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Major Nelson says DLNA streaming is coming to the Xbox One… eventually

According to Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Live, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Microsoft is still looking into adding DLNA support to the recently released Xbox One. Unfortunately the feature doesn't have a solid release date yet. (Xbox One)

GraveLord  +   475d ago
Xbox One doesn't have it either? I thought PS4 was the only one without it.

Bring on the firmware updates.
staticdash22  +   475d ago
FACTUAL evidence  +   475d ago
I bought a X1 and was shocked at some of the features striped. No voice messaging was one of them....I was tooo shocked. I can go on but people will bubble me down for saying the truth. I was also suprised you can't view achievements offline just like ps4 trophies.
ForgottenProphecy  +   475d ago
I did notice the trophy thing. I think it's bullcrap I can't view my hard earned trophies when my internet is acting up
Necro_559  +   475d ago
You cant view your trophies offline with the PS4. Once you set up a PSN account, you can no longer see your trophies without a network connection.
Blaze929  +   475d ago
the irony in both systems not supporting something so basic offline as trophies/achievements - i swear, both were originally going to go with that DRM route. It just doesn't make sense otherwise.
SITH  +   475d ago
Well if you paid attention to the fact that microsoft had to overhaul the xbox one OS after the backlash from the DRM polcies announced at E3, then you would know that multiple features were put on hold to meet launch day. They are all inevitably coming.
Jvaughn661  +   475d ago
Lol that explains why I couldn't figure out how to voice message. Hopefully it will be updated soon.
TheXgamerLive  +   475d ago
No voice messaging, mines fine day one. Not sure there.
pat_11_5  +   474d ago
Those features will get added eventually.
bolbgt  +   475d ago
I was sad when I found that out but on the bright side it supports some other type of DLNA though, I forgot the term. It's like Apple Air Play except not proprietary. On Windows 7+ (or Windows Phones), without installing anything, you can right click a compatible video file and click 'Play To' which pushes the video onto the TV. You don't have the perks of DLNA servers but it has its own benefits and it's better than nothing.
cell989  +   475d ago
well yeah of course only with Windows products
KingDadXVI  +   475d ago
@Factual I won't down vote you down as you are correct. I knew this when I bought mine for the kids and myself before Christmas as it has been out for months that it would not support pulling DLNA only pushing it at launch.

@bolbgt Basically the way it works now is that you can push a file from a device to the Xbox One using an intermediary app but you cannot go on the Xbox One at the moment and from the UI or an app in the UI pull a file from your connected device.

I am a little suspicious of the comment:

“So we certainly would like to bring that back, but we’re going to try to figure it out. It’s always a balance of time and resources when you’re building something like this… We want to make sure we’re doing it the right way and that it’s something that’s going to be the most appealing for everyone,” said Hryb.

Now obviously he is not a programmer for the Xbox One but it is running on the Windows 8 Kernel and there are lots of DLNA streaming apps out there that are available for Windows8/8.1 so it should not be an issue unless they have to do something on the firmware side.

I personally use Plex Media Server on my HTPC and its accompanying Plex app which I have installed on my Samsung 55 8000 series. I just select Plex on my TV in Smart Hub and it shows me all 2200 plus movies I have on there and allows me to control it with the TV remote.

I know that the developers of Plex are more than willing to put out an app for the Xbox One as they have one already for Windows 8 so it would be easy to port over.

Either MS is looking to develop their own media server solution which makes little sense after they dumped Media Center/Extender, they truly need to do a firmware update to allow this functionality through either WiFi or Ethernet cable, or they are waiting for the fusion of their new app store which is going to cover Windows Phone/Windows 8/Xbox One.

Not sure which but it is one of the key things that I want to see done soon along with the completely integrated One Guide for Canada. Once I have those two items in place I will never have to use a remote to watch TV or stream media again.

