You Won't Believe How Gloriously Amazing Skyrim Can Look

DSOGaming writes: "Skyrim was released two years (plus a couple of months) ago, and I seriously can’t believe how amazing its modded version looks. It’s not stretch to say that Skyrim modded puts to shame a lot of recently released titles, something that further proves the huge potential of Skyrim and how Bethesda did not take advantage of it."

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Muffins12231476d ago

Have fun running this at 10fps guys

xPhearR3dx1476d ago

Mine looks very similar to these. Environmental wise, I don't use all those AVP/Dead Space model mods and I get a steady 40-50 FPS outside and a flawless 60FPS inside. Running SLI with GTX 660 TI.

Hatsune-Miku1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

The developers should have done these things. Most of the times i get these mods they often lead to problems so i dont download them anymore.

xPhearR3dx1476d ago

Make sure you read the description of EVERY single mod. I had the same problem when I first got Skyrim for PC. 90% of the time, the reason they lead to problems is because the person downloading it failed to read.

Some modes require other mods, altering INI files, perform a clean save, or even manually adding files. Some conflict with others. For example, if you download two mods that slightly alter the appearance of Whiterun, and one changes an area in your other mod, they will conflict and you'll problems.

Once I decided to stop being lazy and read everything properly, I haven't ran into any issues.

ABizzel11476d ago


Agreed, people think these graphic mods break PC's, because it couldn't be done on their console, and it's funny to me. Have can you have an opinion on something you've NEVER PLAYED.

Most of the mods are simply HD, 2k, 4k texture packs that load into your GDDR5 RAM, so unlike you would think, you aren't taking a real hit to performance until you start adding more mods than your GPU's RAM can handle (the more GB and bandwidth you have the more mods you can run).

On top of that there are even mods you can use to increase performance giving you more FPS, and allowing you to run the game at higher setting than your PC should be capable of.

It just goes to show that the majority of you don't have a gaming PC. You have a basic Black Friday like PC with no dedicated GPU, and yet your here discussing things you know nothing about. Go to a computer store like Microcenter, and learn about gaming PC's.

thekhurg1476d ago

Doesn't change the boring gameplay though.

SilentNegotiator1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

"I don't use all those AVP/Dead Space model mods"
But you at least use the Macho Man Randy Savage Dragon mod, right? RIGHT???

Why would I "not believe" this? Even if I hadn't used the mods myself, this is only the 100,000th "OMG LOOK AT THESE SCREENSHOTS WE STOLE OF A MOD" article of Skyrim.

DragonKnight1476d ago

@Silent: The question is, how can you NOT use the Macho Man Dragon Mod? I'd have to ask anyone who doesn't "Bro, do you even mod?"

And I agree with you about the article. In a month, another one of these will pop up. And the amount of these that pop up is very telling about what is important to modders and the community's wants.

Irishguy951476d ago

"Doesn't change the boring game though"

No, but there are other mods for that. PC versions are always the definitive version

MarkusMcNugen1476d ago

If you care about realism, why not give this disturbing mod a try.

frostypants1476d ago

@IrishGuy95, actually, the definitive version of software is what is released by devs, not modders. I'd also argue that the definitive version of Diablo 3 is the one on consoles (and I'd be right).

decrypt1475d ago


Yea you keep telling yourself that lol.

frostypants1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

@decrypt, do you ever get tired of being wrong?

AndrewLB1475d ago

xPhearR3dx- I highly recommend Nexus Mod Manager, BOSS, SKSE Loader, and Wrye Bash. Use these utilities and to install mods, detect conflicts, and run repairs, etc... without having to manually edit anything. They not only got me up and running about 30 mods, the two times I screwed up the game install was fixed in about 10 minutes using Wrye Bash.

UltimateMaster1475d ago

How bout having these graphics for next gen?

