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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 698d ago | article

Kinect Completely Ruins Need For Speed on Xbox One

Wired writes: "Need For Speed Rivals may not be constantly watching you (as far as we know), but it is definitely always listening to you. In theory, you’re supposed to be able to shout out certain commands to access the game’s special features without having to take your hands off the wheel. In practice, Rivals over-enthusiastically interprets background conversation as voice inputs, playing havoc with your race." (Need For Speed: Rivals, Xbox One)

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Hatsune-Miku  +   698d ago | Well said
kinect completely ruins xbox one. Imo.

I can't wait to be able to buy a xbox one without kinect. The kinect is pointless for me even though some features works ok but it adds extra cost to the xbox one and doesn't offer much.
Excalibur  +   698d ago
Agreed, I'm still baffled why a company insists on not giving you an option and forces a unwanted peripheral on it's consumers at an additional $100.00.
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iamnsuperman  +   698d ago
Because they spent a fortune developing it (didn't Microsoft say the Kinect 2 is half the price of the One?). To ditch it/make it optional would be disastrous for that expensive peripheral. They were forced into this situation when the released the Kinect. It was a big investment for them
Excalibur  +   698d ago
I hear what you are saying but in the same token do you want a bunch of half hearted/tacked-on efforts ruining your games?

Beside that, just because it's there doesn't automatically guarantee that Devs will use it.
Eonjay  +   698d ago
Because the first one had a relatively poor attach rate. When you give people the option, most said no thanks. This way they will definitely get the money out of you whether you want it or not. They have already made the choice for you. If you don't like it, you can take your business somewhere else. What are you complaining about? For another $59.99 you get the Fighter Within!
Kidmyst  +   698d ago
This also falls along with 3D, sure it's cool but in the end I like 2D gaming VS 3D and camera features are neat to play with for a few min. but then it's off and down to some serious gaming. I dropped my XBONE preorder the last min. and feel strongly a Kinect free version will come out or be announced by the end of this Summer. I'll pick up a Xbone then.
Deividas  +   698d ago
Yea they did spend a fortune on it and that was a mistake on its own. Microsoft cares more about the Kinect than the consumer. The majority of xbox one owners would have rather have had a greater system as a whole than an extra piece that most prob will not use. So instead of spending all that money on something clearly most dont care for, should have used it on the Xbox One system itself or the first party titles.
gaffyh  +   698d ago
I am 100% sure that there will be a kinectless Xbone SKU at some point. I have said it since the console was announced. It's a question of when, not if, especially considering they will never be able to be competitive on price otherwise
ipach  +   698d ago
we can all blame the wii and our millions of grandmas and toddlers for going nuts over them wii sports. that game singlehandedly sent the entire gaming industry in a weird waggly twilight zone for the past 7 years... it was certainly a fun phenomenon at the time. but alas, we're still paying the price for those old bowling and boxing matches...
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zeee  +   698d ago
Kinect is perhaps the biggest reason why Xbox will lag behind PS4 and I am not even going to mention the crappy initial DRM policy, less powerful etc.

I CAN'T understand why ANYONE outside the US or rather the unsupported territories would purchase an Xbox ONE? They'll be paying for the hardware that will not work in their countries, or have voice commands work perfectly (because of different accents) yet, MS will FORCE them to pay for features and devices that won't function and not to mention a less powerful console.

AND... charge some more for XBL which is lagging faaarrr behind PSN Plus.
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nukeitall  +   698d ago
I'm still baffled why certain people refuse to acknowledge the value of Kinect. Maybe because it is usually the same people I see with an agenda....

That said, there are two ways to fix this:

a) turn off Kinect in the settings, before you start the game

b) make sure you calibrate the TV properly by turning up the TV volume so the system knows to tune out the game noise. With the tuning I can literally whisper to my Xbox One and it will hear it. F'in amazing.

Also, this is poor playtesting with EA, because I don't have this problems with other games. Just sayin!
Utalkin2me  +   698d ago

"I don't have this problems with other games. Just sayin!"