Come on MS this is a very simple fix that does not require much thought so get this shit out.
Bigpappy  +   475d ago
You can do that with your win 8 music to X1, but I have not tried any vid's. Need to test that out.
showtimefolks  +   475d ago
eventually is the key word here for both ms and sony, let's be honest here. People who will be buying the ps4 and xbox one in fall 2014 will be getting a much more complete system and more content offerings and more services

just like when you buy a huge FPS at launch(yeh looking at you BF4)only to end up as being beta testers so players who buy it later will get a much better experience


whether we like it or not both systems are only useful if you have psn/xbox live, issue with MS was all that you must connect to the net every 24hours or no used games

there is a way to do always online with few exceptions but in MS's case they wanted everything done their way and it back fired and might have cost them self the USA market where they had such a strong share hold with xbox360
GadgetGooch  +   475d ago
DLNA already works on XO, You can already stream any media you want to the XO using skifta on your PC, smartphone or tablet...been able to do it since day one...doing it right now as a matter of fact.....why don't people know this? Plus I find doing it this way much easier, you can control the media through ur phone, pause, play, rewind....Being able to actively look at my media through XO isn't a problem for me at all and anyone who stays up to date on tech shouldn't have a problem either really....
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Kayant  +   475d ago
why don't people know this? Because it's not a native feature but a workaround. You can also use Plex in a similar way on PS4.
beerzombie  +   475d ago
That's how I do it and it works great and its free
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donnieboy  +   475d ago
mhunterjr  +   475d ago
It's possible to stream media from the PC to the xb1 right now.... It's just a lot more tedious than before.

On the 360, you could explore your shared folder right from the device. On the xb1 you have to go to your PC, right click the file, and select. 'Play To' the. Choose your xb1...

Definitely a major step back, but the functionality is there... I can't believe they call it at all-in-one device, but haven't gotten this ironed out
JohnnyTower  +   475d ago
So Sony kills it at CES and this is all the Xbox camp has to say? There be some scrambling at the MS HQ now.
Queasy  +   475d ago
MS wasn't at CES at all so that's pretty much a non-issue.
JohnnyTower  +   475d ago
Yes I know MS wasnt there. All I was saying is that this is huge for Sony. And Im sure that Microsoft probably wasnt prepared for this reveal. Sony beating Microsoft to the utilization of the cloud is huge IMO. I own and love my Xbox One, but Sony definitely piqued my interest to say the least. Microsoft may follow suit or have a plan in action, but all eyes are on Sony at the moment.
Queasy  +   475d ago
The Playstation Now reveal wasn't anything new so I doubt they caught Microsoft unaware. It's been known (except for the branding) since Sony purchased Gaikai in 2012. They even mentioned they were bringing it to the PS4 in 2014 during E3 last summer. So yeah, nice announcement but pretty much a known factor.

Just FYI, Microsoft demoed game streaming in-house last September with Halo 4 being streamed to a Windows Phone so this is something they've been working on a while as well.

Jvaughn661  +   475d ago
Isn't playstation now kind of like DRM? You need to be connected "obviously" and games are licensed not owned. Xbox one's DRM had some flaws: Always online and Region Locked, but that was easily changed. Xbox was trying to set up a system of game licensing like steam so games would be cheaper. I think we may have missed out, but who knows. Xbox will probably come up with something like PSNOW soon hopefully.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   475d ago
Why do you assume they wanted to match steam prices?

Look what they did with GFWL, barely any support, no deals and full retail price for old games, until they canned the service leaving all the GFWL customers in limbo.MS are the worst.
pat_11_5  +   474d ago
This interview was done way before CES (about two weeks). Definitely don't consider it a response to PlayStation Now.
BattleTorn  +   475d ago
Who cares? (not I)

I hate the Windows Media Centre streaming, namely cause it basically only supports M-peg4.
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4logpc  +   475d ago
I think you were using media center all wrong.
KingDadXVI  +   475d ago
So don't use Windows Media Centre. I don't as I did not like it either although it did support more than Mpeg4.

I use Plex which is a breeze and has apps for nearly every device out there. It auto loads all the metadata for your media files i.e. posters, descriptions, ratings, actors, directors etc. I have over 2200 1080p surround sound movies that I stream all my devices at home or abroad from my HTPC and it works like a charm. There is a small learning curve when you first set it up but after that it is smooth sailing. They even have the app for Windows 8 so it should be easy to port over to the Xbox One.
rainslacker  +   474d ago
I really like PS3 Media Server. Despite the name it's not an official Sony product, but runs off Java. It's pretty fluid, easy to use, and lots of transcoding options that display right on the DLNA device.

It's been a while since I tried WMC, but it seemed overly complicated. I like just being able to add shared folders and not having to fuss with anything.

