Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.08 Is Out For PS4

Pointgames:Guerilla Games has finally released the Killzone: Shadow Fall patch 1.08 for PS4.

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Omar911643d ago

I want the new maps already. I use to get 4 to 5 matches in every play through but now I can barely play 2 matches without loosing interest.

Elda1643d ago

This game is just a lackluster compared to all the previous KZ games.

b163o11643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I love how the title says "Out for PS4" like you'll see it on the XBone lmao!!

S/N KZ3 was the best IMO, KZ2 was my first true experience with there MP, and it was great. When GG dropped the 3rd I lost friends and track of time lol, so I have to run with KZ3..

beakeroo11643d ago

KZ2 was king, KZ3 was a spawn kill nightmare that had poor bottle neck points near the spawn areas and line of sight for snipers to smash people as they spawned. Same problem was had with the Medal Of Honor game that was released around the same time.

Ps4Console1643d ago

Yeah poor game all round if gamers can't see this game has nothing much to offer then there lying through there teeth , I really enjoyed the other two but this one is rubbish .

abzdine1643d ago

fully agree, one thing good with this game is that it made me go back to KZ3 and i actually platinumed it 2 days ago.
KZ2 and KZ3 are amazing and SF is really lacking in comparison.

Maxor1643d ago

For some reason these clowns can't seem to replicate the awesomeness of Killzone 2. Is it so damn hard to make the same game with better graphics??

abzdine1642d ago

when i play the multiplayer i dont feel it's helghast against ISA with different political opinions they could just color one team red the other blue it would have been exactly the same.

The multiplayer doesn't reflect the main reason the two factions are in war, which is so pity after they have done it so brilliantly in the previous episodes.

Those voices before missions are so annoying, feels so much acted.

I am expecting bigger patches than this ****.

mp12891642d ago

warzone was best in kz2, but the spec ops on kz3 made it my favorite. the thing i dont like about kzsf is that you move much slower and players take more damage than the previous two, but i find myself enjoying it despite this, its a big learning curve.

DeadlyFire1642d ago

Well it was a Launch title. So.......

I have never been a big fan of the Killzone MP modes. I do expect GG can do better, but the game isn't bad itself. I believe SP actually improved from previous games. They are still going with the weighted tactical approach to the game. Which is a niche crowd that isn't for everybody. I believe they can grow in the right direction.

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Hatsune-Miku1643d ago

glorious. best launch game of last year on any console is killzone shadow fall.

Neonridr1642d ago

small sample size considering last year only two consoles launched. So it's Killzone/Knack vs Forza/Ryse/Dead Rising 3

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JodyCones1643d ago

That honestly goes for any shooter now days for me personally.

frankiebeans1643d ago

I cant play 1 match without loosing interest.

SeanScythe1642d ago

Am I the only one that can't stand the jumping or fall mechanics in the game? You can't jump down and shoot or jump forward. If I want to run and jump over a gap the character just stops forward movement in the air. It doesn't do that in SP just MP.

GuyThatPlaysGames1642d ago

Nobody wants to listen to me. I knew and preached it before this game came out, that it was just a shiny turd. Everyone drooled over the "mind-blowing" graphics but once you got past that, the game is sub-par at best! That's Killzone for ya!

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mos61421643d ago

well what else would it be out for? the game is only on ps4

BABY-JEDI1643d ago

I'm really enjoying the MP. Early days though. I miss the KZ2 ribbon awards system though. The character class systems balance is the best to date.

wlchrbandit1642d ago

Yeah I don't know why they keep trying to change the multiplayer... KZ2 was fantastic! I like that there are more guns and attachments now, but the classes don't feel too Killzoney. Where the hell is my active camouflage? That's always been a big part of the multiplayer in my opinion, it's even in SF's campaign.

Also the maps are far too small. I had this issue with a couple of the KZ3 maps too, but at least they're still 2 or 3 times the size of all SF's maps. I miss Pyrrhus Rise...

BABY-JEDI1642d ago

I think the active camouflage is in the scout class perk system. Pyrrhus Rise is my all time fav. Hopefully we'll get a new map similar.

RedSoakedSponge1643d ago

quite disappointed with Killzone Shadow Fall tbh. there seems to be little to no atmosphere in multiplayer.

Fluke_Skywalker1643d ago

There is definitely something wrong with the sound in multiplayer and the graphics, which were soo good in the campaign, are rather poor in multi.

abzdine1643d ago

there is no sound no intensity in the multiplayer compared to KZ3 for example.
I hate the beep of the damn beacon it feels so elementary and so rushed.. bring back PROPAGANDAAAAAAAAAAAA speakers!!!!

Grimhammer001643d ago

It's biggest issue is simply voice chat. It's hidden in audio settings and needs to be default enabled...which is next patch.

I find cod fairly mediocre but its greatly mitigated by trash talk and team work (when you can find it).

Once this is enabled in KZ it'll greatly improve.

I too want the ribbon system to be more obvious. That little tiny text box on right doesn't cut it!

Bf4 has it right. Show me my awesomeness at every turn. Lol

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