SilentNegotiator1475d ago


At least these aren't as frequent as the GTA 4 mod articles that appear with every 0.01 update to the one or two especially prominent graphics mods. But still, Skyrim mod articles appear pretty frequently.

aquamala1475d ago

lol the versions of Diablo 3 that are not even 720p (they are 1120x584) are the definitive ones?

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decrypt1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

You dont need very powerful hardware to make Skyrim look that good and yes it can still run at 60fps plus.

That is because the game was designed with 7 year old consoles in mind, obviously even midrange pc hardware is far far more powerful, hence improving the graphics doesnt really take much of a toll on the hardware.

thezeldadoth1476d ago

my really old GTS 450 played skyrim at ultra. it doesn't even phase cards today, even low to mid range ones

shuuwai1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Try running all image at 4k, high FX image example are heavy snow storm, heavy rain storm, lighting at 4k image, all character models at 4k, fog distance lifted, remodel all characters with high polygon count, building, lands, environment are are 3 times of the old model or more.

Try run that with 780, I dare you tell me you won't see black missing texture. Wish i could run at 4k images, but i doubt I'll notice the different. -_-;; I'm running at 2k images. Looks very rich and lifelike.

High setting w/o mod can be easily run at 460.

Yet using high image for everything with high count polygon models, and using a ENB system that 460 will run it, but not well.

Okay, pc mode off. -_-


I have 326 mod running in skyrim at once. -_-;;

Jovanian 1476d ago

skyrim actually runs surprisingly well even when its pimped out with a bunch of mods

Its staggering how day and night different modded skyrim is to vanilla skyrim. Vanilla skyrim offers a miniscule amount of immersion compared to skyrim with even the most basic immersion mods

GarrusVakarian1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Well seeing as Skyrim is the most immersed ive ever been in a videogame (i played the 360 version for 600+ hours), i would love to see what the immersion mods do to make it even more immersive.

Jovanian 1476d ago


One mod that is particularly drastic in how much more lively it makes skyrim feel is this one mod that adds flora and grass and plants and trees everywhere. Not just willy nilly, but region specific vegetation. Climate specific vegetation. You'd think this would tank somebodies framerate but it didn't, and it made skyrim feel so much more alive.

Theres this other mod that completely redoes nearly all of the clothing and armor and weapons, in a lore friendly manner (a guard still has that original guard armor, but certain parts of the armor is seriously overhauled and it looks excellent). These are just a couple examples, and I only install mods that match the aesthetic of the skyrim world itself, so all these immersion mods make skyrim much more skyrim-y.

There are indeed options for ridiculous and silly mods that give you a car in skyrim, or add machine guns to the game, but you don't have to download those if you don't want to, which is the beauty of modding

DragonKnight1476d ago

If you want immersion in Skyrim, you want the realistic diseases and survival mod for Skyrim (I don't know if that's the actual name, I'm going off memory).

Anyway, what the mod does is allows your character to get hungry, thirsty, and tired, forcing you to hunt, gather water, and sleep. You can't just drink or eat though. If you drink water right out of a stream, you can catch a disease. Same thing with food that isn't cooked. If you don't sleep, your stamina is affected. If you sleep just anywhere like an outdoor cot that was abandoned, you can get sick.

It also adds the ability to field dress animal carcasses and adds realistic time passage when tanning hides. You could kill a deer and proceed to skin it and find that it took hours and you're hungry when you're finished. Then you boil some water, cook the deer meet, and go to sleep and you're good.

This makes you have to consider how long it will take you to get through dungeons and plan ahead for them.

Then there's the Skyrim Economic Overhaul mod that makes Skyrim's economy more realistic as well. It changes how much gold merchants have, shows you how much items are ACTUALLY worth instead of the base number that is never factually representative of the final gold you receive, and adjusts gold acquisition.

Those 2 mods alone can add some real challenge to Skyrim.

MarkusMcNugen1476d ago


It's Realistic Needs and Diseases. A very interesting mod indeed.