There may be better media servers out there, but for the past 3 years I've never had a reason to search one out.
redcar121  +   475d ago
I feel ripped off so much missing on ps4 and x1 yes i have both now
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Drekken  +   475d ago
The typical uninformed consumer, folks.
redcar121  +   475d ago
So can u control your mates ps4 no u cant ,,,, can x1 stream twitch yet no this should of been day 1 stuff its like buying a sport car and been told you can only do 50 till u get a engine tune
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Drekken  +   474d ago
If you did any research before spending $500.00 on something you would have known which features were in and which were not there yet. Use your brain when spending your hard earned money instead of blindly buying things and then getting all upset about it.

Your sports car analogy is just dumb.
pat_11_5  +   475d ago
I didn't know about this. I did a bit of research and it definitely is possible. The functionality pales in comparison to what the Xbox 360 could do though.
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Necro_559  +   475d ago
I think the worse thing about the Xbox ONE is that profiles are no longer downloaded to the system. The Xbox ONE is now like the PS3 and PS4 where when you sign out of PSN or Xbox Live, you sign out of your whole account. Where as on the Xbox 360, you could sign out of Xbox LIVE but stay signed into your profile offline. Which also makes it so that your achievements arent viewable without an internet connection. This is my eyes is the wort thing they did. Achievements are no longer a system feature but an Xbox LIVE feature. That is absolute stupidity on the part of MS. This was some thing MS did better then Sony. Now its the same shitty way. Fix this MS, make it so that we can view our achievements without an internet connection. This is BS. And dont get me started about all the other stuff missing, like recent friends and the ability to rate said recent friends. I mean how stupid are you MS, you brag about your new reputation system but theres no way to view and rate your recent friends? WHAT! LOL. No voice messages, profiles not detailed enough. So many things to stripped or thats broken or missing. A total fail on MS's part/.
christocolus  +   475d ago
The upcoming xbx one update must to be a very rich one.
DanzoSAMA  +   475d ago
Do not worry with Microsoft
Updates coming soon :)
Gh05t  +   475d ago
This right here is why the idea of an all in one entertainment machine is full of BS. Please tell me how not having access from my all in one to my networked movie drive is even concievable. I mean what do they think a HTPC does?

I mean seriously I can't even put a video on a flash drive and play it while it's plugged in.

This was a huge leap backwards for me and I now feel less than impressed that it's not a priority because it wasn't widely used. This is really a key feature to be an all in one device.
donscrillinger  +   475d ago
Well I have figured out a way to stream everything from my PC to the xbox 1 .1st you need an smart phone preferably An android cause thats wat I have Nexus4 but Anyway go to the google play store and download the app called imediashare or the app called Skifta and those two app pretty much do the same thing .which allows you to stream content from your phone or your PC as long as your connected to your home network to your Xbox One .it works flawlessly ..try it out .Brought to you bye StreetGeekz
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Grown Folks Talk  +   475d ago
I use bubble upnp to stream media to my Xbox One from my Galaxy Tab. I can access media from any pc on my home network & send it to the One or my 360s.
PawnSacrifice  +   475d ago
I just select the clip (using Win Media Player & streaming turned on) from my pc upstairs, right click, select 'play to', select Xbox One, & Bam!
[I do tho look forward for access to my vid collection on my PC from the X1, saving me what amounts to exercise]
pat_11_5  +   474d ago
That's what I want to do. Sending individual files doesn't cut it for me.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   474d ago
That is a step in the right direction, the idea Sony and Microsoft put out these multi-functional consoles without the simple ability to play CD's and stream from PC is funny.

You buy a console at launch and they immediately expect you to buy three different subscriptions just to use it like you would the previous generation.
ownag3  +   474d ago
You can use Plex to stream video to your PS4. You just install Plex on your PC and then go to a specific link in your PS4's browser in order to view your content. Here's the article on how to do it, where to download, the link to view your content, etc.: http://gamingbolt.com/how-t... (also, read the comments as a few peeps say it works). ^^
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pat_11_5  +   474d ago
Really? I had no idea you could do that. This doesn't work on the Xbox One though right? Because it doesn't have an internet browser.
Grown Folks Talk  +   473d ago
Xbox One has IE just like the 360. Download it from the app section.

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