Dont just "say", go into to specifics of the reasons why and what your doing to make it superior to what EA is doing.
UnHoly_One  +   698d ago
Because it isn't a peripheral. It's part of the console.
SilentNegotiator  +   698d ago
"Because the first one had a relatively poor attach rate"

Kinect 1 sold 24 million. Even if you chop off a million or two from the people that bought it for PC use, that's not a "poor" attachment rate.
SilentNegotiator  +   698d ago
"I'm still baffled why certain people refuse to acknowledge the value of Kinect. Maybe because it is usually the same people I see with an agenda.... "

And then there's people like you that TOOOOOTALLY don't have an agenda and want to disregard the opinions of people that don't want Kinect just because, right?
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jacksons98  +   698d ago
If anything Xbox One should cost less than PS4. I was pretty blown away when Sony announced $399
Excalibur  +   698d ago

Yes Kinect did sell 24 million units but it's attach rate was abysmal.

Many sites tout the Dance Central 2 and 3 among the best Kinect games available, do you know how many units were sold world wide?

Dance Central 2 - 1.94 Million units.

Dance central 3 - 0.68, a little over a 1/2 million units

Plug in any Kinect game you wish and you will find it's attach rate severely lacking and it's popularity dropped off as the years went by as the games did worse and worse yet Microsoft still chose to push Kinect 2.0 on it's users.
I'm sorry but that is a very poor business choice.
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SilentNegotiator  +   698d ago
I'm talking about Kinect's HARDWARE attach rate.

DC2 and DC3 sales exponentially faltered after DC1 sold 3 million because people QUICKLY got sick of the latest game fad. Now MS is betting on it to be the next Wii, even though the fad already passed. As a result of MS trying to salvage a dead fad (and Nintendo trying to recreate a mobile fad), the company that always focused on core gamers has exploded out of the gates with their hardware sales. MS beating the dead horse that is Kinect is hurting them.

edit: I guess we're both making the same point, really.
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TheSaint  +   697d ago
You're baffled as to why MS forces you to buy stuff, sorry but, really?
abzdine  +   697d ago
money and also to spy on people. i know famboys will disagree with the second part(even the first one) but that's all what it's about.
Being anti-consumer is the reason why xbox will remain a garbage brand in my eyes.
Thank GOD Sony Nintendo exist to satisfy my gaming needs.
Tomden02  +   697d ago
Because the kinect is a needed component for the xbox one and is so far advanced then it was for the 360...the system is in every way better than the ps4
Gigaguy777  +   697d ago
The Kinect is about 1/6th of the price of the Xbox One, about $50 to $60 to make
MajorMayhem70  +   697d ago
You do have an option. Don't buy it and buy something else. No one placed a gun to my head to buy the X1. I bought it cause I wanted One, Kinect and all.
Charybdis  +   698d ago
This future sounds cool, they should put an off button I guess though. Way too easy to troll when playing with friends by 'accidently' mentioning words like look around map, or turn off.
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Eonjay  +   698d ago
Love your screen name!
malokevi  +   698d ago
Yeah, I hate Kinect, and Xbox, and EA, and Microsoft, and adorable puppies crawling all over each other in a box with cute backwards letters on the side. Also life.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   698d ago
Kinect only ruins Xbox One because they enforce it into the games when it isn't needed.
bungahead  +   698d ago
Like Dead Rising
frostypants  +   698d ago
But if they don't include it with every console, it will discourage developers from using it to add features you hate!

/sarcasm (but pretty much the backassword reasoning MS is applying here)
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   698d ago
Kinectless XB1 All the way
JodyCones  +   698d ago
Build a better PC for the same price, waste of money.
BallsEye  +   698d ago
Do you have XO? No? then shush. I was having similar approach but once I got XO in my living room, I've realised that kinect 2 is amazing piece of tech and it makes XO unique and gives it a next-gen feel. You're just another fanboy that got nothing to complain about.
a7xgemini  +   698d ago
@BallsEye Totally agree with you. Ignorant haters are always going to hate something without trying it. I was totally against the Kinect after playing with the first one but after some extensive play with the new one, I really feel it is the evolution of the Guide Button. What unintelligent people don't understand is that in order for technology to get better and for developers to actually want to develop for something, people have got to own it or there is no point, hence it being bundled with every system. I'm getting pretty sick of people not listening to even a little reason in these forums. I understand not liking being forced to purchase something, but if you don't like it, don't buy a damn Xbox One then, stop looking at it, don't read the advertisements and shut the hell up about it. Buy the PS4, ignore the Xbox One and let us that have one, enjoy it.

