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PlayStation Now hands-on: you'll never think of gaming the same way again | TheVerge

The Verge: Sony has finally spilled the details on its Gaikai-powered streaming service PlayStation Now, and we wasted no time in giving it a try. PlayStation Now lets owners of Sony hardware (including PS4, PS3, Vita, and Bravia TVs) stream some of the company's greatest games — all from the cloud. The demo at Sony's CES show booth features four titles, including The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, and Puppeteer. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony, The Last Of Us)

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The_Infected  +   691d ago
Sounds great and it will only improve over time. This is just the beginning!
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waltyftm  +   691d ago
Really great stuff imo.
Conzul  +   691d ago
Yeah now I'll be able to get around to trying Ni No Kuni. Missed it on PS3.
Kingthrash360  +   691d ago
sony is killin the game right now! i wish them all the success with psNOW and i can wait to use the service!
GrizzliS1987  +   691d ago
give it 10 years, when google fiber becomes a standard and we start getting 100+mbs standard for minimal cost, consoles are over.

Streaming will be instantaneous without kickups at 4k res in 10 years.

Technology rises exponentially, imagine 10 years ago when runescape was at its prime LOLOL and most of us were hearing dial tone before getting on the internet.

Along with virtual reality, ladies and gentleman i promise you, the ps5 and xbtwo are gonna be obsolete. Make way for a $200 dollar software download to your tv that acts like the next gen system with any game you want ready to stream instantly.

and this is by the way why they are so eager to fight for the living room space. One who has their name associated with the living room will be the one people download on their tvs, thus why microsoft already made their first steps with the xbone.
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abzdine  +   691d ago
Sony just drop a massive BOMB.. Good luck for the competitors cause never a gen has been this well prepared... EVER!
GiggMan  +   691d ago
I agree. Finally real use of Cloud technology...
webeblazing  +   691d ago
This service we cool. How are we gonna play games on the TV is they new TV gonna be able to sync with ds4
thereapersson  +   691d ago
Not really sure why you received so many disagrees, GrizzliS1987. Your post didn't seem biased or outlandishly sensationalist. Just seems like nothing more than imaginative speculation, which there's nothing wrong with.
Ritsujun  +   691d ago
Meanwhile, Microsoft's heads are still in the clouds.
"Our 100,000 servers will make your Xbone 3 times more powerful!!!"
P0werVR  +   691d ago

Dude, this is streaming games. Nothing special. Cloud Computing it's where it's at and that is what I'll be waiting for what Sony has for that. You guys are over hyping this feature.

Cloud Computing is the future and will define how we will think of games. Look at the future titles for Xbox One and tell it's not innovative with Cloud Computing?

Providing developers a platform that is "changeable" overtime even after a titles release. Playstation Now can't do that.
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abzdine  +   691d ago
an xbox fanboy saying that i'm over hyping something xbox doesn't have.
cloud computing? do you have proofs it works? in your heads fanboys i guess
P0werVR  +   691d ago

Proof?! It's already been proven with Drivatars. Can you not even consider that AI innovation? Also, most of Microsoft's first party studio titles have explained that it will use Cloud Computing.

So it already exist and has been proven. It's only in the heads of Sony fanboys that DON'T want to accept it and are in denial of actual facts.

Also, Microsoft dropped billions for it's Cloud Computing, what makes you think it couldn't start a sad service which prove nothing significant but a replays of games online? I've used game streaming services and it's NOTHING good about it. Unless your into that. Cloud Computing is the true innovator and provider of innovative gameplay features.
nightsurge  +   690d ago
Wow... how quickly Sony fans forget that MS has their own streaming game service in the works and already demoed it several months ago playing Halo 4 on a tablet and phone. People need to quit being fanboys and realize that MS has every form of cloud set for Xbox One.
Pogmathoin  +   690d ago
Grizzlis speaks truthfully, not the norm here. It will be at least 10 years before the networks can really have a chance of handling this. People may think they have a fast connection, but when everyone starts using this without the right infrastructure in place, its bad for everyone. Funny, everyone here commented about how the network would not be good enough for cloud computing for X1, but suddenly its just fine and dandy for streaming like this.... Sony are laying the groundwork for PS5 if you ask me, the same way Xbox live was formed on original Xbox, but really only grew on 360. Ya gotta see the bigger picture down the road.... this is not for today, but for tomorrow....
Ares84HU  +   690d ago
I don't like this one bit.

