Payday 2 has pulled Starbreeze Studios out of a 15 year financial loss

The Sales of Payday 2 have Single handedly reversed a 15 year financial loss, in one fiscal quarter

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pwnsause_returns847d ago

in a good way towards a certain point.

15 years in the red, any other company would sell themselves before then...

ThanatosDMC847d ago

Great game and lots of awesome updates.

Majin-vegeta847d ago

See DEVS if you make good games people will be inclined to buy them.

Dark11847d ago

Sadly that is not true .. look at PlatinumGames.

zeal0us847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

Overall majority of PG's games are good(or at least score well) but their biggest problem is either platform choice or marketing. Having people cosplay at gaming events is great but the average consumer don't go to these events.

For the eight games they've develop I hardly seen any ads of them that are out. I just now found out that Infinite Space existed.

sinspirit847d ago


I think he is saying that they do make good games. But, they aren't selling and the great games for Wii U and coming out for it are also not selling the system as much as they should be.

SlavisH2847d ago

so there will be payday 3

Aces17847d ago

I hope so. I really liked Payday 2 and their is certainly a lot of things to be improved upon and added.

Rivitur847d ago

Not for a while Starbreeze signed a 2 year contract with Overkill to support Payday 2.

kryteris847d ago

Makes me wonder how much sony offered them to put this on ps +.

FamilyGuy847d ago

That was the first Payday.
It was such a good game that it generated interested in the second, that hype contributed greatly to the sales of Payday 2.

Goro847d ago

Payday 2 was free for US PlayStation Plus members in February.

Seraphim847d ago

Never had any interest but looks like I should have downloaded it. After watching the trailer and a couple videos.... looks like a blast.

FamilyGuy847d ago

I thought the second was just on discount, I know the first was on PS+ like a year ago.

1nsomniac847d ago

All because of good pricing on digital versions, continued substantial support after release & free as well as paid DLC options.

Other developers take note!!

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The story is too old to be commented.