The Indie Game Console May Already Be Dead

Sean Hollister of The Verge writes: "Last year, I predicted that the rising tide of Android gaming would raise all boats — that indie game consoles like the Ouya, the Shield, and the Gamestick could mount a challenge against Xbox and PlayStation because of all the attention they were getting as a whole. Sadly, it looks like I was wrong. This week, the leader of the indie console charge is standing down."

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caseh1510d ago

'Ouya sought to bottle the magic of indie game development'

Instead they took a stack of cash then took a dump on it. Game Over, insert credit to continue.

Paulie_gualtieri1510d ago

Should of released around 2011/2012 at the peak of last gen console fatigue.Why they decided to quietly launch during the mad frenzy of xbox one/PS4 is something i will never understand.

curtis921509d ago

I think what sold a LOT of people, including myself, is how they emphasized the importance of a controller & a TV. When the kickstarter launched for OUYA, at that time I was convinced next gen was going to be a gimmicky mess with far more emphasis on motion controls and casual gaming than ever before so they sold me on the idea of OUYA with their pitch. Problem for me was the hardware was far too weak, even for small indie games, and that Sony came out and announced the PS4 which totally won me over instantly. Making OUYA irrelevant.

Agent_00_Revan1509d ago

What sold me was it could be a $100 XBMC Media Streaming device. But like you said, the hardware is too weak, many movies won't play. And there are some audio formats it can't handle, causing another chunk of my library to not play.

I'm ready to get rid of it.

SteamPowered1509d ago

It was a terrible idea from the start. Playing Cell phone games on your TV wouldnt appeal to very many people.

MatrixxGT1509d ago

Good read. Some people like to hate on certain brands for whatever reason but reality it the console business is a very hard business to break into.

Imo I knew this would flop from the get go. I'd also like to stop hearing how mobile chipsets are going to become sooooo powerful that it could make consoles redundant. Hasnt that been the case since tegra 1 was announced, yet here we are 4 years later still singing "wait till x chip comes out" tune.

They just don't get it. The money from android gaming is from the extremely casual players that probably don't own a console or have interest in it, they like candy crush etc. The hardcore isn't going to spend 10-15 $ on a console quality game for their phone that still doesn't have physical buttons. Maybe mobile controllers will fix that but that remains to be seen.

ShowGun9011509d ago

i have one of the moga pocket bluetooth controllers for my s4, and it makes my snes and n64 games AWESOME! buttons are too small, but now im just being picky lol. being able to just throw it in my bag and play snes anywhere is just too awesome. i havent tried it with any android market games, although it says that it will work with GTA san andreas... really need to let go of that $6 and try it LOL!

MatrixxGT1509d ago

If a mainstream mobile controller was released I could get into more mobile games. I will wait for an official google play controller or whatever apples got cooking with their rumored larger iphone screen. I just don't want a hodgepodge of workarounds. I have a expired S4 im holding onto just for this.

ShowGun9011509d ago

EXACTLY! they need one controller that will be MANDATORILY compatible with ALL google play or AppStore games! if you put it on our store, it'll work with this controller. like the steam controller. good luck with that though LOL!

I'd buy it!

HighResHero1509d ago

People that say that (your second paragraph) don't understand the limitations of "mobile" tech or the fact that PC/console tech continues to evolve too without as many restrictions.

I give the author credit for admitting he was wrong while so many other people are just jumping onto the next hype train.

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