Wii U Gamepad Support Is Coming To PC

A group of talented hackers have successfully engineered the Wii U gamepad for full PC support.

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Gabenbrah1392d ago

And this is exactly why I love PC gaming.

Einhert1392d ago

non open source gamers seem pretty jelly judging by the disagrees

zeal0us1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

You love PC gaming because a group figure out a way to get the WiiU gamepad to work on PC?

I figure someone would love PC gaming because of mod support, cheaper priced games and or high-end graphics.

LAWSON721392d ago

mod support will be the thing to make this gamepad useful

Necro_5591392d ago

Games are not cheaper on PC, there are just more frequent deals and specials.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1392d ago

TOO BAD you have to buy a Wii U for the gamepad

iSuperSaiyanGod1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Or just buy a cheap one on craigslist ....

_QQ_1392d ago

I think he has Wiiu already.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )


My post was just for him. It for anyone.

Unless the said retail or someone selling it separately but not shipped units.

On Xmas Eve I saw a Wii U and Gamepad tied up in plastic at GameStop. No box no accessories or cable with it.

_QQ_1392d ago

imagine playing pc games on the gamepad,That would pretty much make PC/Wiiu combo the absolute best combo of the gen.

ape0071392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

i might come off as a troll, lose a bubble, get off topic but i gotta say this

PC is like fantastic painkiller, a real savior for fanboys to troll other consoles/owners they feel threatened/insecure by

Example 1: sony fanboys "I can buy Titanfall/gears on PC"......while they buy all multiplats on Ps3

Example 2: Nintendo Fanboys "u attack my wiiu huh, u think my wiiu is weak and have no 3rd party support, guess what, PC kills your nextgen" ...........while buying multiplats on wiiu and claim gfx doesn't matter and that there is no nextgen leap

yes people, we smell trolls miles away , we're not that dumb LoL

Qrphe1391d ago

You're limited by the low res of the gamepad, but it's pretty good for playing emulators.

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RadioActiveTwinky1392d ago

Well slap me silly and call my Suzy. Can't wait to get my dirty little hands on this mod/hack.
Some steam support maybe???

BlackWolf1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

If it streams the pc image directly to the GamePad, it should be possible to play Steam games on it, as well!

LAWSON721392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Valve will not be backing this like something like Oculus Rift so I doubt it, not only because the product is not intended for anything except the Wii U and the thing is not even sold seperately. This thing having any use on PC will be done by hackers and modders not developers (except maybe some indie devs) or Valve.

Lon3wolf1391d ago

Valve do not have to approve or endorse this at all, it is just a way of displaying and controlling games no IP infringement is being done. It is up to you how you display and control your Steam games. Yes support etc. will be shonky but if it works I am very interested as games like ff7 SHOULD look better on that pad than a 24" monitor.

Spurg1392d ago

I wished it were for real...Nintendo will find a way to block this.

LAWSON721392d ago

Yeah because it effects them and Wii U owners so negatively.

MidnytRain1392d ago

Yup. They're known for it. Didn't they try to shut down several fan projects related to Smash Bros?

RIP_Cell1392d ago

why? people would have to buy a Wii U gamepad

Sniperwithacause1392d ago

That is pretty nifty. Kinda off topic, but does any know when Nintendo are going to sell the game pad separate? It's been over a year now!

AKR1391d ago

They only do that if you own a Wii U console and the controller gets damaged or lost.

It's very expensive to manufacture, you know. Besides; there are no games that support 2 Gamepads yet, so there's no incentive for them to do it anyway.

Sniperwithacause1391d ago

I understand that, but the way my kids have treated the game pad since last Christmas is sure it is on its last stand.

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