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Sethry1011476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

"further proves the huge potential of Skyrim and how Bethesda did not take advantage of it"

That would be true if everyone's pc's could run these mods, but unfortunately they cant, so Bethesda has to provide for everyone's needs.

I will agree that they could add more to their max settings, but that takes time and will only ever be used by the elite few.

Bethesda realise all of this and that's why the create their games in a way that makes them easily moddable. And in this sense they actually do a really good job with all their games.

Also I agree with other comments, that the fact that they were also making this game for old console with out of date hardware would hold them back a bit.

AndrewLB1476d ago

Umm... last I checked, Skyrim was probably the most graphically advanced game on PC at the time and my PC wasn't able to run 1200p/60 with my GTX570 that I owned. And that card was the second fastest card nV made at the time.

The only thing they missed out on was not fixing the early sutttering issue that dissuaded many people early on, but by all estimates they did return to play the game once bugs were worked out.

SilentNegotiator1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Skyrim's budget has been estimated as high as $100 million. If people want to add details that mostly only people with more expensive systems will make use of, they can make it in their free-time. Bethesda can't be expected to waste more millions on the elite when console sales probably at least matched PC sales and not even half of PC gamers could experience it.

Sethry1011476d ago

Don't disagree with either of you above, hence I disagree with the statement the article makes that Bathesda didn't take advantage of the potential, my argument is that they could yes do better but its not worth it, they lose money and it stops becoming a game to become a tech demo.

MarkusMcNugen1476d ago

@Some people above me

I agree with you mostly, but there are plenty of awesome mods that are not complicated, add more immersion to the game, and do not make lower-end PCs take a FPS hit.

In this sense, there was more they could have done. When it comes to maxed out graphical fidelity however, I agree. Would cost more money than it would have been worth.

awi59511475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )


You had the wrong drivers or something i ran that game on ultra with 1 6870 @1080P and i got a locked 60fps ??? Your computer has issues or something.

For some reason bethesda games always have run very well on AMD stuff always defaulting to ultra one of the few studios that does. People like Crytek will try and tell AMD people to run on med instead of ultra but thats because nvidia payed them off. Everytime a game tries to tell me to default to med i turn it on ultra anyway and still get 60+ fps. I think its more marketing BS pulled by Nvidia.

AndrewLB1475d ago

AWI5951- There was absolutely nothing wrong with my computer. The issue was with nVidia's drivers for Kepler based graphics cards which had to do with VSYNC and triple buffering.

nVidia admitted there was a problem and it was caused by their drivers. It also took 2 months for them to fix.


In the future perhaps you should make sure you know the facts before pointing fingers. You're a PC gamer... don't behave like the Console fanboys.

awi59511474d ago


Well i was right your drivers were screwed up. You should have tried some older ones instead. I often find if a game is messed up i can find older drivers that will run a game better than the newest ones. Like when i bought bioshock infinite 2 months ago the old drivers run the game on ultra at 200 fps @1080p the newest ones only runs it at 150.

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OverPaperSkies1476d ago

Afraid it runs at 100fps+ at 1440p with my two Titans.... That's with mods.

You fail.

SilentNegotiator1476d ago

So you probably spent 3 times as much as the majority of PC gamers on your system and it runs well?


OverPaperSkies1476d ago

Yes I did and I couldn't be happier.

Okay? :)

bumnut1476d ago

I would have got 3 780 ti's

ABizzel11476d ago


Wrong, if you try to break your system, knowing you don't have the power to run 100s of mods, then yes you can get a 10fps. However, you can easily make Skyrim shatter the normal versions by adding about 10 - 20 mods, and your performance hit is minimal at best, because most of the mods are simply texture mods that use the Graphics Memory (which the original game, barely touches since it's a console port and the PS360 only have 512MB of DDR3).

