PS4 is Selling so Much Faster than PS3, PS2 and PS1 that it’s Not Even a Competition

With 5.3 million sold through to customers, it’s a given by now that the PS4 is selling very fast, faster than its predecessors, but how much faster? Quite a lot.

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mewhy321675d ago

Wow. This thing is selling like hotcakes. Still hard to find stock on shelves. any wanting the xbone shouldn't have any problem finding them. I see them everywhere.

Tony-A1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

As soon as I saw the milestone it had reached, I knew this wasn't gonna be just some mild success for Sony...

Over 5 million units? Sold THROUGH? The PS4 hasn't even been available in both NA and EU for THREE MONTHS. Less than three months and it hasn't even launched in its home country?

Those figures are unfathomable. It managed to reach the sales figures of Nintendo's newest console from 2012 in under 90 days.

Think about that.

On another note, every generation has had at least one console reach the 100 Mil Club since the 5th generation (PSOne, PS2, Wii). I think it's safe to say that one of these consoles will do the same this generation. The question is... how fast? The PS2 broke records when it became the fastest to reach that figure after close to 6 years on the market. With the PS4 selling faster than Sony's - and the industry's - most successful console in history, it's making for a really entertaining story.

I haven't even bought my PS4 yet! Waiting for inFamous: SS but, to be honest... I might not be able to wait another whole month.

abzdine1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

doesn't matter if there is no competition.
PS1 and PS2 had no competition but still managed to be 2 of the best consoles ever made.

it's actually a good thing that devs focus their strengths and ressources on the most powerful console.

ABizzel11675d ago



Ooooooh kill em, Ooooooh kill em.

For those who don't know.

amiga-man1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

The only thing holding back the PS4 is Sony simply not being able to make them fast enough,

if they continue selling at this rate 3rd party games will have no choice but to focus efforts on the PS4 and it will only make it increasingly difficult and certainly a lot more expensive for M$ to pay for timed exclusivity

M$ could not have messed things up more for xone if they had sat down and planned it.

Irishguy951675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Both the Ps4(more so) and X1 are completely destroying previous gen sales.

Well, besides the Wii, but that doesn't really count, as it was a once off casual workout tool

Joey_Leone1675d ago

Gamers have spoken with their wallets.

darthv721675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Great news for sony and the PS4. Lets all think positive. We have heard how the wii-u was selling faster than the wii in its initially launch and how the xb1 was selling faster than 360 when it launched.

but this is sony so there is potential for it to sustain that launch momentum. Quick out of the gate is one thing but it has to have lasting power to stay in the lead and so far its looking that way.

on a side note, I would encourage everyone who eventually gets their PS4 to consider picking up a secondary system like a wii-u or xb1. its good to play the field especially when there are games on both that you wont be able to play on PS4 and vice versa. Next gen FTW.

Axios21675d ago

Interesting looking at the list.

To put things in perspective, it also means the X1 is selling much better than the PS1, PS2, and PS3.

Withdreday1675d ago

Console war? What console war? This thing is FINISHED.

I knew it from the start.

Guwapo771675d ago

Xsilver and Abizzel - thank you for putting me on to that video. That was funny as all hell.

*Back on topic - Amazing to see the numbers of the launch consoles. It goes to show I wasn't the only dumbass waiting in line for the PS1 and 2. PS3 and it was too expensive so I didn't have any problems going to the store and buying one. and PS4 I saw the writing on the wall when they debuted it, I went right to Amazon and pre-ordered it. Hell of a product Sony - now just redesign the rubbers on the DS4's thumbsticks.

Giul_Xainx1674d ago

I'm going to make a bet for bragging rights that PS4 will hit 10 million units by the end of march.

UltraNova1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

And whats even more interesting is the fact that nearly all those sales are authentic.

Let me explain. Of the 10 million initial/launch xbox 360's sold how many of those where an one time buy and not a replacement for bricked units (RROD @ 40-50% rate)?

Even the PS3 had 8-10% failure rate during launch!

Looks like a truly successful console launch this time around!

zeee1674d ago

ps4 is selling "Faster than condoms on Valentine's day"!!

gaffyh1674d ago

But who buys hotcakes any more...


doolin_dalton1674d ago


You're right. However, that point seems to be lost among all the high fiving and chest thumping going on around here.

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TomShoe1675d ago

LOL yeah right. Hotcakes wish they sold like PS4s.

Abriael1675d ago

Lol that was a funny one.

but true.

AsimLeonheart1675d ago

lol. Soon people will be saying "God damn! It is selling like PS4s!" whenever a product sells good.

thebudgetgamer1675d ago

Man, I got to get into the hotcake business.

TwistedMetal1675d ago

yep so many people to play online with already. no one is playig games online on xbox one because no one owns that system. ps4 mp is the new king.

Cra2yey31675d ago

You have an awesome name there Sir.

Necro_5591675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Except thats not true. I just tested COD and more people are playing on X1 then PS4. So right there, your wrong. And people do own the system. MS hasnt given any new numbers but we can guess its sold in the 4 millions now. So...... You could replace X1 with the PS4 in the title of this article and it would still be true. The fact is, both systems are massively successful so far. Its fanboys like you that distort the facts.

sAVAge_bEaST1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I bought the ps4 @ launch, specifically for BF4.