GrizzliS1987 is right guys. That is where this technology leads. Say goodbye to owning your games. Video game collectors won't be able to collect new games anymore. Unfortunately if this becomes successful there won't be any disc based games in the future. It all will be streamed and you will only buy a license to play games. I'm a video game collector. Mainly collect playstation games and I'm sad to say this but this will destroy any future real gaming has. And if you think it will be cheaper, think again. PS3 or 4 games are $59.99 in a store and also $59.99 on PSN. It should be cheaper on PSN but it's not so yeah. They will not give you these licenses for any less.

I'm saying this now, this is the downfall of gaming and this is an attempt at taking away ownership of your video games. This will happen because morons will happily support it without understanding what this does. There might not even be a PS5 if this is successful. Thank you all who support this for destroying gaming as we know it.

At least we will have PS1,2,3 and 4 games to go back to.
nukeitall  +   690d ago
Where are all the people complaining about bandwidth?

I remember how that used to be a problem, when MS went all digital on Xbox One (despite games being available on disc).

Fact of the matter is streaming games at 720p requires a significant amount of bandwidth that is stable, otherwise you get artifacts. On top of that, you can have a high bandwidth, but terrible latency.

This means unresponsive controls, or even screen. In a controlled environment where there are 2 hops in your personal network, it won't be a problem.

Try the same over the internet, and in one hour of gaming the experience will be inconsistent. Because each time you send an input, the servers need to get this. So previously in a 30fps game, you had 133ms to render the screen. Now in that same time frame you need to send and receive data in addition to the game engine running. Your internal network has likely 10ms ping time, but the internet is extremely fast when you hit 33ms. A ping time of 100-250ms isn't unusual.

At least with a movie like Netflix, it can buffer in the background and time shift the movie.

Can't do that with a game that is real time dependent. It wasn't good when OnLive did it, and neither was it good when Gakai did it.

Doubt the internet infrastructure has suddenly changed making it any significantly better now.
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3-4-5  +   691d ago
Cool now lets get some of those PS3 RPG's on there so I don't feel tempted to buy a PS3, and I can just buy a Vita + PS4 instead.
MestreRothN4G  +   691d ago
Sure, when it dominates, we will miss when we played without permanent INPUT LAG.
HaveAsandwich  +   691d ago
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   691d ago
Agree, Just being able to rent games is an awesome feature to me! MS, Your Turn.
JohnnyTower  +   691d ago
Gonna be some sleepless nights at the Xbox camp. This reveal is a game changer.
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Kavorklestein  +   691d ago
This seems awesome, but I think It means something else, that we all seem to be overlooking.
Sony did MS fans a big favor with this actually.
People will be able to Play PS3 games without owning a PS3, making the PS3 exclusives Sony fans have been going on and on about, irrelevant to why an individual should actually ever own/have owned that console. Now, MS fans get YOUR (past gen) exclusives, without paying what YOU had to pay, and they can also have all your old school ps1/ps2 games without even owning a single sony product. MS fans benefit from this more than Sony fans do in a sense, unless there is some kind of free/bonus/incentives that come with using a Sony console/tv/handheld to do it.
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Eonjay  +   691d ago

