Sucker Punch Working On Frame Limit Option For inFamous:Second Son,Looking Into Changing Time of Day

GearNuke: "While inFamous: Second Son might have been released officially, Sucker Punch Production haven't stopped supporting the game post-launch yet. They are releasing weekly updates for the game's Paper Trail mission, and also releasing patches for fixing various issues/bugs experienced by the people. Since inFamous: Second Son runs at an unlocked frame rate, one of the requested feature was to limit the frame rate, just like Killzone: Shadow Fall. Sucker Punch have acknowledged this issue and confirmed that they are working on getting it in the game."

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GarrusVakarian1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Nice to see them listening to fan feedback. Before the game was released, i was one of those guys asking for a 30fps cap/lock, but after actually playing it, it's really not bad at all. Very smooth. A little stuttering in places but 99% of the time it feels very smooth and responsive to play. Not quite 60fps smooth, but definitely more than 30.

But i would definitely like the option to change the time of day. If not dynamic, then maybe the ability to change it via the options menu? I would probably alternate between mid-day and night time, i like the lighting and the way the game looks at both of those times of day the most.

DarkLordMalik1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

The day/night stuff is really strange. After finishing the game, we might be randomly stuck with any of the one time of the day. Like in one of my save, i got daytime while in another, i got night. So it is strange and random. But the game is so beautiful, a dynamic day/night cycle would have done it the justice it deserves.

Edit: No, it is not permanent, but random. Good Karma = Daytime and Evil Karma = Mid-day for me. So i dunno.

GarrusVakarian1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I think good karma end game time is permanent mid-day and evil karma end game is dusk/night? I don't think it's random.

Correct me if im wrong though.

Edit: Oh really? It must be random then....unless there are certain choices or things throughout the game that affect the end game time of day. Who knows....

UltimateMaster1487d ago

I don't know about frame rate in Infamous, I never had any problems with frame rate at all.
But I guess if it is "optional"
If it is optional, why not give the option of 900p 60fps? While they're at it.

ZodTheRipper1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

It's not random at all, good/evil karma endings simply have presets. The good preset at bright daylight is perfect while the evil one at noon is simply boring and makes the city & sky look bland.



But we need an option to choose between the 8 presets via menu after beating the game ...I want to play at night.

Tempest3171487d ago

I'm pretty sure the time of day is permanent, not random after the story...I've got my 2 save games (good/evil), and I am pretty sure theyve both been in the same time of day since I completed each one.

Conzul1487d ago

I like how in inFamous 2 the time of day changed everytime you died, but only if the main story was already over.

andrewsqual1487d ago

I just love how the PS4 with this game and along with KZ Shadow Fall and Knack ended up refusing to do slowdown and output them at even higher FPS than projections. Can't wait to see what other games will be like over the next 7 years ^_^

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iTehDroiD1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Correct me if I am wrong Lukas but appearently you are on 24/7 :D. In every news the first comment is yours :D

Back to topic: A fps lock option would be awesome. I experience some judder about every 10 seconds in the game. It's not gamebreaking at all and you hardly notice it while playing normally, but when you are running through the streets to look at all the beautiful visuals, it's a little bit annoying tbh.

GarrusVakarian1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

As im human and can't stay awake 24/7, i regret to inform you that you are indeed wrong. How exactly would it affect your life even if i were here 24/7? Concentrate on your own life please, Mr :)

On topic: I hardly ever notice it unless i do a special move, outside of those it rarely dips low enough for me to notice it and certainly doesn't take anything away from the game.

Now, if you want to see framerate drops, find the monorail tram and ride on top of it. You get some pretty good pics on top of those things, but the framerate dips a lot.

GuruMeditation1488d ago

Frame judder every ten seconds? I'm particularly susceptible to frame-rate issues, but I've noticed nothing that bad in ISS... Quite the opposite in fact.

iTehDroiD1487d ago

24/7 was just an exaggeration. Of course you don't stay on 24 hours a day, it was just a joke, because I saw you posting a lot of first comments recently. ;)

GarrusVakarian1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


No offence taken mate ;)

iTehDroiD1487d ago

you only notice the judder if you really pay attention. Than i experience a minor judder about every 10 seconds while running through the streets. As I said nothing that really affects the game. I would just love to see an fps lock option. You hardly or never notice the judder while playing normally. And with judder I mean just

Prime1571487d ago

The only real fps problems I've had is during neon's d-pad down move... prettiest. thing. EVA!

can't think of the name right now....

