Let's Play - Dead Space 3 (With Jack & Joel)

End the year with Jack and Joel and watch the last Let's Play of 2013!

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SlapHappyJesus1441d ago


Though we also have a "Media & Videos Tab", so yeah.

LAWSON721441d ago

about to type that lol.
i did not know though fanboy and troll articles on here are news, because they take up 90% of this website.
I would personally prefer some lets play than some of the garbage I see on here. Did not watch vid if all I know it is crap lol

SlapHappyJesus1441d ago

Yeah, it's weird.
Here I see the same information, just slightly altered, submitted again, and again and again, though it often times goes unchallenged.
I'd say it's usually celebrated even, depending on the content. ahem

You would think, at a point, it would stop being considered news anymore and would also be called out.
Still trying to figure that one out.