Is a 13GB game patch unreasonable?

Recently a patch for Dead Rising 3 was made available for download and it came in at a whopping 13GB, which is one of the biggest game patches in history. Is it unreasonable for a developer to impose such a massive download, just so that you can play a game that you’ve already paid for?

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xHeavYx1639d ago

For what I read, it's only an extra 2 GB added after files are replaced, so it's not as big of a deal as long as you don't have any caps

r3f1cul1639d ago

seems like they could have either A. released the game in a better state... which i know is unheard of these days in gaming... or B. went about patching it in a more efficient way, but it is what it is i guess, there goes more space on my dwindling xbox one hard drive either way, which is slim to begin with compared to the game size now :/

LAWSON721639d ago

Thanks for the info because I could not help but wonder why the hell it was 13GB.

Freeball1639d ago

Even though it replaces data on your drive already, you still have to download the 13GB, which can be ridiculously long if you have a slow connection or eat up bandwidth if you have a cap. Mine didn't download while in standby because I had the game suspended, so the next time I logged in I had to forget about playing since 13GB takes 4-5 hours to download for me.

Anon19741639d ago

Who doesn't have caps? In Canada, I don't know of a single major IP that doesn't cap their usage.

Moncole1639d ago

I dont have a cap. You are living in the past.

thekhurg1639d ago

The US apparently doesn't, because I've never had a cap on any of the five internet providers I've had.

ALARM-clock1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Actually, bandwidth caps are the future, almost all providers do it now unfortunately. I didn't even know I had one until I went over my allotment a few months ago, I was threatened with a massive fee if it happened again.

Anon19741639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I'm living in the past? Maybe the IP service providers in my country are living in the past but I, my friend, am living in reality. The reality is all the major internet providers available to me in my Canadian city have caps, unless you're prepared to spend roughly $100 a month on internet.

Edit: Just a quick glance seems to indicate the US is going this route as well. I see both Time Warner and Comcast (among others) are rolling out plans to start charging monthly rates based on internet usage. @Mister_Dawg below: That's great if you live in the UK. My country isn't so liberal when it comes to data usage.

Mister_Dawg1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

In the UK, if you don't want caps then get sky or BT broadband. I have BT fibre with no caps and 13GB is not a problem. As fibre totally replaces copper, caps will disappear as bandwidth will shoot through the roof.

Even better, the price is really good too. Its something like £20 ish a month.

Get some!

qu1ckset1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I live in canada and I'm with Rogers , running express package with unlimited bandwidth , your living in the last , caps LOL , never again will I deal with that , the about of online gaming , hd netflix and other downloads I consume , I couldn't deal with caps! Bill is $70 a month..

Anon19741639d ago

@qu1ckset. Rogers isn't available in my province but even looking at their website, I don't see a single internet plan they offer that doesn't have a cap. The $70 plan has a 150gb cap in Ontario (my $50 plan with Telus offers the same cap).

You have to go up to the $122 plan to get up to the 250 GB cap. Looking at their website, they don't even appear to offer an unlimited plan. Even their $200 a month plans have caps. And even out west we've heard stories about how bad Rogers is about throttling traffic.

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dedicatedtogamers1639d ago

CAPCOM should be called to task for being so sloppy with this game. I don't think it's a matter of drive space (even if it did use a full 13G, it's not that much). It's a matter of

1) the size of the download itself, and
2) the fact that it is a mandatory download.

Thankfully for X1 owners, you can download in the background (but you can't play DR3 while the patch is DL'ing) but if this is what people are dealing with right at the start of the generation, imagine what sort of nonsense you'll be downloading 3 years from now. Just seems like with all the fuss gamers (on both the PS3 and 360) made about mandatory pre-game installs last gen and "Patch-station" and stuff like that, this issue being given an awful lot of grace.

cyguration1639d ago

The fanboy denial across the internet is immense and infuriating.

WHY is this so forgivable?

All over N4G, Gamefaqs, Reddit and even Neogaf, there are just a bunch of excuses made as to why there are such clunky, non-user friendly services that gamers have to deal with just to play games.

It's a farce and it's inexcusable.

This is the main reason I like sticking with Steam. It still takes up crazy bandwidth but it's extremely easy to use and I can turn-on and turn-off auto-updates. I can also control the bandwidth the downloads take up so it's not always downloading at all times.

