Rockstar is seeking an animator, New project under development

BehindGames Writes: New Bully game or new Red Dead is under development or a next gen Agent?

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GdaTyler1414d ago

When is Agent coming? It's reached Last Guardian status.

AnEwGuY1414d ago

Agent is vapor's best you forget they ever announced it.

porkChop1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

No it isn't. One of Rockstar's developers had listed on his LinkedIn that the game had started active development as of 2012. It's coming, and guaranteed it will be released on PS4 rather than PS3. It's going to be Rockstar's big push into next gen.

AnEwGuY1414d ago

Oh, well, if ONE of R*'s several HUNDRED employees has it listed on his Linkedln page, then it MUST be true. LOL....

Agent20091414d ago

OMG, just shut up guys. I will come out sooner or later. Patience.

LinkOnABoat1414d ago

At least we have seen something of TLG though. Agent is dead and gone if you ask me. Still,Rockstar owe Sony a game so who knows.

TheOrder18861414d ago

Agent copyright name has been refreshed in 2013.

titans99991414d ago

Who cares about Agent, bring on the next Red a Dead!

--bienio--1414d ago

whatever it is as long as it on Pc as wl😃

TheOrder18861414d ago

Agent will be PS4 exclusive.

Agent20091414d ago

I wish it was a Wii U exclusive, just to laugh at your stupid PS4-fanboy disappointed mouth.

adorie1414d ago

Agent2009, you really should stop laboring in the salt mines.

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gedapeleda1414d ago

Just sent out an aplication

mafiahajeri1414d ago

Good luck, I hope you don't get the job.

gedapeleda1414d ago

Although I don't qualify in many ways

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