Side Note: If it's causing issues in NFS, unplug the thing until they add a patch to turn it off from the menu. If they don't, unplug it while playing this game.
Jack_Reacher  +   697d ago
So I like the way you all say just unplug the kinect. Which just proves that is not needed or wanted by many. Not when you add on the price it has cost to the console. It should have been an optional extra. I wonder how many would have bought an xbone without. My guess many more than would have. But alas microsoft took the choice out of your hand's. So much for consumer choice.

Oh and gemini.maybe when xbots stop slagging of ps4 then ps4 owners might do likewise. It works both ways. Enjoy your console.
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mcstorm  +   697d ago
What find funny is that people keep saying when Microsoft release a kinectless Xbox one they will buy one and the next line say all Microsoft ant is your money and don't support there console.

No one above is interested or thinking about getting an Xbox one and that's fine its there choice but I'm now getting bored of all this Kinect hate. Last gen it was all Kinect is crape has too much lag I don't want games where I have to stand up and not use a controller, the Kinect I hit and miss and dose not do what Ms said project natal said it could do.

Look at Kinect 2.0 and everything I can think of that Microsoft showed us could be done with project natal can now be done with Kinect 2.0.

I own BF4, Forza 5, KI and FIFA for my Xbox one and not one of these games have any issues because of Kinect.

For me the Xbox one offered more for my gaming needs then the PS4 as well as more on the multi media needs too so that is my reason I got a Xbox one over a PS4 and at this moment in time the Wii U and Xbox one are the two consoles that are filling my gaming needs.
Sarcasm  +   698d ago
If they make a kinectless xbox one at $349 I'm buying it.
UnHoly_One  +   698d ago
They aren't going to sell the XB1 without Kinect. Ever.
Veneno  +   697d ago
Nope they won't. Microsoft if just going to have to spend another 3 billion marketing the hell out of it in order to sell. Looks like it's back to Oprah, Ellen, etc...
CuddlyREDRUM  +   698d ago
That day is coming.
JodyCones  +   698d ago
Waste of money just build a PC dude.
ramiuk1  +   697d ago
i will get a xbone when the drop kinect in bundle.
its not good enough to be released still imo and i dont pay to test items.

its MS again thinking they know what consumer wants and like the always on rubbish they are WRONG.

specially in uk where xbone is half useless anyway(nearly all reveals are USA only)
iamnsuperman  +   698d ago
"How did this game make it through basic play testing"

You must be kidding. No game is tested any more. We do that for them

Semi-joking aside I am surprised they didn't put an option to turn it off in the option menu. Big oversight there
ziggurcat  +   698d ago
acually, games are rigourously tested, devs just refuse to fix things (i'm a former QA & sony compliance tester from a prominent 3rd party QA house).

so never blame QA for any bug in a game because the chances are it was found, and reported to the devs.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   698d ago
i may or may not have worked with you then. :-)
RegorL  +   697d ago
Guess most play testing is done by a single tester. Even with others looking they instinctively will know to keep quiet.

Microsoft will need to key voice commands to players - good luck. (Will take extra cycles...)

BTW is PS4 controller headphone two way? Much easier to control who is talking if microphone is close to the individual player...
-Foxtrot  +   698d ago
This is what I was afraid of with Kinect...forcing crap into a good game.

Geez...imagine what Halo 5 is going to be like, MS is going to make sure they use Kinect :|

Hopefully by then they will release a Kinectless bundle
mhunterjr  +   698d ago
'In theory, you’re supposed to be able to shout out certain commands to access the game’s special features without having to take your hands off the wheel.'

Actually, that doesn't sound like 'crap', but actually would be useful in a game like this. Being able to set the in-game gps by voice, instead of fumbling through menus while driving at over 100mph, is a great idea.

It sounds like the execution was poor and could have been remedied with better programming.
MrPerfect813  +   698d ago
Agreed, i have NFS for Xbox One and maybe have had something like this happen to me twice, i am up to level 13 so i have been doing some racing. It may actually be a command, i have to check but it would be nice to say "GPS Nearest Hideout" when you heat level is 6 and helicopters are on my ass...
frostypants  +   698d ago
Part of the problem the article describes is imprecise vocal recognition by Kinect itself though. No amount of game programming will fix that.
mhunterjr  +   698d ago
@frostypants no, what the article describe was issues with kinect integration in Rivals. If the problem was kinect itself then we'd see a bunch of articles about the xbox UI itself responding to commands that were never spoken.

The problem is a design one. They should have programmed a trigger word, one that the user must speak before the game starts listening for a command. Also, they should choose words that are distinct, or aren't particularly common in casual coversation.

