Sunset Overdrive is “Looking Very Good”, Currently “Better than E3 Trailer” Graphically

OnlySP: Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has seen Sunset Overdrive in action, and apparently it is “looking very good.” Spencer tweeted some of his observations of the game earlier today, revealing that not only is the gameplay looking “great”, but that, graphically, Sunset Overdrive is also looking wonderful.

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Neoninja1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I really hope they show gameplay soon.

Yeah this year is shaping up to be a good year for gaming, but a bad year for my wallet lol.

ThatKanadianKid1510d ago

I second that. Very good and unique looking exclusives on both sides of the spectrum. This, The Order and Quantum Break are three games I'm eagerly anticipating gameplay for.

ShugaCane1510d ago

There is some GLIMPSE of gameplay of Quantum Break in that video if you haven't already seen it.

Otherwise, I can't wait to see how Sunset Overdrive plays. I'm lovin the art style so far, and it looks nervous as hell. This is one X1 exclusive that I would want to play on my PS4.

PockyKing1510d ago

Yea, I reported on that QB gameplay. The fact that every moveable object in the game can be affected by time is pretty insane. I loved Timeshift, so if it's a big step up from those mechanics I can't wait to see it.

abzdine1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

nice, now show what the game is about. i like the fact x1 has a good veriety of games, but they had no choice when i see how dramatic things have been going since May 21st.
I wanna see how SO looks and plays like. i didnt like the e3 trailer but looking forward to what IG are up to.

truefan11510d ago

Can't wait for this game, Xb1 will have games in every genre now. I love my shooters, but it's good to see enough games for everyone this gen, keep bringing the games MSFT.

UnholyLight1510d ago

The Order really doesn't interest me for some reason, it started out seeming cool but I just don't really see the appeal to it. Maybe down the road I'll warm up to it!

erathaol1509d ago

Has a Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio vibe, I really want to see how it plays.

itBourne1509d ago

I really do hope this game is good for the xbox gamers, I must say though, I lost all faith in Insomniac long ago.

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AngelicIceDiamond1510d ago

I agree I wanna see some gameplay soon as well.

From what we saw at E3 looked like a CGI build. And that build looked really impressive to me.

Phil says the game so far looks better than the E3 trailer.

That's great, expect lots of exaggerated colored environments. That is Insomniacs specialty after all.

PockyKing1510d ago

Don't forget the nutty weapons. I'm interested in how they'll utilize the cloud to introduce new weapons overtime. Just hope to god it's not in the form of paid DLC.

snookiegamer1510d ago


Sunset Overdrive looking better than E3 CGI!!

I've had my peepers on this game...looks maaad fun!!

firelogic1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

You guys still trust what Spencer has to say? And LOL at PockyKing: "utilize the cloud to intro new weapons."

Get outta here!

PockyKing1510d ago


Should probably go look up news on the cloud and project spark before you laugh it off. Article is on OXM.

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andrewsqual1510d ago

So it definitely runs at 1080p like the Youtube E3 2013 Trailer then? Sweet.

SPARTAN31510d ago

O ya bec YouTube runs at 1080p.

Rivitur1510d ago

No it looks better than that video so 4k? : P

UncleGermrod1510d ago

I could see them hitting 1080 on this game, insomniac is talented. But I would expect 1080/30 frames. Either way this game has me interested. I guess we will see. The next couple of years are gonna real solid for gamers.

showtimefolks1509d ago

i want to be excited for this but Insomniac you kind have lost my respect a bit. Insomniac use to make excellent games but than last few years not as much polish on their games

Fuse promised so much yet under delivered

so show us what you can do with this new IP

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Kayant1510d ago

Can't wait to see more... The art style in this game is awesome.

Transporter471510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I love insomniac too bad they decided to do an exclusive even though they said they didn't want to.

colonel1791510d ago

Money talks, sadly.

I lost respect of Insomniac, not because they are developing for Xbox, but because when they went multi platform they said that they would NEVER go exclusive again (reason they went multi platform). They supposedly wanted to get more gamers to play their games, so they had to leave Sony's exclusive deal. We now know that was a lie and they got greedy.

That's exactly what happened to Square Enix at the beginning of last generation. I remember Wada saying they didn't want to support Sony and Microsoft too much, but wanted to have a balance. We all know that they went full Xbox last gen and never released an exclusive for PS3 (even FF XV went multi platform and they swore it would never be).

I feel that Insomniac can get in the same boat if they are not cautious and have a balance between supporting Sony and Microsoft (and even Nintendo).

mkis0071510d ago

Normally I wouldn't bother being angry. This time is different. They were one of my favorites. They have been on a downward slope ever since the announcement of multiplatform development. Lying like unacceptable.

I was able to ask one of the directors at Insomniac games and Insomniac retains all IP rights for Sunset Overdrive. So while MS is publishing this game in the series, they don't own sequels. That was a stipulation. I hope the money gets them back on their feet. If this game isn't a hit, we may find that Insomniac's glory days are behind us.

ok slightly over the top for me, but I shook Ted Price's hand in line for R2 launch. I'm a fan!

Team_Litt1510d ago

I missed that interview where they said they'd never do another exclusive, beer me a link to that please.
Was this before or after they did Nexus?

darx1510d ago

Yeah sure! It's not because the game isn't on the PS4.

Hicken1510d ago

@Team_Litt: The internet is vast. Fortunately, there's Google, that can help you find what you're looking for.

Or, if you're feeling masochistic, there's also Bing.

UncleGermrod1510d ago

I do not know how I feel about your comment. I mean, you are kind of right. But also insomniac's last game was pretty sub par for a studio like this, and they likely wanted to get more funding for their next project. MS, who is looking to bolster their exclusive line up, probably offered them the most money, offering them a safe bet.

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DoubleM701510d ago

BullShit go to their website.

They have a video on why they wanted to do and Exclusive with Microsoft.


Blaze9291510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

@Transporter47 @Hicken lmfao they never once said that.

Gabenbrah1510d ago

Sunset has me intrigued, love the colour scheme and the crazy weapons in the trailer.

iceman13461510d ago

coming from sony fan.. this game looks very unique and lovely