Racing games were made to be played on a triple screen

VVV: "It's been a long time in coming, but at long last VVV has finally joined the PC racing scene thanks to Alan's new gargantuan gaming PC enabling us to bring you coverage on all the sims that are dominating the PC simulation genre, plus a chance to play a few existing titles how they were meant to be played. By that, we mean running on maximum settings with a triple screen and ProCam to maximise the immersion."

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hkgamer1094d ago

anyone try the oculus rift on a racing game? that sounds more inteesting.

MysticStrummer1094d ago

Exactly what I thought when I saw the title.

bumnut1094d ago

Assetto Corsa supports Oculus.

InTheZoneAC1094d ago

games are meant to be played on one screen

Grave1094d ago

Ya ... and movies are meant to be watched on VHS.

JOLLY11094d ago

I think all side windows should be boarded up on race cars. They should only get to see the 90 degrees that we see in video games.

weirdo1094d ago

i'll take a 65" 4k tv over 3 silly monitors (with ugly bezels), everytime. deal with it.

TwistingWords1094d ago

You only look at the one screen the other two are angled for peripheral vision... No bezel seen.

JOLLY11094d ago

You make the TV any size, you're still only seeing the 90 degrees (or whatever angle the 1 camera is set to) The bigger you go doesn't do anything but make each line of resolution bigger. That means it doesn't look as clear.

DCfan1094d ago

Its pointless, its not like you'll be wandering in the streets looking at your left and right, you'll be on a race.

Grave1094d ago

I have 3 monitors and love to race. You don't use them to look left and right though. I always focus on the middle monitor and my line. What the left and right monitors do is give you a ton of more of visual information to process in the periphery. This enhances the experience making it more immersive, gives you a greater sense of speed, and helps you control the car better.

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