Purely a design issue.
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Ashby_JC  +   698d ago
I haven't played rivals but nba2k14 uses voice for saying timeout etc. But the devs messed up in that the Kinect tries to hard.

You see a Mic pop up with a red x through it. It's annoying and I blame the devs 100%. Because other games don't have this problem.

Not having a option to turn off Kinect in game is a must!!!! In the least I wish all games let you disable portions of Kinect use.
pyramidshead  +   698d ago
Weird, lol. But it's kinect so I'm not surprised I guess.
DigitalRaptor  +   698d ago
You'd think "Better with Kinect" would really be true to its name by now.
UbiquitousClam  +   698d ago
Turn it off...
HammockGames  +   698d ago
Keep repeating that and we'll have shades of Isaac Clarke.

Heh, heh
SlavisH2  +   698d ago
If he did that there wouldn't be a article :P
I know right but then what would Maria post?
Ashby_JC  +   698d ago
I don't have rivals but from the article there isn't a option to turn off Kinect in game.

That sucks because all the games I have you have the option to turn it game.
hankmoody  +   698d ago
There are not enough games currently to damn Kinect 2.0 as a failure in regards to its performance. By this time next year, I think we'll be able to get a better idea on whether or not the Kinect makes all the difference. I'm finding it to be a pretty great addition to the system personally and I'm looking forward to seeing how they implement it further down the road.
nategrigs  +   698d ago
I get your reasoning, but I don't see how Kinect2.0 can do things that Kincet360 (or pseye) couldn't. How does its increased fidelity lead to compelling uses?

MS abandoned their "traditional" first party games in favor of Kinect based games a few years ago and still haven't come up with anything great (or even good). So despite dumping a ton of time and money into it, we still have tacked on gimmicks that don't make use of its power.

Im afraid that the future of the Kinect looks like D4, which looks like an unfun early Wii game
hankmoody  +   698d ago
It's a lot more responsive than the original Kinect for one. I think that being that there's a Kinect with every XB1, the possibility that new and innovative uses for it will arise due to the increased output. The tech is there, it's really just up to the devs to get creative with it.
frostypants  +   698d ago
@hankmoody: "There are not enough games currently to damn Kinect 2.0 as a failure in regards to its performance."

True, but just about every implementation so far has been "meh" at best. Not a good trend. Remember, this happened with the 360 Kinect as well, and people kept saying "just wait, it's getting better"...and it never really did. My 360's Kinect is currently "installed" in a paper grocery bag with obsolete PC parts in my basement.

You are correct though...only time will truly tell.
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Ashby_JC  +   698d ago
I'm enjoying having the Kinect.But I have this feeling that we went see ant meaningful game.

I feel that some games currently have good ideas...just not fully fleshed out.

Example..dr3 you can point to where you want your survivors to go to. The problem is that it's poorly implemented. The idea is solid but it's not fine well.

Nba2k you can call out double teams, timeouts etc.

The head tracking in Forza is poor..instead of taking your tracks you leaving left or right!? That makes no sense lol. Funny thing is in previous Forza games it tracked your actual head!

Bf4 Uses Kinect pretty good but it's not perfect. I wished the added it for infantry head tracking. Being able to move your head independently with Kinect would have been cool.

Finding out that titanfall isn't using Kinect is disappointing....but I would rather it not have it.then then tacking on something useless. The game does seem like it could have used voice commands but that won't ever happen.
DanielGearSolid  +   698d ago
You cant turn off the voice commands in game? Thats pretty dumb
#7 (Edited 698d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
nerdman67  +   698d ago
You can.
ColeMacGrath  +   697d ago
Is someone trying hard to equalize the agrees and disagrees of both of your comments? =)
EasilyTheBest  +   698d ago
I bought an X1 over a PS4 just because of kinect. I loved the original kinect and had some great times with it.
VonBraunschweigg  +   698d ago
Hands off...the wheel? What wheel?
jgrigs09  +   698d ago
The fact it took you 10 mins to figure out it was the kinect, baffles me. I'm sure the dumbest kid on the block could figure it out in a second.
Galletto3  +   698d ago
You know what really ruins NFS? The fact that data is easily corrupted and restarts your progress back several levels every time you play the game. No way to manually save progress guarantees you are going to be screwed.