Know what your talking about before speaking, it makes you look more intelligent.

ape0071476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Muffins....salty salt

HardcoreGamer1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


Iv got like the best pc set up money can buy right now so im sure mine can do 60fps , iv spent £3600 on my pc set up in the last year

tee_bag2421475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Not really. I use similar mods, texture packs, overhauls and ENB's and can run 1080p 60 fps while recording at 1080p 60 fps lol.
I do run a SLI rig though. Long live Skryim!

gapecanpie1475d ago

Amazing pics... I am running some mod at a nice steady 40 fps.

TAURUS-5551475d ago

it would look so much better on the PS4

kingduqc1475d ago

cute console kids haha. He's too used to paly on 7 year old hardware he's not aware of how pc destroy console at this point. even next gen is far behind in the dust.

assdan1475d ago

You could probably get a system that runs these graphics at 30+ fps for under a thousand dollars.

ssj271475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

This mod will look great on GTAV.. oh wait my bad lol ;)

I pass on this game after getting bored of oblivion realky fast i fired it will be more of the same. Plus there are better similar theme game like Dark Soul's with a actually good gameplay.

Those visuals do look amazing, I'm hoping for that quality after half of the PS4 life spam.

TheGreyest1475d ago

My PC just melted loading the screenshots.

edgeofsins1475d ago

Look up Hialgo graphics mod. It's amazing for increasing performance.

liquidhalos1475d ago

No point in being negative about it Muffins.

There are some incredibly talented people out there, credit where credits due

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ElementX1476d ago

I'm playing with a bunch of mods however I haven't tried out any ENBs because I've heard the frame rate takes a pretty hard hit. Skyrim does look really good with the mods I am using, however.

xPhearR3dx1476d ago

Depends on your ENB. I'm using this ENB:

As I said above, I get 40-50FPS outside and 60FPS inside. I'm also running lots of 2-4K texture mods though which are really what's hitting the performance for outside by 10-20FPS.

Some ENB's have no affect on FPS, more powerhouse ones that have tons of effects and AA do. Trust me, try out a lot of ENB's until you find one you like that performs well. It's night and day compared to vanilla.

ElementX1476d ago

I'll consider however I am only running a single 660ti

xPhearR3dx1476d ago

Even before I got my second 660TI I still had most of these mods. Not as many 2-4K texture mods, but never had issues with ENB dragging my performance down.

ENB is also very easy to get rid of. All the files start with "enb_xxxx" so deleting those plus SweetFX and it's gone.

ElementX1476d ago

I'll check it out. I have the 2k texture packs.

Are_The_MaDNess1475d ago

any newer version of enb is worth is with the ENBoost in it.
it will lower your ram usage by aton. scenes that can take up to 3gigs of ram can now just use around 600-700 megs. most times it also makes the game run faster. it all depends on the enb setting tho.

the RealVision ENB ( )is one of the better once if you like to be realistic and have vivid colors.
it even have a performance option and have support for 3 different lighting mods out of the box, but that is only if you want it to look like the dev (of the ENB) want it to look like.

the ENB manager is a great app if you plan on testing out alot of enbs, a small bit of work if you want to make a library, but quick to learn how it works.

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Back-to-Back1475d ago

I always avoid enb. The performance hit they take is terrible. I usually drops 20 fps when I enable an enb. Their are much better alternatives with less performance hits.

Splice1476d ago

Who else would pay for a next gen port that looked this good with all the DLC?

feraldrgn1476d ago

Now if only I had a rig that could play that (at a steady 30 atleast), that didn't cost a bomb on the electricity bill. :(

GarrusVakarian1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Love the ENB, but i can't stand mods that mess with the look of NPC's or character models, or mods that change the lore of the game too much like armour sets that aren't made by the devs etc etc......i dunno why it bothers me so much, but it does. Beautiful Eleven women character models/wings/ over the top/skimpy armour sets just doesn't fit in the Skyrim world in my opinion.

