Zelda ambitions and making a true Castlevania game: Dave Cox talks Lords of Shadow 2

While you obsess over your new Xbox One or PS4, there's a new reason to dust off your 360 and PS3. That reason is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, the sequel to arguably one of the most ambitious titles of last generation, as a little-known developer tried its hand at a classic — and popular — video game franchise.

The first game wasn't perfect, and developer MercurySteam knows this better than anyone. That's why Lords of Shadow 2 feels so different, yet still so firmly embedded in Castlevania lore.

What has producer Dave Cox and his team honed in on to make Lords of Shadow 2 a must-have this February 27? Read on to find out!

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showtimefolks1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

one of the best games in 2014 if the 1st game was any indication, it seems like they have improved everything. I hope more people give this sequel a shot and not just write it off as a god of war or zelda clone

It seems they have fixed every issue that we the gamers or media reported back to them than they made it more open world along with better combat

can't wait

robtion1577d ago

Would be great if it was on ps4. I still have my ps3 but am reluctant to buy games for it now. I am ready to stay next gen. This game will tempt me though.

deadfrag1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Are you a gamer or a graphic whore?Because this game will most likely be a masterpiece on every system from PC to 360 and ps3.If you own a PS3 or any of the other machines i mention and like Castlevania and hack and slash games theres no reason to make that observation you made. I have a Powerfull PC a PS4 ,Wii u,xbox 360,PS3 and i move between all this platforms without any problem,if theres a game i want to play on a system its not the graphics that pull me in is the gameplay and the fun i expect to have with that game,i can actually tell that its not the first the second or the 60+th time i play a game i want in the console version instead of getting it to the PC were i would get better shiny graphics,you know why;because the graphics its not what drives me in...actually some game that are represented in a more realistic way are the games that i tend not to like;i prefer a good graphic Art like the one in Castelvania than realistic graphics like the ones in Crysis games in ultra settings,and gameplay is everything!

robtion1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

In answer to your question I am both a gamer and a graphics lover also. Yes gameplay is important but I like games to look good, otherwise I would still be playing Mario on the NES.

I am currently playing TR:DE on ps4 even though I 100%'d it on ps3, and still own the ps3 copy. So yeah, I guess you could call me a graphics wh#£e.

Once a system becomes outdated I generally move on to the newer system, though I have never bought a system at launch before the ps4.

I will play the new Castlevania eventually but might just wait for the PS Now version or PS plus as my money is going to ps4 games, and occasionally Vita games.

I need to save money for all the great upcoming next gen games, like the witcher 3, the Order, Infamous, etc, though as I said, this one will tempt me.

WonderboyIII1577d ago

Where is the hype for this gem. I know its not Call of Duty, but come on!

linkenski1577d ago

The reason why I think Casrlevania titles arent all that successful is because they're carrying a stigma because its a longrun franchise and after trying LoS 1 and the 3DS game I gave up because the lore and style seems very uninspired and mish-mashy. It's just very bland to be honest.