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Sunset Overdrive is “Looking Very Good”, Currently “Better than E3 Trailer” Graphically

OnlySP: Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has seen Sunset Overdrive in action, and apparently it is “looking very good.” Spencer tweeted some of his observations of the game earlier today, revealing that not only is the gameplay looking “great”, but that, graphically, Sunset Overdrive is also looking wonderful. (Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One)

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Neoninja  +   459d ago
I really hope they show gameplay soon.

Yeah this year is shaping up to be a good year for gaming, but a bad year for my wallet lol.
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ThatKanadianKid  +   459d ago
I second that. Very good and unique looking exclusives on both sides of the spectrum. This, The Order and Quantum Break are three games I'm eagerly anticipating gameplay for.
ShugaCane  +   459d ago
There is some GLIMPSE of gameplay of Quantum Break in that video if you haven't already seen it.


Otherwise, I can't wait to see how Sunset Overdrive plays. I'm lovin the art style so far, and it looks nervous as hell. This is one X1 exclusive that I would want to play on my PS4.
PockyKing  +   459d ago
Yea, I reported on that QB gameplay. The fact that every moveable object in the game can be affected by time is pretty insane. I loved Timeshift, so if it's a big step up from those mechanics I can't wait to see it.
abzdine  +   459d ago
nice, now show what the game is about. i like the fact x1 has a good veriety of games, but they had no choice when i see how dramatic things have been going since May 21st.
I wanna see how SO looks and plays like. i didnt like the e3 trailer but looking forward to what IG are up to.
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truefan1  +   458d ago
Can't wait for this game, Xb1 will have games in every genre now. I love my shooters, but it's good to see enough games for everyone this gen, keep bringing the games MSFT.
UnholyLight  +   458d ago
The Order really doesn't interest me for some reason, it started out seeming cool but I just don't really see the appeal to it. Maybe down the road I'll warm up to it!
erathaol  +   458d ago
Has a Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio vibe, I really want to see how it plays.
itBourne  +   458d ago
I really do hope this game is good for the xbox gamers, I must say though, I lost all faith in Insomniac long ago.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   459d ago
I agree I wanna see some gameplay soon as well.

From what we saw at E3 looked like a CGI build. And that build looked really impressive to me.

Phil says the game so far looks better than the E3 trailer.

That's great, expect lots of exaggerated colored environments. That is Insomniacs specialty after all.
PockyKing  +   459d ago
Don't forget the nutty weapons. I'm interested in how they'll utilize the cloud to introduce new weapons overtime. Just hope to god it's not in the form of paid DLC.
snookiegamer  +   459d ago

Sunset Overdrive looking better than E3 CGI!!

I've had my peepers on this game...looks maaad fun!!
firelogic  +   459d ago
You guys still trust what Spencer has to say? And LOL at PockyKing: "utilize the cloud to intro new weapons."

Get outta here!
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PockyKing  +   458d ago

Should probably go look up news on the cloud and project spark before you laugh it off. Article is on OXM.
andrewsqual  +   459d ago
So it definitely runs at 1080p like the Youtube E3 2013 Trailer then? Sweet.
SPARTAN3  +   458d ago
O ya bec YouTube runs at 1080p.
Rivitur  +   458d ago
No it looks better than that video so 4k? : P
UncleGermrod  +   458d ago
I could see them hitting 1080 on this game, insomniac is talented. But I would expect 1080/30 frames. Either way this game has me interested. I guess we will see. The next couple of years are gonna real solid for gamers.
showtimefolks  +   458d ago
i want to be excited for this but Insomniac you kind have lost my respect a bit. Insomniac use to make excellent games but than last few years not as much polish on their games

Fuse promised so much yet under delivered

so show us what you can do with this new IP
Kayant  +   459d ago
Can't wait to see more... The art style in this game is awesome.
Transporter47  +   459d ago
I love insomniac too bad they decided to do an exclusive even though they said they didn't want to.
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colonel179  +   459d ago
Money talks, sadly.

I lost respect of Insomniac, not because they are developing for Xbox, but because when they went multi platform they said that they would NEVER go exclusive again (reason they went multi platform). They supposedly wanted to get more gamers to play their games, so they had to leave Sony's exclusive deal. We now know that was a lie and they got greedy.

That's exactly what happened to Square Enix at the beginning of last generation. I remember Wada saying they didn't want to support Sony and Microsoft too much, but wanted to have a balance. We all know that they went full Xbox last gen and never released an exclusive for PS3 (even FF XV went multi platform and they swore it would never be).

