We’ll Learn More on the PS4 Version of Final Fantasy XIV, Leviathan and More on January 25th

Square Enix announced today that the upcoming broadcast of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live (part XII) will be aired from Osaka on January 25th at the usual ungodly hour for anyone living in the US (4 AM PST).

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Etseix1501d ago

Would someone be so gentle to clarify me one thing about this.
If i purchase the PS4 version of FFXIV i would need to pay the subscription on the very instant i get online, or do i have a couple of months to try it on?

and how much is the subscription?

if someone had played it, i would highly appreciate this infor. thx

helghast1021501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

With a copy of the game you will have one month to play, from there you will need to renew your subscription.

SoulMikeY1501d ago

It's like $10 per month for one character (as many classes as you want) or $36 for 3 months, many characters. After a free month.

And personally, aside from it being a (kind of) hassle to renew every month, most people don't need multiple characters. And you might find a ps3 copy on sale, pick it up. You upgrade to ps4 for free and it doesn't use the disc after install anyway.

Hope this helps.

Prototype_79L1501d ago

You can switch to any class if you want, so it is possible to max out everything on one character. So if you dont want to have multiple character, the entry subscription is enough which is the cheapest.

ho0lee0h1501d ago

Everyone is correct. I just want to add that the PS4 version is beta until official launch in summer so hopefully that means no subscription fees :x

TronEOL1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

When you purchase the game for PS4 (if you hadn't already purchased it for PS3), it gives you 30 days of play time. Also, if last weekend was anything to go off of, they'll probably give out "free weekends" with every big patch or Expansion to try to bring players back. So if you bought it once, and stopped subbing, you get a free weekend to try the new stuff, and sub if you decide its worth it.

Also, there are two types of subscriptions with FFXIV. One is the cheaper $13 per month sub that allows you to create a single active character on ALL servers. And the other is a $15 per month sub that allows you to create up to 8 different active characters on ALL servers. (The sub gets cheaper the longer you sub in bulk as well. so $15 per month regular, $13 per month if you buy 180 days: )

If you're into MMO's, and are more of a casual player, I'd absolutely suggest trying FFXIV. I've been playing since day 0 (beta and on), and have yet to stop. With 2 different characters, and multiple level 50 classes on each character.

If you're more of the hardcore MMO type, you may find yourself scratching your head after two months or so since most of the content is done, but you'll still have options like bringing up alternate classes, or an alt character if you'd like to start from scratch. Along with one of the most detailed/fun crafting classes/systems in an recent MMO.

But luckily for you, by the time you start playing (if you're waiting on the PS4 version), another large patch will be released, which means you'll start with 3 times the amount of content I had when I started, and probably be just a few months off another big patch/content update, or even the first expansion.

Which is also worth noting their development cycle is something like, every week/month has patches/fixes, every 3 months is a big content patch (new primals, main story, side quests, etc), and I believe every year is a expansion pack (not much is known about this, but everyone is thinking new areas, classes/jobs, large story sections, etc).

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