I dont see a problem with Microsoft fans having cheap access to PlayStation games. Games are meant to be played by as msnh people as possible. They should be shared. Take advantage of the opportunity to try some of the great titles in the PlayStation catalog. Find out why people get so excited for Naughty Dog or Santa Monica Studios. All gamers should be able to play these great studios games.
michaelglass   690d ago | Spam
AceBlazer13  +   691d ago
Good to hear it was decent. Kinda makes you wonder if console's days are actually numbered.
iamnsuperman  +   691d ago
Well the article does mention some lag and the quality not being as good as disc based games. It seems we can do it with the current infrastructure but it is far from a viable way to use it as the primary platform. Problem is the infrastructure needs a major upgrade which is going to take decades due to it costing a lot (and also console requirements for stream will increase each generation)
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Phene  +   691d ago
Yeh I read an article saying latency will need to be low for this to shine, but thats expected with anything streaming. Wonder what the cost will be and the rental prices ...either way, finally nice to see promised features being implemented.
frostypants  +   691d ago
@Phene: Latency is far less important with non-interactive streaming such as movies, because they can cache and synch it. Can't do that with games...there is no way to hide the latency.
fanboybeatdown  +   690d ago
ok. I am glad I am not the only one here who noticed there was multiple references to bandwidth and lag issues.

The article states:

--"Yes, there's a slightly perceptible lag between button presses and the corresponding action onscreen"

--"In terms of graphics, the experience isn't perfectly on par with what you'd get from a PS3"

--"Sony emphasized that everything will depend on your bandwidth"

--"We noticed some visual artifacts on screen"

If you have really fast internet, you can probably play ps3 games over gakai at reduced graphical quality with perceptible lag.
That's basically the story without all the gushing.
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RealtorMDandDC  +   690d ago
Well Engadget seems to disagree with you. And there was minimum lag. 5mbps is nothing, the average internet connection speed in the US is 18.2mbps.

Source: http://commercialobserver.c...

Currently we are streaming 1080p video content from PSN using PS cloud.

The infrastructure is here and would only get better.
Rageanitus  +   691d ago
Nope just look at Onlive on PC..... the quality is NOT as good or even come close to a power house PC gaming rig.

Just look at Netflix it is satisfactory for certain content.... but many stil prefer watching on BD disc due to sound and pure native resolution.
hankmoody  +   691d ago
Really curious about the pricing on this.
SpiralTear  +   691d ago
I'm assuming it'll be a separate subscription service, but I'm hoping that PS+ subscribers will get some kind of discount at the very least.

However, since PS+ is almost required at this point and so many people have it, that hope is steadily fading.
Conzul  +   691d ago
I find myself wishing that there would be a higher-priced PS+, giving us access to PsNow and VideoUnlimited and MusicUnlimited and trimmings. If it was a buffet-style subscription, I'd pay 10-20 /mo cus I wouldn't need Netflix anymore.

Never underestimate the value of getting everything in one place...
cell989  +   691d ago
@Conzul I agree allow more PS4s per account to that package please. They need some kind of PS+ premium service with added feature as you mentioned Video Unlimited and Music UNlimited would be a good start
ramiuk1  +   691d ago
i would expec thatif ps+ didnt get u online ps4 play but i think ps+ is already worth way more than we pay anyway.
im just wondering what will happen to the ps+ games if everything is avaible over psnow
Joey_Leone  +   691d ago
Thats what im saying, now i have 3 services from sony alone that im going to be paying for, PS+ For online play (50$), to listen to my custom soundtracks (5$) and NOW this. What is sony trying to pull? Whatever it is, it stinks. Custom soundtracks used to be free along with the online. Microtransactions are taking over as well, remember when dlc used to be free? I might just quit.
scott182  +   691d ago
I personally think ps+ is an amazing deal, it saves me money because instead of buying games I just download what comes out on plus. You make it sound like every time something comes out to buy you are forced to purchase it... If it works for you financially do it, if not don't!
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GTgamer  +   691d ago
mp3 support will come in the future so just wait I mean you have alot of devices that play music no ones telling you to use music unlimited :/ your getting mad about something your not forced to do.
cell989  +   691d ago
Id like to add that music unlimited is actually pretty badass any song any time anywhere as long as there is internet its not grounded just to your PS4 I use it on my Iphone aswell, Pandora has become useless now.
SpiralTear  +   691d ago
It seems that the Bravia TV streaming has some issues, but that's not necessarily indicative of Vita or PS4 streaming.
The_Infected  +   691d ago
Here's another great article with Playstation Now hands on.
Ripsta7th  +   691d ago
I hope im in dat beta :p Sony usually sends me alot of emails which i mever bother to read. Will start checking them
nevin1  +   691d ago
I'll stick to the actual PS1,PS2,PS3 hardware for my BC needs.
Joey_Leone  +   691d ago
Thats actually the smart way to play your old games, there is a handfull of idiot gamers that are willing to pay YEARLY out of pocket to play something they already purchased a decade ago.
DanielGearSolid  +   691d ago
Yea... I'm sold
Sayburr  +   691d ago
Looks like I will have to get a PS4...
theshredded  +   691d ago
Yes beyond,puppeteer and ascension are available!!
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   691d ago
depending on the price i will get it but then again i don't play older games anymore
DanielGearSolid  +   691d ago
Rpgs man! Rpgs!
Spontogical  +   691d ago
Do you think they'll potentially put up every PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 title up for streaming in the coming years??