I feel that Insomniac can get in the same boat if they are not cautious and have a balance between supporting Sony and Microsoft (and even Nintendo).
mkis007  +   459d ago
Normally I wouldn't bother being angry. This time is different. They were one of my favorites. They have been on a downward slope ever since the announcement of multiplatform development. Lying like that...is unacceptable.

I was able to ask one of the directors at Insomniac games and Insomniac retains all IP rights for Sunset Overdrive. So while MS is publishing this game in the series, they don't own sequels. That was a stipulation. I hope the money gets them back on their feet. If this game isn't a hit, we may find that Insomniac's glory days are behind us.

ok slightly over the top for me, but I shook Ted Price's hand in line for R2 launch. I'm a fan!
Team_Litt  +   459d ago
I missed that interview where they said they'd never do another exclusive, beer me a link to that please.
Was this before or after they did Nexus?
darx  +   459d ago
Yeah sure! It's not because the game isn't on the PS4.
Hicken  +   459d ago
@Team_Litt: The internet is vast. Fortunately, there's Google, that can help you find what you're looking for.

Or, if you're feeling masochistic, there's also Bing.
UncleGermrod  +   458d ago
I do not know how I feel about your comment. I mean, you are kind of right. But also insomniac's last game was pretty sub par for a studio like this, and they likely wanted to get more funding for their next project. MS, who is looking to bolster their exclusive line up, probably offered them the most money, offering them a safe bet.
DoubleM70  +   458d ago
BullShit go to their website.

They have a video on why they wanted to do and Exclusive with Microsoft.

Blaze929  +   458d ago
@Transporter47 @Hicken lmfao they never once said that.
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Gabenbrah  +   459d ago
Sunset has me intrigued, love the colour scheme and the crazy weapons in the trailer.
iceman1346  +   459d ago
coming from sony fan.. this game looks very unique and lovely
Darkfist  +   459d ago
so is there a story co-op, or is it an online only pvp/hord-mode type of game?
Jdoki  +   459d ago
I hope this is a return to form for Insomniac. One of my fave developers, and Ratchet is one of my top game series - but their output quality has dropped off a lot.

I was kinda surprised they went exclusive with this title, especially on XB1. I thought the whole point of them moving out from under Sony's wing was to showcase their games to a wider audience.

I guess the hard fail of Fuse depleted the bank account. I'm sure MS was happy to write a cheque, but I would imagine many PlayStation fanboys feel it's a bit of a slap in the face.
mkis007  +   459d ago
more like a Suckerpunch to the face
Jdoki  +   459d ago
Yeah, a Suckerpunch would hurt. Lucky they are 1st party; if they went multi plat or MS exclusive they'd have to slink away like a naughty dog.
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TruthInsider  +   459d ago
How stupid must Insomniac feel now?

Pretending to want more gamers to try their games, selling out to MS and now Playstation is the most popular platform. LMAO!

Good bye Insomniac (fitting name for the sleepless nights they'll be having for getting in bed with MS)
UnHoly_One  +   458d ago
Well played. lol
JeffGUNZ  +   458d ago
Thank you sir :)
christocolus  +   458d ago
Lmao...that was hilarious..lol
maniacmayhem  +   458d ago
elegant and tasteful, comedy in its subtlety.

+ bubbles!
malokevi  +   458d ago
DoubleM70  +   458d ago
Playstation has always been the most popular platform don't forget that. You sound silly.
whoyouwit04  +   458d ago
you mean like it was last gen?
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WeAreLegion  +   459d ago
I love Insomniac. It's a shame I'll never play this.
DoubleM70  +   458d ago
Just curious? Why not?
christocolus  +   458d ago
Isnt it obvious?....lol.
TheGrimReaper  +   458d ago
Maybe, just maybe:

He has bought a PS4 because he likes Sonys offerings more than Microsofts.
But once in a while there will be one or two games you'd want to play but aren't appearing on your platform of choice.
And maybe he thinks, buying a second nextgen console to get these few titles isn't worth it (at least not yet, maybe after several pricecuts).

It's a shame people are trying to spin a simple comment. I think it's quite flattering that he is disappointed in not being able to play this game.
Whitey2k  +   459d ago
Ted price is an idiot but nevermind hope it turns out good looks like erm team fortress
Rivitur  +   458d ago
More like Brink and we know how that turned out.

