Rust Cheat Fixes Coming Soon

The alpha version of survival game Rust has more than its fair share of cheaters. Designer Garry Newman says that stopping these cheats are a "huge priority" for the development team at Facepunch Studios.

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KrisButtar1600d ago

Are they trying to use the words cheaters and anti-cheat solutions instead of piracy and DRM? That's what it sounded like to me.

Is the Alpha not free on Steam and is it not available to everyone? Who pirates a free game or am I missing some info.

annus1600d ago

You buy the game in early access, and you play along as they develop the game, same as how Minecraft was.

And they mean cheaters, as in cheaters.

Callediceman1600d ago

ive been playing for the last 2 days and love it... it has a way to go, but its still quite fun and challenging..

GentlemenRUs1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Don't worry, VAC will ban all but the legit players in due time.

Even if they buy the game again to cheat in, That's more money in Garrys pocket.

EvilCackle1599d ago

Facepunch is looking into other solutions because players are complaining that VAC takes too long.