Rise of Magic – a new Tower Defence game from indie developer

Rise of Magic is a brand new online game that will please the fans of Tower Defence games with its features.

The game is being made by indie developer Vlad Pochezhertsev, who has been already making it for more than one year. Right now, the game is in the process of collecting votes for the Steam Greenlight (

The game itself is a mixture of Tower Defence and social RPG. The goal of the players is successful completion of the different game levels. One of the game features is pleasant graphics and vast, large-scale locations. Between the levels, players will develop their home village, acquire different talents and learn new recipes for their chosen profession.

“There are three codependent professions in the Rise of Magic” – says the author. For example, item production will often require goods made by players with other professions. Players may buy these goods from other players or sell them via in-game marketplace.

Acquiring new talents will also be important, as some of them are active skills for the towers – like temporary increase in damage or attack speed. In future, the interplay of different talent trees will allow author to add cooperative mode into the game. Such mode will add variety to the gameplay while also making it more challenging.

There are also plans to add PvP battles, where players with different talent sets and different tower loadouts will compete. Tower loadouts will also influence gameplay, as they allow player to use his profession in new different ways: like imbuing arrows with different types of damage or using new spells from mage tower.

The game is scheduled to be released in Fall 2014 for all major platforms: PC, Mac, Linux.

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XiSasukeUchiha1733d ago

Looks nice, coming to consoles in the future hope!