The game is fun, but so many poorly thought out details really ruin the experience (i.e not being able to turn off kinect or race offline.)
BabyObama   698d ago | Spam
MasterCornholio  +   698d ago
Solution: Dont say anything while playing Xbox One games or unplug the camera.
jgrigs09  +   698d ago
No No No. You actually have to. If you don't say anything your going to hell! This guy is on his period I believe
KakashiHotake  +   698d ago
Kinect is really ruining Xbox. Why is Microsoft doing this to themselves and their fans? Nobody wants this even if they convince themselves they do.
Ch1d0r1  +   698d ago
You should of used your sharingan on kinect, problem solved ;-)
KakashiHotake  +   697d ago
I think I shall perform a Kumai and that should end the battle of Kinect.
christocolus  +   698d ago
Its just that this version is alot more responsive than the first. I actually like it. Cant wait to see what devs do with it in future games.

To avoid issues like this devs just have to add the option to turn it off when its not being used. It will be sad to see ms bundle it seperately down the line (especially since rumors about it being removed have been piling up by the day).cant imagine using my xbox one without it.
Luthiens1  +   698d ago
Im having tv connection issues also voice takes 10 attempts to turn on. It turns my tv off but my surround sound on when works then it stays on a black screen until i turn it all off i then reconnect hdmi back into tv and works fine. I have tried everything over christmas too different cables and recalibration. If i get everything working and enter stanby come the morning i am awoken by the wife because she cant get the damn tv to work. I have spoke too customer support this evening (called me back in 10 seconds, i was impressed) i was told to factory reset by following the email. Still not working, i replied to supports email 30 minutes ago requesting more help...nothing. I have 2 digital games on there, at best i can redownload these plus all the apps but i am now at the point of no return and shall contact support after my shower and ask for some sort of fault code so i can tell shopto to collect this piece of junk & refund my monies.

I posted this in another thread but felt it would be fitting to reply it again to you christocolus as the bone really can do no wrong in your eyes, not as an attack on you but as a warning to yourself & others too take heed of my exspensive mistake
christocolus  +   698d ago
Dude you sound pissed and i completely understand your frustration but mine has been working well and none of my friends have had issues with thiers. My nephew is always playing mine and he has had no problems either. Im sorry if im happy with my purchase but its cos ive had no issues with any of ms consoles since the original xbox(guess i was lucky with the 360 though)but so far im satisfied.

Insist on returning it and let them have a look at it or if you feel you aint satisfied anymore then sell it and get a ps4 or a wiiu. Thats why there are options,its same advice i give my ps only friends who tell me they are interested in getting an xbox one too and vice versa. Get which ever makes you happy. Sorry about the whole issue though.
Luthiens1  +   698d ago
Thanks for your words of comfort in these dark times (christocolus) below me but i could not reply directly to you. I was afraid the post would not make as much sense as i was originaly having a shit when i wrote the post trying to get in the shower as i have spent another evening after work trying to sort this. I have a ps4 & wiiu thanks but the one's purpose was its media integration which i have found lacking to say the least. My original crystal xbox is a tank but sits in the loft, my first 360 redlighted xmas eve 2006 2 weeks out of warranty which i foolishly believed at the time true from currys & ms. I am the fool for continuing my 10 year live tenure, oh well i wish all you one'rs the best for the future. I have since contacted support again with still no contact & shall continue my quest for consumer rights again tommorow. My 2 year old daughter has been put to bed my lovely wife while i punch & cuss the air to no avail. I shall now complete my frustration by playing ghost's on my (so far)trusty ps4
Lukejrl  +   698d ago
Hey I do not think this is an issue with the Xbox one, but an Issue with your stereo receiver. And not a big one but an inconvenient one.

I am not certain of your whole situation but it sounds to me like you have you the HDMI IN port of the XONE going from the HDMI OUT of the Receiver.

I do not have an Xone, but my stereo (pioneer vsx 1026) will turn on as soon as a I turn the t.v on 70% of the time. The HDMI signal will tell the receiver to come on so i do not need to push more buttons or more remotes.