It really does sound like the PS4 will be the last traditional console in the industry - then again, Broadband connections across the world are still really poor on average.. only places like the US and China/Japan will do handsomely well with this.

Looking forward to seeing it rollout in the EU come 2015.
Callediceman  +   691d ago
get me some Gran Turismo 6 on my ps4!
theshredded  +   691d ago
Crap I have 1mb internet jajajaja
I hope they won't ditch bringing them into the store
Godmars290  +   691d ago
MS talks about cloud gaming, shows no examples of their claims or what they intend.

Sony talks about cloud gaming, shows examples of what they intend as they officially announce it.
Dlacy13g  +   691d ago
MS has already shown streaming. Reports came out a while back I believe during the MS Build Conference when they showed off Halo 4 stream playing to a phone but there were no announcements or discussions of a service at that time, just discussing the tech. It's coming for sure but clearly they aren't ready to announce anything. I think MS also wants to see how Sony positions price on this service.
Godmars290  +   691d ago
My point exactly. There is no publicized proof of what they want to do. No to few articles in regards to hands on. Sony's doing floor demos *NOW* while MS were the first to talk about and promote their cloud plans but any actual demonstration has been behind closed doors.
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mhunterjr  +   691d ago
We already knew this type of cloud gaming was possible. This, as impressive as it is, is really the same type of service Gaikai was already offering before Sony bought them.

What Microsoft is talking about is a more ambitious, and quite frankly, unprecedented, so it's no surprise that it would take longer for it to be consumer ready. There is a ton of technical hurdles they'll have to overcome to make their offering viable.
Godmars290  +   691d ago
What MS's PR have been talking up has been dismissed by many outside of MS who know about cloud distribution. And they've yet to show anything publicly.

And really, the main point is if it could take them any amount of time as they make these promises, they might only deliver them into their next console. Do just what they've pretty much done with Kinect.
mhunterjr  +   691d ago
Who cares what people outside of MS have dismissed. MS is one of the largest, most prominent, and most successful tech companies to ever grace the planet. And only they know what's going on in their labs., and they'll now a thing or two about networking.

Maybe their cloud ambitions won't pan out in the near future. Maybe they will. I don't own or know how to opporate a Crystal ball. That's not what my comment was about. It was about the lack of a public presentation... Which is perfectly understandable. They'll demonstrate it when it's ready. What Sony is presenting is already a proven technology. I'd be surprised if the DIDN'T have something to show relatively quickly.

It wasn't so long ago, that folks were claiming something like Onlive would be impossible, a few years later, we had Gaikai which lead us to playstation Now. History is littered with successful ideas that detractors rejected, right up until the day they were proven wrong. If there's any constant in technology, it's that tomorrow is coming.
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Godmars290  +   691d ago
Point is, that until MS actually shows something and then don't have to do damage control, all they're doing is promoting something they can't and wont deliver.

