Wii Have Failed U.

Recently, Nintendo took the liberty of basically admitting what many already felt, yet few would admit. The Wii U is a failure. Now keep in mind that when I say that, I am speaking from Nintendo’s perspective. Nintendo cut their sales forecast for the fiscal year by 70% a few days ago, all but admitting they made a huge mistake with the Wii’s successor. I’m not sure exactly what this means, but that won’t stop me from talking about it. No harm in speculating, you know?

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N4g_null1697d ago

It's funny how Nintendo can mess up and still build new buildings while other can mess up and they have to go 3rd party or sell building or just leave the gaming space. Also the main difference is Nintendo really thought that the wiiu was enough for hd AAA studios. In reality it is. There are pc cards barely above the wiiu playing bf4 at high settings while keeping up with the ps4 and xbone. It doesn't take much really since there hasn't be any real jump in performance in gaming tech while other tech has ran years ahead.

Remember what all that gloom and doom did for the xbone. .. well some people got fired and suddenly it is right behind the ps4 in sales... 3rd party ports are pre much on par. Yet the ps4 is seen as way more powerful. The same was said by Sony fans with the ps3... that never really helped 3rd party games some how?

What is funny is I have a wiiu and many are going to get one for that one game. If it doesn't do better than so be it... we will still get those classic Nintendo polished games and maybe even buy some retail games to sell as collector's items. Then there is the possibility of a convergence of handheld and console. Best of both worlds. It's business as usual. I can't say the same for ms or sony... When I buy high end I buy pc, 4k, if you can not afford that be careful lots of people where tricked by pr to buy tech.... The question is does it really do what you want it to?

Hopefully sony can hang on to enjoy their momentum. Not really concerned about Nintendo. Some vocal people don't like them, g o o d for them. Oh it's not high tech enough.... ok you'll see.

herbs1697d ago

Thepcz stands for - The pointless comments zzzzz

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rarity1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

You haven't failed me my children( lol I had to ) but seriously I think the wii u still has some fight in it

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