The other 30% it just doesn't. Or if my Receiver is on, for just music or something, and I turn the t.v on the receiver will turn off. this is because the signal doesn't care what position the switch is in and just sends a power signal regardless.
dethpuck  +   698d ago
Recalibrate it or talk a but slower or quit mumbling. The new kinect is awesome. I love saying Xbox on and turning on my entire entertainment system
HurstDarkStar  +   697d ago
Im not one of your disagrees but I want to actually know where are you getting this hope from? they had about three years to work with the first kinect, whats so different about the situation now thats gives so many others that are saying this hope for it? I mean is it all the promises because im looking only at the track record with MS and the games that manage to come out and I just can't see it happening.
nerdman67  +   698d ago
I've been playing a lot of Rivals on Xbox One, I have no problems at all. I really don't know what he is talking about
H0RSE  +   698d ago
I guess these people overlooked the concept of disabling the Kinect?... Furthermore, this a developer/publisher issue, not an xbox hardware issue. Complaining about the Kinect responding to voice commands? You are essentially complaining about the Kinect working properly...
creepcube  +   698d ago
for gods sake paople just enjoy your xbox one ,its only just come out,if yer buy the camera for ps4 it cost 410 pounds the lot .if yer look at the build of the kinect its great for the money...and give it time ,its an xbox console ,how good has the xbox360 been.In a years time when games start coming out you will have the kit to play it with no more cost...
Gondee  +   698d ago
I have a kinect, I don't use it all that much, but XBOX ON and XBOX turn off is configured to turn off and on my DVR, media box, and receiver, which is is super convenient. also, the controllers are tied to your face, which is nice because for instance if you hand your bother the controller, it signs him in, and saves whatever he just did in his profile. You idiots are arguing emotionally over something you have no tried.
frostypants  +   698d ago
"also, the controllers are tied to your face"

Does it come with bungee cord?
cbuc1125  +   698d ago
In reference to Kinect a wise man once said "You can polish a turd but its still a turd!"
headblackman  +   698d ago
im an xbox one owner and i love kinect. im not a fan of it with all games, but what it can do in other areas like apps and other system controlled functions, im highly impressed. my advice to those who have never used the new kinect 2.0, is to actually use it before you knock it. and use it for it's strong suites and stay away from the areas where it's not strong at, like games. but that's always an option. you're not forced to use kinet with your games.
SITH  +   698d ago
I am a fan also, but the game demos I have tried with the new kinect, it works a heck of a lot better than the 36o kinect. It is absolutely not one to one movement, but it is damn close.
headblackman  +   697d ago
i agree with you 100% but that will get better with time and updates just as the original kinect got improvements. i can't wait to see what the future holds for the xbox one and kinect.
aragon  +   698d ago
Is there an option to turn it off? Or do u have to use it in need for speed because if there's an option to turn it off why say it ruins it?
CrossingEden  +   698d ago
You can turn it off, which basically makes this entire click bait article null and void. Lol. This article just screams desperation to make the kinect look bad.
Chrisgamerguy  +   698d ago
You can turn kinect off
TheHybrid  +   698d ago is an option ruining a game? Is very simple to unplug or even doable kinect settings for that game. The ignorance behind ppl complaining about something optional has always baffled me and made me want to sterilize them.
ninjagoat  +   698d ago
I'm not a fan off kinect in any one way. But i can't see something that has an option to be turned off ruining a game.

I'd more point that to a game franchise that has been milked like fcuk for years being more an issue. Being charged £60 for a game that does fcuk all new.

EA love to rub the arm in each year and people are stupid enough to take the bait. Tbh we are in need of a proper new Burnout game for the next gen instead off another run off the mill Need for Speed.
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Callediceman  +   698d ago
"we are in need of a proper new Burnout game for the next gen instead off another run off the mill Need for Speed. "---

DUDE... I couldnt agree more.. and not that burnout paradise garbage. Proper burnout crashing cars awesomeness.....
SITH  +   698d ago
Option to disable the kinect or not. Unplug it and quit whining.
shadowsatey  +   698d ago
"Better with Kinect....Err....What are you looking at....?"
LogicStomper  +   698d ago
I'm genuinely surprised that many N4ggers own an Xbox One despite all the negativity they spew out towards it.
traumadisaster  +   698d ago
Same miss rivals has so does madden. In a close game running out the clock I grunt at the result of the play and IT calls time out, happened a few times and turned off kinect in madden. Damn thing gives me a headache repeating myself 3 times and concentrating as if I was in an oral test with 3 docs.
Godmars290  +   698d ago
My question is: how much has this been reported? Is MS "publicly" denying such happens?
Smootherkuzz  +   698d ago
Kinect do have Its good points, no it is not for everyone. My kinect has worked great for me with the Type of games I play, like Mass Effect 3 for one. The voice commands been just as good. The problem in this case seems to be a EA problem If you put trash in then you get trash out.
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