Could This Spell Trouble For 'The Elder Scrolls Online?'

Forbes - Bethesda’s first MMO is hitting consoles soon, but maybe only for older gamers. The ESRB has given it a “Mature” rating. It’s unclear what, exactly, precipitated the rating, but given some of the darker elements and frequent beheadings of a game like Skyrim, one can sort of guess. Bethesda’s Pete Hines said that this wasn’t the rating the team was hoping for, but they’re planning on staying the course.

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mhunterjr1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

the M rating hasn't stopped games from selling like hot cakes... Don't worry, if little kids want ESO, their mommy will get it for them... Just like with GTAV and COD

The bigger issue is the subscription... Mommy MIGHT draw the line there.

thekhurg1668d ago

The bulk of subscription based MMO gamers are adults, not little kids. The game will be fine.

CELLA1668d ago

have you play dcu online on the ps3 and ps4 their are lots of kids and teens on that game right now

ShinMaster1668d ago

As a generic MMO? Not sure about that.

A lot of the more unique and cool stuff about TES has been stripped and it discourages exploration.

KonsoruMasuta1668d ago

Nothing wrong with a subscription. Pay2play games usually have more content than F2P. WoW for example.

Where the line gets drawn is the 60 dollar initial price + the subscription. That is too much to ask for.

OrangePowerz1668d ago

WoW is over 10 years old :) On release WoW didn't have a huge amount of content either end game wise once you reached level 60. 98% of the end game content was implemented with patches and obviously later add ons. Compared to now it was a very bare bones game and a lot of the features are things that where mods from others.

ThatOneGuyThere1668d ago

whoops. i meant to click agree. anyways, i agree. monthly sub games should be free to download, and even allow you to try it free as well.

tablav1668d ago

If you look at WoW, Final Fantasy XI / XIV etc though, you see that these initial prices normally plummet pretty quickly on subscription based games. I can pick up a Realm Reborn for around £10 and that's not been out a huge amount of time.

People who really want the game will be prepared to pay early, others might wait. The money isn't a complete deal breaker for me, but I'll more than likely leave it for a while. Plenty of other games coming out to keep busy with in the meantime.

Volkama1668d ago

WoW is a pretty terrible example of the value a subscription could/should provide. Before WoW became the standard it was quite normal for a monthy subscription to come with monthly content updates.

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PawnSacrifice1668d ago

I'll say, seems like every match you go into these days has a bunch of preteen dips who think it somehow makes them cool to shout smack at everyone.
Trust me guys, we don't know your only 12 until you speak. Then we mute you anyway.

OrangePowerz1668d ago

Games shouldn't become like movies where companies think it needs to get a PG13 to be successful. Can't even say anymore in Die Hard mother******, in contrast watch older movies like the Goonies where they swear quite a bit and back in the day that was ok. I hate shoehorning ratings on a movie or game and compromise what the just to get a lower rating.

rdgneoz31668d ago

Speaking of "back in the day", was watching Blazing Saddles the other day with my girl and was laughing at what they were able to get away with back then before all the PC BS we have today.

stragomccloud1668d ago

Because of the subscription, maybe. But the M rating? No. Most of the people that play M rated games are middle school boys looking for a thrill, needing to feel like they are "mature."

stellar_creep1668d ago

This is a game that fans have asked for for quite a while and since a large majority of games nowadays are adults with jobs and the ability to purchase games and system,the only thing that will hurt this game is if it sucks.

CELLA1668d ago

i heard that we may pay 50.00 a month just to play online thats crazy who has this right now

wannabe gamer1668d ago

umm no ...if ratings mattered that much then COD and all of xbox live wouldn't be packed with screaming kids.

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