Infamous: Second Son Dev Talks Sequel and DLC

The game director of Infamous: Second Son has talked about the future of the franchise, as well as revealed that DLC is being created for the upcoming game.

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GraveLord1476d ago

The fact they're even making DLC means they expect the game to be successful. I'm glad.

darthv721476d ago

my son and i loved the first 2. Cant wait to play this one.

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GarrusVakarian1476d ago

If the DLC is anything like the 'Festival of Blood' DLC for Infamous 2 in terms of quality, then it will be great. That was some really unique, unexpected DLC.

kingdom181476d ago

Sucker Punch has had an excellent run with its games, see no reason as to why they wouldn't consider a sequel already. I wonder what they will do after inFamous. They went from a stealth platformer to an action adventure (well from what i've experienced from them), I will love what ever they cook up next.

HeavenlySnipes1476d ago

I just hate that the Cole's legacy missions are exclusive preorder bonuses

I don't even have my PS4 yet but I might have to preorder the game and have it sitting there until I get one -__-

Zefros1476d ago

I just hope they release cole's legacy later on, have pre order on regular edition.