If i had a PC good enough to run Skyrim with mods i would only have ENB/graphical mods and some other light mods like extra weapon holsters.

webeblazing1475d ago

elves in this games looks the worst. uglier than any game. mods fixed this and the alot of problems. they add lore to the game if anything read above post about fixing and improving problem with armor cause im not seeing your point. lukas it bothers you cause you havent experience it like so many people do on this site.

GarrusVakarian1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

". lukas it bothers you cause you havent experience it "

1) Don't tell me what i have and have not experienced. My 2 best friends both have gaming PC's and many mods for Skyrim which i have seen and played myself many times.

"elves in this games looks the worst. uglier than any game"

2) They are supposed to look like that, Skyrim isn't high-fantasy, it's more gritty fantasy. The Elves aren't supposed to be beautiful and having big boobs and huge butts. It's the way the devs decided to design them and that's the way i want them to stay. If i want beautiful Elves i will play a high-fantasy RPG.

4) You're not seeing my point? It's pretty clear that im saying i don't like mods that mess with the lore of a game. Armour, NPC, character model mods etc just aren't for me.

3) It is damn funny how insecure PC players can be. Say something about PC gaming in a negative light and they instantly jump on you and make presumptions, haha. Im not saying "DON'T MOD YOUR GAME!"......Im just saying it's not for me, apart from the ENB mods.

webeblazing1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

nope not insecure and what is a pc player. play on to many platform to bash one, i just bash the fanboys on this site that constantly spread bs on every platform. your just one of the many ps fanboys with massive amount of bubbles that bash anything thats not exclusively or shows an advantage to sonys. and when did i said elves with big butts equal makes them better. you must have not payed attention to the block models and glitches that was apart of some of the character models. and like i said the armor mod fix the armors in the game creating a better sense of lore.

if your playing once and a blue moon on someone elses game and you didnt notice this is because your friend fix it by download the mods. and how you being wrong about mods that change the look of npcs be negative, i already stated some do different things than others. some change model in fix glitches and better lore or some change them completely like the cover girls mode (make up beautiful elves), like i said spreading bs. if your not fully sure dont state it like they all have the same effect.

only thing thats gritty about skyrim is the color(gears look), and if your looking of a more gritty type of gameplay mods.

so would you say adding flora mod mess up the lore. do you know what that mod is. would you say messing with the setting changing the grass rendering to change the density will mess up the lore. i find it hard where you draw the line giving that the most mods peeople use is apart of what your saying and keeps the lore except for the costumes, cbbe, and crazy funny one thats just for laughs

GarrusVakarian1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

"your just one of the many ps fanboys with massive amount of bubbles that bash anything thats not exclusively or shows an advantage to sonys."

Again with the presumptions. Sigh. What makes you think you know me so well? Me bashing mods on Skyrim has NOTHING to do with the fact i prefer Sony is wrong with you? Im not going to "bash" something just because it's not exclusive to Sony, you know how petty that sounds? I love games, no matter who makes them or who they are exclusive too. Also, why do you care so much about my bubbles?

"only thing thats gritty about skyrim is the color(gears look)"

LMAO...did....did you just compare Skyrim with Gears? Hahaha, wow. Skyrim is classed as 'gritty fantasy', 'high fantasy' would be WoW or Kingdoms Of Amalur or Guuld Wars 2 or the majority of Japanese fantasy RPG's. Learn your fantasy genres. When people mix high fantasy mods with a gritty fantasy doesn't work, in my opinion.

"so would you say adding flora mod mess up the lore"

You clearly didn't read my comment because i didn't even mention flora, i listed NPC's, character models, armour. I would definitely use flora mods and ENB mods that improve the look of the game, but i wouldn't use anything that changes the lore. I don't understand why you are having trouble understanding that.

Now please stop replying to me, your comments are really hard to read.

tee_bag2421475d ago

I have to agree with you on this Lukas. All the graphic mods are great. I can fall in love with Skyrim all over again, I run them too but I don't like discrediting the original game feel/lore.
Yeah so no pink haired FFantasy women running around with shock rifles etc.