Titanfall's Low Player Count Matters

Pete Haas writes:
Since Respawn announced that Titanfall's player count is only six-on-six, there have been numerous editorials defending the game's multiplayer. The truth is, though, this low player count could hurt the game.

Fact: there's never been a quality multiplayer shooter with 12 or fewer players. Except GoldenEye 64. And Halo: Combat Evolved. And Gears of War, Perfect Dark, Left 4 Dead, and Doom. But those games came out years ago. The only people who care about them these days are journalists writing "Best Shooters Of All Time" lists. Left 4 Dead, the newest game on that list, came out in 2008. 2008! It was a different time. American troops were in Afghanistan and millions of people across the world wasted their days on Facebook.

But enough about shooters that completely destroy my point.

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lolCHILLbro1676d ago

i think it will be a great game!

Noobz11676d ago

Could be but it is quite obvious lots of people here would rather focus their attention on anything controversial. The game had gotten nothing but extremely positive reactions from those who have played it and because of the hype, especially now that it is Microsoft exclusive, the attention will now shift to anything that can bring down the excitement for it.

stuna11676d ago

How are people focusing on something controversial!? People are trying to understand why you would make a game limited to 12 human players, but yet have up to 38 A.I controlled bots all in the sake of saying it helps balance the game and action. Like I said in another article a bot can never fill in for a actual human player.

A game struggling to hit 720p, restricted to 12 human players, no single player campaign! Exactly what role is the "Power of the Cloud" supposed to play in this game while yet it's struggling in the areas I just mentioned!? Yet in all of this it supposedly deserves the title of a next generation game? These are the issues that need clarification.

UnHoly_One1676d ago

You don't know what you are talking about. There are no "bots taking the place of humans".

You need to actually read about the game and understand how it works.

stuna11676d ago


What the hell you think cannon fodder is!? Obviously you don't know what you are talking about! Here's something from ReSpawn own mouth; The A.I are supposed to act as cannon fodder for the less experienced players to help them become acclaimated to their surrondings and action going on, it also gives them the ability to accrue points to a lesser degree to summon Titans.

As for this article, I know it's a satirical piece! But seems to me you don't know since you want to argue something that's not based on fact to begin with!

Jughead34161676d ago

6 v 6 with 36 AI Bots seems weird. Why can't the 36 bots be human players?

Jughead34161676d ago

Either the AI bots will be easier to kill and players will go after them more, or the bots will be like deadly accurate and can one shot you from across the map far better than a human could. Either way, people play multiplayer for the human vs human competition

UnHoly_One1676d ago

You're missing the point.

It's like asking why every creep in Dota 2 can't be replaced by a human player.

Seriously. Go read some actual information about how the game works.

Jughead34161676d ago


You are in obvious damage control mode. Of course, until we actually play the game, no one knows how well this will work. It may be great. But it may be some bullcrap also. This is UP TO 6v6. So, we could actually have 2v2 or 3v3 with the rest being bots. C'mon, you know this sounds weird as heck. AI in FPS games are never that great and can never act as intelligently as humans. That's what makes multiplayer great. If I wanted to play against bots, then I'll play a single player game. There could be some serious issues with this game.

UnHoly_One1676d ago

I'm not "damage controlling" anything.

The game is designed to be different than your typical shooter.

It's not meant to be 24 humans on a side.

If that's what you want, go play Battlefield.

Meanwhile, I'll be playing this game that's trying to be different and unique.

All I'm trying to say is that all the haters don't really understand the design of the game and how it is meant to work.

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Sayai jin1676d ago

Oh Cineblend. I'm not sure if the player count will matter as I have not played the game yet.

CapsLocke1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

15 peoples that already played this unreleased game thinks it's not good and disagrees with you.

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JohnnyTower1676d ago

Titanfalls high article count probably won't matter either.

kewlkat0071676d ago

"Fact: there's never been a quality multiplayer shooter with 12 or fewer players. Except GoldenEye 64. And Halo: Combat Evolved. And Gears of War, Perfect Dark, Left 4 Dead, and Doom. But those games came out years ago. "

False: Seems article

Batnut001676d ago

IT's supposed to be a satire and not to be taken too seriously. He's just showing why it DOESN'T actually matter.

kewlkat0071676d ago

I guess my satire sucks..

Gunstar751676d ago

As he goes on to list some of the greatest games ever.... Lol

UnHoly_One1676d ago

You realize the article was meant to be a joke, right?

It's making fun of all the idiots that think the game is automatically bad because it's 6v6.

Gunstar751676d ago

Riiight...that was lost on me. I was a bit drunk last night :0)

GoPanthers9991676d ago

BF4 is awesome and addictive with 32v32. Titanfall is a new IP, and i hope that it will match the fun I am having with BF4 on Xbox One.

mgszelda11676d ago

imo at this point 1080p should be standard in all games. Why is it such an issue in the new gen. They've been trying to do it since the beginning of last gen. 4K is all the rage, it's not like we're asking for that resolution.
As for the 6 on 6, that does seem a little lack luster for a killer IP on "impressive new tech" Killing a bot is in no way as satisfying as killing a player. BF4 does 64 ppl with different vehicles, granted all the bugs with BF4 doesn't help but I think if given the polish it needed Titanfall could reach a higher player count. I'm not saying 64 like BF but something higher than 12. At this point it's just a slightly different version of Cod

pumpactionpimp1676d ago

@ mgszelda1

Well for your first statement, 1080p is quite demanding. The fact that a new gen of consoles came out with "more power", doesn't mean much. You're expecting gaming pc power, out of a box that's roughly half the price. Just because the tech specs on these consoles look great means nothing. They don't have discreet graphics, they have pooled memory, and are running on modified laptop cores to meet a 150-200 watt power constraint. Compare that to a 650+ watt pc with a high end graphics card and a cpu, and you see why 1080p is realistically hard to achieve.

That's not to say the consoles are bad, just don't expect a Ferrari when you can only afford a honda.

and as far as player count goes, I'm sure the developers know what is best for their game.

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