Is Sony Late to the Party with the PS Vita Slim?

Junkie Monkeys: Sony recently announced the PS Vita Slim's debut to the UK coming early this February. Taking a deeper look into the details of the PS Vita Slim, has Sony taken 3 steps backwards and 2 steps forward? Join Chris from the Junkie Monkeys crew as he breaks down why the PS Vita is not living up to it's full potential.

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MatrixxGT1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Oh gee. Not even 24 hrs and here comes one of these articles.

Edit: this is just a revised vita, not a re launch of the vita.

Hicken1630d ago

Some people just don't have a clue what the hell they're talking about. The author happens to be one of those people.

vergilxx31630d ago

can't agree more.
I don't see any articles about why sony is late to the party with ps4 in japan

SuperSandLegend1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Why the hostility? The article seemed unbiased and it's not like the title screamed "PS VITA DOOMED". It is an opinion piece after all.

I also didn't see anywhere on the article that this is a re-launch of the Vita.

MatrixxGT1630d ago

Because the title could have read something like "Could Vita Slim help the platform gain ground in 2014?" Instead of click-bait title insinuating its a "flop" before its even on store shelves. Also the entire article or "opinion piece" is common knowledge and had been repeated over and over in the hundreds of articles before it. This is just a waste of cyber space imo.

nevin11630d ago

No Vita news for Americans?

BrezzyTv1630d ago

Unfortunately not at this moment.

DualWielding1630d ago

so the new Vita doesn't come bundled with a 4GB memory card like the old one? they should have a 32GB memory card bundle, anything less than 32GB is pointless for the Vita and the price of those memory cards is a huge turn off.... the 1GB internal is pretty pointless, you still need a memory card if you want to enjoy your Vita