As for Online and Gaikai, no, that tech isn't proven either. Both companies though they released, they never reached a point where they were proven. They never made a profit and suffered lag issues. So Sony is going to have a few hills to climb.

But again, at least they're more proven than something not yet shown.
mhunterjr  +   691d ago
No, the point is, everything is unproven, until it's proven. Unproven doesn't equal impossible. You are so sure that they 'won't deliver' . Well, the wright brothers had there detractors too...

As far as Gaikai is concerned, it 'proved' it viability to Sony. That's why they were purchased.
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Godmars290  +   691d ago
Given that all but the old claim that gives candy flavored BJs, I think that very least with no evidence of what MS will deliver through the cloud exactly, or when really, that it shouldn't be automatically accepted that it wont be less.
MasterCornholio  +   691d ago
"No, the point is, everything is unproven, until it's proven."

I agree with you that until Microsoft demonstrates the benefits of Xbox Live compute it doesn't exist. People keep talking about how Xbox Live compute will increase the power of the Xbox One but so far Microsoft hasn't shown anything to prove that yet. So until they do its a bunch of hot air.

I'm glad that Sony demonstrated the Gaikai streaming technology because that proves that it exists. On top of that they will have a closed beta soon so there will be leaks on it. And finally Gaikai is coming out this summer which is fantastic because I hate it when firms anounce something but they release it several years later.

Good to see that Sony is extremely well prepared when it comes to their cloud streaming technology however Microsoft better do a good job with Xbox Live compute because it seems like a marketing tool more than a piece of useful tech for their system.

Shortened version: Sony proved their cloud technology and Microsoft didnt.
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mhunterjr  +   690d ago
@Godmars290 if your philosophy on life is assume things will never happen until it's publicly demoed, so be it... but that doesn't mean it's a rational way of thinking. some would prefer to be cautiously optimistic given the advances in tech. We wouldn't see square enix developing Flame Engine, which uses the power from multiple networked computers to process a game before steaming the results back to the user (ie cloud computing) or Nvidia developing and demonstrating cloudlight, which used hybrid, split code cloud based rendering, which is exactly on of the uses MS says that they would use it for. if there was a consensus in the tech industry that these things are impossible, why would others in the industry be working on the same idea? If these companies can do it, why would it be impossible for MS? It seems you only cite those who dismiss the idea because you don't want it to happen, or at least don't want Microsoft to be successful with it.

@mastercornholio. It's great that Sony is so far along with PlayStation Now. But I'd be surprised if they weren't, considering it's exactly what gaikai was already delivering before, but now it's exclusively on Sony hardware
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Godmars290  +   690d ago
I don't think that when a company has proven itself to be dishonest by past examples that they can no longer be taken at their word.

MS hyped Kniect for years before actually releasing it to the public. Demoed it multiple times and showed off things like Milo as what it could do. Proceeded to fall flat on their face with many demos revealed - as they were shown - to be faked. Milo especially was thoroughly staged and eventually canceled. Kinect was finally released and likewise many of the games presented for it failed to deliver on excessive hype. With some even shown off to be worse for having Kinect as their only control method.

So no. After Kinect, after much of what happened with the XB1's roll-out with again MS saying one thing and doing another, they need to do more than simply talk up what they intend to do with their cloud servers.
mhunterjr  +   690d ago

Nobody is disputing that they will have to demonstrate their product before it's released to consumers.

You came on here dismissing the feasibility of the technology, choosing to cite anonymous sources and folks with obvious biases, despite the fact that heavy hitters in the industry have already demonstrated that such technology is possible.

I'm glad you've admitted that you tirade was more about distrust of Microsofts PR than a discussion of legitimate technical limitations.

Kinect is not Xbox Cloud compute. To assume that Microsoft will not deliver because kinect has failed to impress you is not an assumption grounded in reason.

