook it up Sony quit being so feable. That's all I want. Give us at least one free change.

ifistbrowni1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

psn username change? How sweet.... Only if it happened b4 ps4 launch.

My ps3 account (with 25 hard-earned platinum trophies) that i had since the launch of ps3 and had played on for years had gotten banned the day after ps4 launch because of an inappropriate name.

How inappropriate, you ask? i_fist_brown_i

When i called PSN to clear things up, the 2 people i had spoken to were confused and asked me about my name. The one guy had even admitted he didn't think it was inappropriate.

I know, I know. Whats the big deal? Well, i am a NHL Ultimate Team fan. I spent a lot of time collecting cards (and $30) to build my team, i had over 1,500,000 pucks (virtual currency from playing/selling) just to lose them all when i got banned. I lost all my trophies, my friend list, all multiplayer ranks and pretty much anything worth having an account for.

The only way to resolve this issue was to change my name, the sony person said. When i asked about keeping anything he said he wasn't allowed to allow that. So, i succumbed. I told him that the new name should match my xbox gamertag: Reason We Lost. After he said the issue was resolved and i could play again, i sign on my ps4.

The kicker, you ask? Well, my name is and continues to be i_fist_brown_i. I played a few multiplayer matches and then decided that it was B.S. and made a new account (since i was now unable to obtain trophies and still risked the chance of getting banned AGAIN over the same name sony neglected to change).

So, i lost all gaming related things that i cared about over nothing. I kept the same inappropriate name and was left without anything.

I practically got perma-banned by Sony over an objective thing. It's almost like a beauty is in the eye of the beholder thing... Was my name inappropriate? Depending on how you look at it. To many it would take a while to comprehend and even then it was only worth a giggle.

Sony's perma-ban policy over a name is B.S. With the name change, it will allow them other options. But, for me, its too late. Sony has pissed me off. I will remain a player on the ps4 console, but idt i'll ever forgive them and their stupid policy.

Microsoft had it right. Allowing a name change. It's free money for them, plus it helps their code of conduct.

Edit: I made my name when i was about 15 years old. Now, 22, the i_fist_brown_i name was odd and hard to explain to my adult friends. While it was still worth a giggle, it would've been nice to change and avoid all issues that i now have with Sony.

McScroggz1514d ago

That really sucks man. I'm sorry to hear that :/

My best friend had his account name banned on Xbox Live, though he didn't have the same investment you had in your PSN profile. His name is JC, and while I forget the specific origins one day his Halo: CE name was Jewcey. After years of it being fine (he rarely used a mic) one day he was seemingly randomly banned and had to change names.

I don't know if there is any chance in your situation getting rectified, but I hope things work out for you on that front.

_FantasmA_1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

George you're such a noob. Pay to use your own paid subscriptions and internets? Blame M$. You know those crappy free, Games with Old you're getting on the 3shiddy? Thank Sony. RROD? Thank M$. Gimped versions of games? Thanks M$.

And Neotribe, changing your name on Live was $10, unless they changed it. PSN does not need a reputation system because then I won't be allowed to be good in shooters anymore as my victims will report me just because I killed them.

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TheFallenAngel1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I really want the option where it shows when your friend log in or off like in the ps3. Also to automatically pause downloads when you go to Netflix instead of canceling my downloads.

KwietStorm1514d ago

It cancels your downloads when you turn on Netflix?

TheFallenAngel1514d ago

Yea only when you go to netflix. It gives an error and you have to re-download games or updates. Pretty annoying.

Faztkiller1514d ago

Mine gives an error but I can start them back up where they left off

LightningMokey1514d ago

It doesnt happen to me... You might want to check in on that.

kayoss1514d ago

What?? Something is wrong with your system bro. I have not run into this issue ever.

problemchild841514d ago

It may be caused by having NAT Type 3 internet connection.

I was having similar problems, my PS4 was saying that I might have trouble with certain online features with an NAT Type 3 connection unless I opened the appropriate ports on my router.

I fixed it and now works very well.

McScroggz1514d ago

I use Netflix a decent bit, so I don't think it's a universal problem for the PS4. I'd check the forums and see what's going on with your console :/

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123pol1514d ago

i want a better trophy system that works offline...

Speak_da_Truth1514d ago

if this features come especially the name change then i'll be really my old account has all my plats but da name is embarrassing lol

iSpeakTruth__1514d ago

I'd like an option to change the background/color on my PS4 menu

LackTrue4K1514d ago

They should just bring back the themes they had in the PlayStation 3

"I miss my limited edition KillZone 3 theme!!