Note: I understand Insomniac is making this so I'm not saying it's gnna be bad just be cautious before buying any game.
kiz2694  +   459d ago
This game just seems that little to silly for me. I like my games realistic (not to realistic but there a boundary) , this just seems to be to much for my liking.
aviator189  +   459d ago
fortunately, for me, this game looks to be just my type of game. :)
lonewolfjedi  +   459d ago
Let's hope Phil is telling the truth this time
Oh_Yeah  +   459d ago
Microsoft always has that cartoony look to their exclusives. Halo gears and fable don't have particularly realistic looking art styles...so this fits right in.
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JeffGUNZ  +   459d ago
Halo and Gears look like cartoons, what?
CrossingEden  +   458d ago
You need to learn the difference between stylized and cartoony.
Edi007  +   459d ago
Maybe if they empty the environment and make clone enemies like in ryse and donwgrade the resolution
jay2  +   459d ago
This, and quntic break r the reason I want an XBONE. But I.G got greedy, they should respect the people that got them where they are today, SONY!
Picnic  +   459d ago
Sony didn't show enough enthusiasm apparently. And, yes enthusiasm does include putting money where mouth is.
Micrsoft actually have a quiet history of doing colourful game like this- the original Xbox had loads of platforming games. This might finally be the game that sells OK enough on XboxOne. To sell highly might require dedicated advertising for the relatively family friendly pound. It's the zombie parkour game it's OK to give the kids.
ColeMacGrath  +   459d ago
One of my most anticipated X1 exclusives, hopefully its as good as it looks.
christocolus  +   459d ago
Good job Phil..good job.
Picnic  +   459d ago
I love the look of this game. There's no way that it will become multi-format (even if I'd want this, Ryse and Remedy's games on PS4 in an ideal world) unless Microsoft are mad which they're not. Never cared about Insomniac's games until now. Finally they get a series that can use their big gun motif in a novel way- Jet Set Radio-like city. Remember- keep it quirky. No-one interested in this wants a compromise just to try to appeal to people who don't intend to buy it no matter what.
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refocusedman  +   459d ago
Can't say im too excited insomniacs recent track record has been rocky in recent years. As for the cgi from e3 that means absolutely nothing. Have we all forgotten abt the cgi trailer for overstrike/fuse .......... yeah that was completely different from the end product.
ger2396  +   459d ago
Insomniac has zero integrity. Its not about them being exclusive to Microsoft. Its about them lying, and the crap games they made to fulfill their commitment to Sony.
PockyKing  +   458d ago
Ratchet and Clank and Resistance were not shit games. Their biggest pitfall so far was FUSE, and even that wasn't terrible by any means, just wasn't what everyone though it was going to be.
Chaoticmoon  +   458d ago
Well they did kinda screw up Resistance 2 but fixed it with R3 tho
JEECE  +   458d ago
Resistance 3 was really good, it just had terrible marketing, and I think some people were turned off by 2, which wasn't nearly as good as 1 or 3.
Father Murder X  +   458d ago
so let me get this straight, Insomniac is now garbage because they are making an exclusive for the X1? Damn the logic here makes no sense.

To this day I still feel that Resistance was superior to Killzone but Sony backed Killzone.
DoubleM70  +   458d ago
I here you dude. I had way more fun with Resistance than with Killzone. Resistance had inovative weaponary and all.
cellur111  +   458d ago
Completely forgot about this game, it's probably going to be bad anyway.
ziggurcat  +   458d ago
I have to say that I was kind of excited about that game when I saw the E3 trailer.
steele80   458d ago | Spam
jaixvx  +   458d ago
LOL 720p 30fps, the cloud....lol. Oh yeah, fuse sucked shit. Seriously.
jaixvx  +   458d ago
But seriously...I think this game will be ok for xbone. Insomniac has lots of experience with last gen consoles..lol
JEECE  +   458d ago
Funny, during the last gen Xbox fans called Resistance "meh" and a "Halo-wannabe" and Ratchet was a milked franchise of kids games. Now Insomniac is a respected developer with a solid track record.

To be fair, I guess the same thing is happening with Bungie on the other side.
AceBlazer13  +   458d ago
No matter how much of a fanboy you are there are devs you just have to respect. Bungie is one of them. Do I respect them enough to get anything Xbox related? Hell no. But quality nevertheless.
bangoskank  +   458d ago
I actually agree with those criticisms although the Ratchet games, especially the older ones, are a blast to play. Never had much interest in Resistance just because it didn't look any different from all the other alien invasion shooters. I am excited that Insomniac is working on a new IP though because it allows them the freedom to flex their creative muscles and they are a talented team capable of creating something special if given the opportunity.
Flames76  +   458d ago
Cant wait for this game another reason i picked up the Xbox One.Its putting a hurt on my wallet to many great games and more to come
nerdman67  +   458d ago
Show something! Please? It looks so appealing
bangoskank  +   458d ago
With this, Titanfall, and Garden Warfare on the horizon, I just may pick up an Xbone before a PS4. The Order:1886 is still a ways from being released and I'm really not seeing any other Sony exclusives coming up any time soon besides Infamous and I'm not really interested in that
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