It's downloadable but I'm not content

PS Nation | I did something recently that I haven’t done in a long, long time. I went into a high-street store and purchased a game. This is something I used to do quite a lot (too much, in fact) and that this retailer still stocked games, and other merchandise like CD’s, suggested other people are still doing it and it can’t just be people like me who were too late to order online for next day delivery.

As I left the shop I was reminded of how it used to feel to buy games, back when you literally got what you paid for.

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BaconBits1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Even when games moved to CD I felt kind of annoyed since like now you where essentially paying for data on the disk not really the disk itself. Cartridges you felt like more substance - casing, chips inside, etc. I know essentially it is all the same and cartridges where just too expensive to produce. Download content does not bother me unless it is needed to make up for the core game. I mean back in the N64 day we played many hours of Goldeneye and how cool would it have been to buy a few more maps instead of waiting for a sequel that could be not as good (PerfectDark). My main beef is paying the exact same price for games online as off the shelf (not including steam). I would be happy with even $5 off since I can't even lend it to my brother to try or trade it in. those simple facts should be enough incentive for them to sell for a bit less since there would not be any used games sales to cut into their profit. IDK just my opinion.