It seems like there's such a huge step backward in serviceability for these new-gen consoles.

dedicatedtogamers1639d ago

@ cyguration

I always turn off auto-updates (because it's hella annoying on Steam) but I'm grateful that know...offers the option. This 13G patch is mandatory!


Yep I downloaded it and it only added just over 2gb to the existing file. Why the hell are you getting downvoted?

Akuma071639d ago

Because he is saying it is okay. I don't understand your, or his point. Just because it is only an additional 2gb of data, means it is okay to download 11gb worth of data you already had?

It is unreasonable no matter how an Xbot spins it.

Scatpants1639d ago

Who cares, it's only 13 gigs. I understand if I had a bandwidth cap I'd be kind of pissed, but since I don't this is a non-issue.

AntoineDcoolette1639d ago

I'd say that it is unreasonable because depending on the speed of some peoples' connections that could take several hours minimum to download if not longer. It definitely would have with my old verizon DSL

mcstorm1639d ago

It all depends on what's been done and from what I'm reading its fixes in the game and an extra 2gb. Now people seem to be forgetting the massive download gt5 has. Yes its a pain but there are more things to worry about in the world than a 13gb download.

geddesmond1639d ago

It is a big deal. I haven't moved onto next gen yet as I'm waiting for PS4 stock to reach my area but if this is the future for next gen games then it's very off putting.

Where I live, the highest speed I can get is 6mb. Yeah it's unlimited so it won't cost me extra but a 13GB file takes around 9 hours to download for me. 9 hours for a patch that adds DLC I don't buy for games unless its a very big expansion. No thanks.

Akuma071639d ago

It does not matter one bit what the REASON for the 13gb is. It is completely crap no matter how you spin it.

So basically what you are saying is that they are making you re-download 11gb worth of files that you ALREADY have? Yes, because that is completely reasonable isn't it.

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r3f1cul1639d ago

even after all the "details" of what actually happens with the memory during the patch, i find the overall game size this gen is absurd compared to the hard drive space we were offered and how much the operating system takes up on the xbox one specifically... not up to snuf on ps4's stats so im not gonna speculate on it but my hard drive i'd say is pretty much 2/3 full already and there arent even any large amounts of games released on xbox one yet... that coupled with the lack of a fully functional surround sound headset... a very slow operating system, my blu ray lip sync being completely off, and a party chat that well sucks balls makes me very sad that i bought an xbox one at all honestly :(

Scatpants1639d ago

I bought both. The Xbox one is definitely not as good as the PS4. I do like the controller though. Vibrating triggers FTW.

MarioAna1639d ago

13Gb seems less like a patch and more like a full download. Many full games i've downloaded have been smaller. How broken does something have to be that it requires 13Gbs worth of fixing? Seems fishy to me. Maybe they snuck some future purchasable DLC in there, nothing would surprise me these days.

Death1639d ago

It's not a 13gb patch. It's the future DLC being offered. All users received the DLC so when they play with someone online that purchased it, they can still play the game with all the DLC's benefits.

cyguration1639d ago

Dead Rising 3 has multiplayer?

ShwankyShpanky1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I keep seeing people saying this, but I'd be interested to see if it actually pans out that way. Seems odd that they'd let people play the DLC for free just because they're playing online with someone else that paid for it. Other games basically just tell you "Sorry, you can't join this session because you don't have the DLC." Yes, certain DLC assets need to be on non-DLC machines, such as weapons and skins, in case a character equipped with that DLC joins a non-DLC game, but not full-on maps and missions.

Akuma071639d ago

You're making that up.

DragonKnight1639d ago

It depends. I say it's unreasonable that there needs to be a patch of that size because the game has that many issues needing to be fixed.

Fireseed1639d ago

I'm guessing you haven't played it... cause bugs are surprisingly minimal.

DragonKnight1639d ago

I was speaking in general.

maniacmayhem1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

How can you speak in general when you are speaking about the game?! Have you played it?

DragonKnight1638d ago

Should I rephrase my sentence to say "a game" instead of "the game?" Would that be better?

4logpc1639d ago

I dont see any reason to force me to download the dlc data if I dont have it.

Death1639d ago

What if you want to play with someone online that has the DLC? Now you can play in their game without purchasing the content.

barb_wire1639d ago

so, why don't just have a compatability patch, like oh Borderlands 2 uses or most other games.

4logpc1639d ago

The dlc cant be played co-op