Destiny Set to Improve Further Graphically; Beta Testers Allowed to Stream, May Play a Role in Story

Looks like what you saw so far of Destiny is just the beginning, as Bungie gave a few interesting tidbits of information today on the game and the beta.

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Majin-vegeta1210d ago

Cant wait to play the beta :D

Abriael1210d ago

Possibly in two months :D

Which you'd know if you read the article :P

Oh_Yeah1210d ago

I doubt 50% of n4g users actually read most articles. Lol. Just click and say shit based on the title.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1210d ago

I only read the quotes. I figured any important info like that would have been mentioned there. But thanks!

alexkoepp1209d ago

Bungie did great graphics for halo 1, everything else has been okay, I'm not expecting amazing graphics from destiny, and nor should anyone else.

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TheOmniGamer1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Can't wait for this game, Bungie have a special place in my heart and I've been dying to see what Bungie could achieve with their creative freedom and the more I hear about Destiny, the more excited I get.

Illionaire1210d ago

I can't wait to play this on PS4, many hours will be lost to this game. Everytime I see it, it keeps looking better and better.

Keith Olbermann1210d ago

Same here. This and infamous are two games I so want. Witcher 3 is up there too.

GW2121210d ago

Looks like a multiplat Halo. As a former XB360 guys that went to PS4, that's a good thing. Now I won't miss anything!

headblackman1210d ago

they are on xbox one, xbox 360, ps3 and ps4. not just ps4.

GW2121210d ago

Look up the definition of multiplat (multiplatform). We all good? Cool.

liquidhalos1210d ago

He clearly said it was a multiplat, no need to get so defensive

Nicxel1209d ago

GW212 could have structured his statement better haha so there's less confusion :P

Docknoss1210d ago

So far this post is the most ignorant post reply to this article.

Team_Litt1210d ago

TitanFall, Destiny and Halo 5 possibly this year. It is nice to have options as a fan of the sci-fi shooter genre. Will likely end up buying all three down the road.

Ck1x1210d ago

Just a week and a half till Titanfall...
Destiny, Titanfall, The Division and The Crew are the only games that interest me for these consoles.

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