What the Opened Up OUYA Storefront Means For Gaming

Hardcore Gamer - Earlier this week, OUYA’s CEO Julie Uhrman announced that the company’s Discover storefront would be opened up for other devices. The idea of writing an extended piece on that was appealing, but seemed a bit like declaring a fire when only a small puff of smoke was visible. In making this decision, they decided that the devices that get the OUYA’s storefront will have a minimum standard of hardware to meet. She compared this to the Kindle setup where you’ve got a program called a Kindle that can work in many devices, as well as the core Kindle devices that are made with that program in mind. The first announced device that will take advantage of this will be the MadCatz MOJO.

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ValKilmer1656d ago

It means that now people can not pay attention to the Ouya on every console!

LennyLovespuds1656d ago

I love when new competition hits the market with fresh ideas and approach to gaming. I really do. But the fact that the big three, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, have such a grip on the market with money and third party support. Your comment couldn't be more true.

On an unrelated note. Ouya.. how do you even pronounce that shit anyway?

SnakeCQC1656d ago

The lack of the google playstore was always going to be this devices downfall. They originally planned for annual 100 dollar devices but the lack of demand(you can buy a used ps3 for that price) led to this. It's pronounced oo-ya.

3-4-51655d ago

OUYA tried to be something it couldn't be. It needed a more defined space within the market.

I'm glad we are getting to play some of the better games that were released on it though.

Elronza1656d ago

Great article and as an Nvidia Shield owner I am never going back to traditional consoles and handhelds again when android devices offer far more value!

SilentNegotiator1655d ago

They should have done this from the start. Then at least some of the copycat devices might have ran on the Ouya storefront.