Women's football is something EA "would love" to do

"Ladies football in itself is something that we often discuss here," Prior told Gamereactor, "as it is growing. There's certain key territories where it's massive. In the US they're real stars over here, the ladies team. In Canada it's big, I think in Germany it's pretty big. So it's definitely on the rise and it's something that we - time and resources allowing - would love to get in."

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1591d ago

make fifa for women's keep away from the actual fifa game

SilentNegotiator1591d ago

Frankly, its a sport that could manage being bi-gender.

3-4-51591d ago

Two Options:

* Include it in Fifa & could help boost sales because more female gamers might want to play it, especially female soccer/football fans.

* If it gets it's own game, it's just not going to sell as well as anybody wants. It just won't, there aren't enough soccer loving, console video game playing women out there for this game to sell anything over 500,000 copies.

I do think though, that NOW is the right time for a female soccer game to exist though. Support for the US Women's team has never been higher and if they want to gain more exposure for their sport it could only help.

WeAreLegion1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Include it in FIFA. It might even help kickstart it in countries that don't have a women's league.

candy_mafia1591d ago

...and you jus earned ya'self a Bubblelicious :))

WeAreLegion1591d ago

Well, thanks! A bubble for you, too!

Mikefizzled1591d ago

I completely agree with you Legion. Problem is there potential pitfalls in the idea. One word. Sexism. There is no way you can appease both sides of the argument when your giving players subjective numerical values. Is Manuel Neuer better than Nadine Angerer? Yes. But they are the best goalkeepers of each gender. Do they deserved to be ranked same? I don't know as this is where one problem lies.

liquidhalos1591d ago

I think its a good idea, if EA spent more time playing womens football they would have less time to develop buggy games. /jk

SteamPowered1591d ago

That might be hitting a Niche Market there. I can think of quite a few sports games that they should invest in first. *Ahem, Boxing for one*

Psychotica1591d ago

Women's American Football would be fun too (Lingerie League )

MaxwellBuddha1591d ago

When I saw the phrase "women's football" that's the first thing that came to mind, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.