Based on what I've seen with Project Flare and CloudLight I know xbox cloud compute is possible and I'm cautiously optimistic, that MS has the talent required to pull off their vision; and I know for a fact that they have the capital and the infrastructure to pull it off.

I'm basing my stance on current evidence, and not grievances with MS' past practices.
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beerzombie  +   691d ago
You lie they showed Halo 4 streamed to a windows phone.
bligmerk  +   691d ago
Hope they add Nino Kuni to the list. Didn't get it for the PS3 and now having a PS4, the PS3 is too slow to even turn on anymore. PS Now -- NOW!
Jubez187  +   691d ago
Probably wont be great for twitchy games, but RPG's should be fine. But like he said, it depends on bandwidth.
ShinnokDrako  +   691d ago
I can forget about it. My connection is obscene, i could get input lag even if i tried to stream a Game Boy game. No wait, my net would be too slow for it, i couldn't play it at all.
Dlacy13g  +   691d ago
The only scary part of streaming to me is two fold: 1) per the article "the experience isn't perfectly on par with what you'd get from a PS3, but Sony emphasized that everything will depend on your bandwidth. " and that comes from an experience where the server running the games at CES was just down the hall from the booth. I think bandwidth and ping (two seperate things really) are both going to be hidden elements most wont think about.

2) ISP's are going to be put into a position where capping and offering levels of data caps may become a more common model which if you stream alot ....will probably cost a ton.
#19 (Edited 691d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hellzsupernova  +   691d ago
Was the server in the same building?

It wasn't running to gaikai servers?

It shouldn't take much more then streaming video should it, cause that's all your really doing.

I do agree though hopefully ISP don't screw down on consumers
Dlacy13g  +   691d ago
In the Destroid article they mention this: "Gameplay was very responsive and completely lag free. Sony told us that a Gaikai server from down the hall was running the game."

That doesn't mean it wont be great but certainly puts up a cautionary flag from my view given Sony emphasized that everything will depend on your bandwidth.
hellzsupernova  +   691d ago
Ah I see. Hopefully they can pull it off then. Definite caution.
LKHGFDSA  +   691d ago
I can't imagine it being a tolerable speed in Australia.
ErryK  +   691d ago
The only reason I would ever get this is to play my PS3 and PS2 games on my Vita.
#20 (Edited 691d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
frostypants  +   691d ago
Aw man...they just had to show the opening of TLoU in the photo. Now I'm gonna be stuck thinking about that and being depressed...

Anyways, they did confirm my biggest problem with cloud gaming: input lag. That's gonna be an issue.
#21 (Edited 691d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hellzsupernova  +   691d ago
Gaming is now a two horse race. Microsoft have stated they cannot do streaming yet which is strange given their cloud power.

It is now between Vavle and Sony that's it, Sony is the console space is shockingly prepared this gen.

I want the future where it is one system one account one achievement trophy system.
Gh05t  +   691d ago
So much for a healthy competition. One system would be the opposite of a good idea. Having the ability to compete spurs innovation.
hellzsupernova  +   691d ago
The innovation would then come from the game developers at the end of the day they still need the players. I play games I don't care what the platform is, if it has the most games that appeal to me I'm there
Stevino321  +   691d ago
Wait, it is up now? I want to play my Infamous games again.
webeblazing  +   691d ago
So can you stream games you brought on the store 4 free?
Blacklash93  +   691d ago
The only way to really judge the quality of the service is going to be in the full-scale networking it's designed for, not convention demos.

Anyway, it's good to see that the picture quality is totally up to par. Hopefully they iron out the input lag, though, as that might make or break the service.
Underworld  +   691d ago
I don't like the idea of being able to play Playstation games on other devices. Wouldn't this be better if it was just for PS4? It adds a big incentive for people to get a PS4 then. And wouldn't this affect PS3 sales too? What need is there to have a PS3? You no longer need one to play PS3 games. Can we even call games like The Last of Us and Uncharted PS3 exclusives anymore since you will be able to play them on almost any device?