I'm glad that it has the largest online community (on console's) .. also the xbone looks like a ghost town, imagine after Titan Fall drops.

G20WLY1675d ago

^Necro, there are almost 3 times as many people on BF4 on PS4 (60k+) than XBone (20k+).

Boody-Bandit1675d ago


I have both consoles (PS4 & X1) and GHOST for both. I have played on both consoles in the same day several times over and usually there are more people playing GHOST on the PS4 than X1. Only once did I see a higher number of X1 players and it was only by a couple thousand.

XBL & PSN GT - BoodyBandit

BattleTorn1675d ago


add me too! PSN: Battle_Torn GT: Battle Torn

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Magicite1675d ago

3months since release and generally out of stock worldwide, thats something!

Retroman1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I'm a Sony fan but im waiting on next week article lie.

"MS miraculously caught up with PS4 sales" 6 million sold.

that'll be the day.

kayoss1675d ago

Hot cakes are no longer selling like "hot cakes" because of that damn Atkins diet and gluten free crap. Hot cakes market dropped dramatically. We need to come up with a new term for how fast ps4 are selling.

kingmushroom1675d ago

Its selling like .... in n out burgers!

PsylentKiller1675d ago

I need to back to Cali. In & Out Burger is the best. There's nothing like it in New York. But if I go to Cali, I'll miss the pizza.
On topic,I think more people own PS4s than Xbox ones but more importantly there may be more people that own both consoles than those who only own the Xbox One.
If that is true,MIT may explain why more copies of multiplats are sold for the PS4 besides the fact that there have been more PS4s sold.

I also think that if MS struck a deal with all publishers to sell all there games at a maxi um of $50, they could probably push quite a few more consoles.

iceman061674d ago

They are selling like gluten free, organic, non-animal tested, non-specific soy based food items that resemble hotcakes?!?! LOL

zeee1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Selling "Faster than condoms on Valentine's day"!!

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assdan1675d ago

Let's hope these sales keep up! The ps4 could hit 15 million this year!

TheHybrid1675d ago Show
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Mikelarry1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Wait till it launches in Japan those numbers are gonna be crazy

DanielGearSolid1675d ago

They're so lucky to be getting Yakuza at launch

DCfan1675d ago

Doubtful. There is just Yakuza and Natural Doctrine to attract the japanese.

G20WLY1675d ago

MGS Ground Zeroes comes out in a few weeks and will sustain launch momentum in Japan.

Alstor_H2O1675d ago

I don't think Japan's numbers are going to be as high as people are expecting. I think it's more or less 250k for opening week and 1-1.5 million in the opening month.

WeAreLegion1675d ago

We don't know how many PS4's Sony gave Amazon yet. I'm guessing about 500k for opening week.

Platinum_k1675d ago

You dont know that. It's the home base of Sony.

Japan has 1/3 the population of States.

We already know States sold over 1 million in one day.

We are definitely looking at +333k units sold in ONE DAY!

Predicting it will sell ONLY around 250K in the OPENING WEEK may prove you are a Microsoft Fanboy. Idiotic.

Platinum_k1675d ago

WeAreLegion - Amazon has consistently been sold out since Nov.

I have been trying to order one since then.

ape0071675d ago

happy to see gaming grow this big,happy to see gaming take its deserved place and be one of the huge leading parts on entertainment

Mikelarry1675d ago

Same I say in your faces to those industry naysayers who were predicting doom and gloom for console gaming

Stick891675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

When people say "Mobile gaming will kill console gaming". I just look at what the mobile gaming scene is (the new Dungeon Keeper anyone?) and laugh.

starchild1675d ago

It's a great success for Sony and it's also a fantastic sign of health for the gaming industry.

Ruggadagod1675d ago

Yeah it's pretty much over for Wii-U and Xbone.


ger23961675d ago

I wouldn't write off either of those consoles just yet. Nintendo has some great games coming and Microsoft has titanfall. Not that they'll catch Sony, but it should give them a nice bump.It's a win for the entire gaming industry.

Necro_5591675d ago

Do you idiots event think about what your saying? Take the title of this artilce "ps4 is selling so much faster than ps3 ps2 and ps1 that its not even a competition#selcomment" and replace PS4 with Xbox 1 and it would still be true. The fact is both systems are massively successful. MS hasnt given any new numbers but we can bet that its in the 4 millions now. The fact that its in only half of the territories of the PS4, $100 more, released 2 weeks later and the shit they went through. Thats a massive success. The fact is, and i know you fanboys hate facts, both systems are massive success SO FAR. This is a long game. The X1 is nothing like the Wii U. It took the X1 2 months to sell what the Wii U sold in close to a year. So no, it isnt the same and just because you say it that way, doesnt make it true.

ShwankyShpanky1675d ago

Since MS announced 3mil sold at the end of 2013, you're suggesting they sold 1mil in a month and a half? Even though Jan NPD suggests they only moved about 150k in the US? Mm-kay.

"half the territories"

Yet all the major Xbox markets are represented.

"released 2 weeks later"

Actually, it was only one week later, and that was only in North America. Rest of the world got PS4 one week after the Xbox.

2pacalypsenow1675d ago

Much sales,Such Greatness WOw