ZodTheRipper1487d ago

^It's called Radiant Sweep and that's also the only time I noticed any framerate drops after beating the game twice ...for like 2 seconds and only if there's lots of stuff on screen.

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Tempest3171487d ago

I want to clarify, my two saves are both in different times of day. What I was saying is that the time of day has not changed since I completed the game in each save.

ITPython1487d ago

I would welcome the choice to choose the time of day, that and dynamic options would be awesome!

One annoying thing I have noticed since I finished the game is that in the second part of the city (may happen in the first part too) is that there is quite a few areas where the screen gets all hazy looking, like there is a heavy fog around Deslin (although it isn't fog). It stinks because instead of the game looking crystal clear everywhere I go, it has this annoying bloom/haze on more areas of the map than I would like.

I finished the game as a hero, and based on the angle of the sun it is around 10/11 AM or so and the city is very bright (best looking of all the times IMO, aside from the annoying haze anomaly).

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incendy351488d ago

I would actually love a 60fps option at a lower resolution.

incendy351488d ago

Why? The powers would be so smooth! 60fps is like butter. 30fps always feels constrained.

FriedGoat1488d ago

I have an 80+ inch screen. The game runs damn smooth as it is, but anything under 1080p looks like turd on a screen this size.

FriedGoat1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )


Irishguy951488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Agree 60FPS >>> 1080p. One actually affects the quality of the gameplay. Especially in one as quick paced as second son...

Ah, options are always better. PC is better

Thehyph1488d ago

Sounds like a cork sniffer to me.

FunAndGun1487d ago

Playing inFAMOUS on PC is not an option though. :|

GarrusVakarian1488d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I would normally agree with you, but not with this game/genre.

In open world games, i prefer clarity and image quality to 60fps and lower res. Of course on PC you can have both, but alas, these are only consoles so limitations have to be taken into account. If it's not first person then i have no problem with 30fps. But anything fast paced and first person, i would gladly sacrifice res for framerate.

Hicken1487d ago

Seems like you would love if the game failed, based on your other comments.

It's smooth enough as is, and the higher resolution makes all those particle effects stand out much more than they would with a higher framerate instead.

MidnytRain1487d ago

I don't understand the problem in giving people a choice. If he himself wanted to bump down the resolution for a higher frame rate, that's a non-issue for anyone who doesn't.

Rimeskeem1487d ago

Do you play on Xbox or something?

Jk jk

But you don't need 60fps on a tps it might look a little bit nicer but is rather have those amazing graphics then 60fps

AceBlazer131487d ago

Thats you,i did not go out and get a 1080p tv to view anything lower.

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SourShoes1488d ago

I haven't noticed a "judder" as DF says, just an occasional slight slow down. It certainly isn't "annoying." Thankfully, my eyes aren't trained to see tearing and other small anomalies like some.

Dynamic time of day would definitely be awesome as well as a 30 hz lock. Good thing I'm taking my time with this game because I don't see anything great coming out until Watch_Dogs, Wolfenstein, or The Show. I got to Fetch and haven't played it in a week.

OT: Plus, I downloaded KoA: Reckoning on the PS3 during EA's flash sale. That game is great! I don't know how it flew under my radar.

HeavenlySnipes1487d ago

If you had PS+ a couple months back you could have got it for free

SageShinigami1487d ago

+1 for someone else enjoying Reckoning. That game was a lot of fun.

MRMagoo1231487d ago

I loved that game too got it free on PSN , the only thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the bug that it had , im not sure if all owners got it but when ever i had a loading screen in a city it would do the whole entering the city for the first time cinematic, like entering a house then coming back out would trigger it. Annoyed the living heck out of me but i still loved the game.

P.S Also the DLC i bought never turned up in my chest no matter what i did , logging in and out , uninstalling it and installing it again .....nothing.

nunley331487d ago

I enjoyed playing Amular also when i recieved it as a ps plus game. I need to re-download this sometime and finish it. I recently started Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen,another plus title is really good too.

ufo8mycat1488d ago

Hmm not sure what the point of a frame limit option for this game is.

The game was silky smooth throughout for me.

Master-H1488d ago

You you, give us smooth!

Oldman1001487d ago

I think it could help keep the remote play experience as consistent as possible since it's only limited to 30fps.

candy_mafia1488d ago


Same, I never experienced any frame rate issues and I played the game twice over.

Whatever, it's encouraging to see they are listening and responding to feedback :)

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