The Playstation platform loses its exclusives with this except for PS4 exclusives. Why not just game on PC or even X1 and play the big catalogue of PS games on anything you want?

You will still need a 360 to play 360 games. But we can't say the same for PS3 games anymore.

I'm a big Sony and Playstation fan and it does sound cool, but i don't know if I like this direction. Why do people think this is good? Honest question.
remanutd55  +   691d ago
I think if im not mistaken all the devices that the service will be available will be sony's.
LKHGFDSA  +   691d ago
I wonder if it'll get hacked to work on other devices like remote play did.
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Underworld  +   690d ago
If it's only Sony devices then it's not as bad but not sure if it is or isn't. And I still don't like the idea of being able to play Playstation games on anything other than Playstation. And it still makes the PS3 redundant now. Which sucks.

If this is successful then what if Sony completely abandons consoles after PS4 and instead just has a streaming service to all devices? I would hate that.
Drithe  +   691d ago

What happens when the service goes out 5 years after the ps4 isn't made anymore? IF your system goes out THEN YOU CANT PLAY THOSE GAMES YOU PAID FOR ANYMORE!

Digital gaming, in the end, sucks for those who would go back 10 years later and play those old games, because you end up having to buy them OVER AND OVER again.

If I cant put the game disc in my hand then screw you, I just wont play it.

End of Line.
Silly gameAr  +   691d ago
You can play those games on things other then the PS4 and if you want to keep playing disc that's your choice. No one is forcing you to try PSNow or anything else.

Stop with the dramatics.
-Gespenst-  +   691d ago
Exactly. Don't people realize that this is pretty much a textbook strategy for a corporation wishing to assert a form of total control? To reach a state at which the same thing can be sold, repossessed and resold without protestation from consumers is pretty much the ideal of corporate power everywhere. Your consent is manufactured. You think that you think this is a good idea, but that idea was quite literally implanted in your head by marketing and advertisement - the sweeping rhetoric of "Putting the power in the player's hands" and "consumer choice." NO ONE will admit that in here of that I'm sure, but unfortunately it's still true. All these "visions of the future" we're being treated to are actually for the sole purpose of, figuratively, freezing time. Stupefying consumers enough so that they settle for the same. Triple-A companies work off of the same principle - they work to find a formula that they can run into the ground for years (Assassin's Creed, CoD etc.) It's not about creativity, it's about profit, and that corrupts or spoils the creative element - renders it disingenuous. It's not about innovation or creativity, it's about hiding behind those things whilst trying to devise the best and most stable way to generate enormous profit. It's one of the things that contributes to the enormous wealth divide that plagues this world.
LKHGFDSA  +   691d ago
I just hope there won't be PS Now exclusive titles or content.
WilliamLewis   690d ago | Spam
AceofStaves  +   691d ago
The problem any game streaming service faces, be it from Sony or MS, is the poor Internet infrastructure we have in North America, not to mention the data caps, bandwidth throttles, and high prices of Internet access.

Unless we see marked improvements in those areas, I'm not sure how popular either of these services will become.
tawak  +   691d ago
meanwhile in xbox1......................... ............................... ....
chappykills  +   691d ago
Dunno about all of long as the quality is there I'm sold..I played with onlive and while it was cool...but the picture really wasn't good.. Like SD quality..I have 100mbs..on a good day and 55mbs on a normal if it doesn't look pretty with that..we all need google to show up in our town with there super fast internets lol
RedDevils  +   691d ago
damn lucky bastard 55mbs I wish I have even 10% of that without it dropping lol
chappykills  +   689d ago
Well used to have dsl with 1.5mbs with all the tablets and cell phones..along with consoles streaming netflix and Hulu..we had to get cable lol. I think it's a great idea but the worlds Internet isn't ready for this..Sony and mircosoft along with all the big company's need to stop the cable company's from limiting Internet at least during peek times..
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